tattoos, fur, and fries.

it was sort of a while ago i gave you some instagram tips. i love exploring new accounts every day, and here are 5 great ones:


i discovered sasha when i saw him modeling for marche noir. tattooed model with that sad boy face a la ryan gosling in place beyond the pines.

just a shit ton of colorful foodporn. some days that’s all you need, right?

someone from my old school, berghs, made this as their final project as berghs — an animated diary of how it is to be a highly sensitive person. cute, but still deep.

hardcore, kickass, mystical and beautiful. that’s basically the feed of grace neutral, who is a london-based tattoo artist. dying for her aesthetic tbh

and of course there needs to be a pet account in this post too. follow the adventures of the domesticated squirrel, jill! vvvvv cute.


fem instatips ni borde följa bums.

me and my talented friends.

heya! here’s a little bit of everything today:

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 5.17.24 PM

the swedish organization svenska digitala nomader made an interview with me. check it out here! it’s in swedish, but you can probably google translate it if you’re interested in knowing a little bit about me, my job, and some of the places i’ve lived and worked in.

i got a comment that i should review the glossier boy brow pomade that i wrote about in this post. i don’t have much to say than praising it! it makes my brows look a little denser and more groomed, without looking over-done. ↑ here’s a little boomerang how it looks on (cause i naturally have kind of weak eyebrows).

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 5.23.09 PM

remember my super lovely friends jens and axel (to the left in this picture)? they’re both designers and have recently come up with this ruler, especially designed for designers and creators who work both in the physical and digital world. their kickstarter is still running for a few more days, but they’ve already reached over 500% funding! so proud. check out the project here.


the fantastic stina (who visited sf and hung out with me last year is in this year’s let’s dance (sweden’s version of dancing with the stars)!!! and she’s KILLING it. if you’re in sweden, you probably know it’s every friday on tv4. if you’re outside of sweden, maybe you can somehow try to access it on tv4play (not giving any advice to break the law here though). otherwise, just check out and follow her majestic instagram account.


and another one of my friends who’s in a swedish tv show right now is anna maría (to the right in the yellow shirt)! she’s one of the three finalists in the DIY competition show superskaparna. much proud!! watch it on sjuan every tuesday or on tv4play. go anna maría!



lite gott och blandat om mig och några av mina duktiga kompisar! en intervju med mig, jag i glossiers ögonbrynspomada, jens och axels linjal-kickstarter, stina i let’s dance och anna maría i superskaparna! asså så många bra folk i samma inlägg va.

(stinas bild via och anna marías bild via dnilva.)

cutouts, cats, courts and croissants.

happy tuesday! today, i have four fantastic, conceptual instagram tips for you!



this japanese artist does insanely mesmerizing pattern cutouts in fruits and vegetables. isn’t it amazing?




take a look at these pics! they are of alex and merle, two cats whose mouths, noses and paws we get a feed full of zoomed-in pictures of. cute?!




one of my absolute favorite accounts right now. i love how these drone shots make these seemingly abandoned courts seem so secret and mysterious, but also beautiful. makes me want to travel to all of them.




this account gathers pictures of bread masterpieces from all around the world. i’m such a non-baker really, but these are really pretty to look at. also, who doesn’t love carbs??

do you have any fantastic accounts i need to follow? let me know in the comments!



fyra konceptuella instagrams jag gllar just nu! langa era tips med vettja!

observations for women’s day.


i didn’t post anything on women’s day here on the blog on the day itself, but i have some thoughts and reflections on it now, a few days after, on what was going on that day, and what we can do the other 364 days of the year to be feminist and inclusive.

maybe someone reading this post will feel attacked and/or uncomfortable, but please, hear me out—it’s so important for an inclusive and intersectional feminism.

✊ the protests.

i applaud everyone who attended the protests and the women’s marches around the world on march 8th. i wish everyone could do so. but—remember that the ones who couldn’t attend aren’t fighting less for feminism, or are worse feminists. in fact, chances are that if you were able to take a day off without repercussions, it’s likely because of privilege. many women and feminists around the world can’t just take off without losing money, or maybe even their job.

here‘s an article about the women’s strike and privilege.

 ✊ wearing red.

the symbolism of wearing red in solidarity this one day is lovely. just don’t forget to (especially if you’re privileged—rich, norm- and ablebodied, heterosexual, etc) fight for equality and feminism the rest of the year too. sure, wear red to show that you’re in for the good cause—but don’t forget to walk the talk too. wearing red in your all-white, upper middle class tech office (like my own workplace for example) won’t make that much difference if you can’t translate those thoughts and behaviors outside, reaching people from other intersections (race, class, sexuality, etc) too.

 ✊ terf.

terf stands for trans exclusionary radical feminists. i think this is an important matter that isn’t talked about that much. people who call themselves feminists are often supportive of other women—the kind of women that fits an idea (a person who has a vagina, for example). BUT—shocker—if your feminism isn’t inclusive of the trans community as well, it isn’t feminism. pussyhats for example—i’m sure no one had a bad intention behind them—but they’re very exclusionary for anyone in terms of gender and race—basically anyone who’s doesn’t have a *pink pussy*.

white feminism.

again—support people who are not just skinny, white, rich, cisgender, able-bodied, and privileged in other ways. i want to say this to individuals as well as organizations, magazines, blogs, tv shows, …… etc. especially, i feel that people like me (us who are a part of the extremely homogenous swedish blogging community) need to be conscious about this. as women, sure, we need to support each other, but white feminism without intersectionality is not feminism. it’s white supremacy.



and, last but not least:



tankar och reflektioner över internationella kvinnodagen om intersektionalitet. viktigt.
bild via pinterest.

best of internet.

here’s the best things off of the internet that i’ve found lately and saved just for you!


birds swarm over sunset.

because mother nature is a fcking genius.


rare photos of frida kahlo from the last years of her life.

Gisèle Freund - Frida Kahlo (11)

i love frida so much! these photos are so beautiful. (and also, here is the post from when i visited her house in mexico city <3).


woman talks back to catcallers.

I LOVE THIS PERSON SO MUCH. i wish i could be as cool, at least one of the fcking 10 times a day i get catcalled :(


18 dirty jokes that will make women scream with laughter.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 9.08.31 PM

i’m cryinnggggggg these are so funny. much relate, especially if you’re a woman having sex with men.


wilbur is the cutest banana eater ever.

wilbur is a porcupine (i think). here he’s eating a banana. HOW ADORBZ


j k rowling responding to twitter trolls.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 9.34.10 PM

more female badassery but woowwwwww. BURN (literally). j k rowling is a queeeeeen.


bad lip reading: inauguration day.

i legit laughed too hard when i watched this the first time. just do it.


aaaand have a great friday. you made it through the week!



sju fina, hysteriska, badass och för roliga internetfavoriter just nu.

three apps i like.

i really like finding apps that i like and find useful. since my iphone is so important to me (and to most of you out there too, i’m guessing), helpful and fun apps are essential.

i’ve written posts before on some general apps i use here and on photography apps here, but today i’ll give you three apps i haven’t shown before.



instead of writing every movie, band or restaurant you want to check out down somewhere in a note on your phone, you can put them into soon. there are lots of categories as you can see—as for me personally, i almost only use the restaurant category. there, i just type in the name of a restaurant, and it shows up in a list view together with a pin on a map. love it!




in the app snug, you can plan out your instagram grid to see how it will look before you post it to instagram! fun and helpful if you’re really into insta like me. you wouldn’t want to commit the ungodly sin of posting two pics that look terrible next to each other, right? ; )


urban dictionary.


lol, you guys probably know this silly one already, right? urban dictionary, for all your questions regarding the latest meme expression or exotic slang. : ) heh.


any favorite apps of yours i should check out? bring em!



tre appar jag gillar: soon för att skriva upp restauranger och annat på, snug för att planera instagramfeeden hur den ska se ut innan man postar, och urban dictionary om man vill förstå senaste slangen, lol. : )
hit me up med era bästa appar plz. puss

six documentaries to watch.

i really find documentaries interesting. i mean, i like watching movies in general, i just never do it (does that make sense?). and i especially find it hard after deciding i’ll watch something, and exactly then nothing comes to mind.

here are however six documentaries of varying age that i like and that you should check out if you haven’t yet.


man on wire. this is about philippe petit who commits a crime (breaking into the roof of the world trade center twin towers) just to fulfill what he loves and dreams about—walking on a wire without any safety lines between the two buildings. so extremely fascinating.


jesus camp. this is a documentary about a bible camp in the midwest (but could be any bible camp, probably), where small children and their way to join the “army of god” are depicted. we see extreme measures of indoctrination, speking in tongues, conducting rituals. appalling for a secular person like me, albeit very interesting.


searching for sugarman. a relatively recent documentary about the american musician rodriguez, whose music got super successful in south africa, without him knowing it. two cape town fans have heard rumors about him being dead, but since no one seems to know, they set out to find him. i like the tone in this one. a calm vibe, vintag-y look and good music.


sicko. you all know michael moore. well, i saw sicko loooong time ago, when i was still pretty young and way before i came to the united states, and even back then, i remember it hitting me very hard the way the american health care system is set up. in this film, he compares it mostly to canada, and despite that you could argue about moore’s total subjectivity/angled perpectives/criticism towards the government, i still feel like it’s an important movie and subject matter to be aware of.


jiro dreams of sushi. this is about the 85-year old jiro, who lives in japan and has a sushi restaurant at which he spends his life perfecting the art of sushi-making. the restaurant has three michelin stars and his grown sona have worked alongside him all along. it’s a very calm, lovely and heartwarming movie about the passion for sushi.


amy. i loved this one. amy winehouse was such a special person. i feel like she was all crazy, outgoing, acting out, but at the same time this deeply poetic heartbroken person inside. her musical ability, both when it comes to voice, lyrics and music was just fantastic. it’s so tragic to see her life in retrospect, how her career bloomed, and how it then killed her.

what are your favorite documentaries? please hit me with your best tips!



sex dokumentärer jag tycker är så himla bra. se dem om ni inte redan har. och tipsa mig gärna om era favoriter med!
bilderna kommer från [min pinterest].

if you take away my birth control i’ll just make more feminists.

it’s rainy, cold, and i’m sick and on antibiotics. let’s cheer up with internet gems today.

61 of the greatest signs from women’s marches around the country.


in the past couple of days, there have been women’s marches all over the globe, as i’m sure you’ve gathered. me and siri went to the san francisco one, and it was filled with great and creative signs. i didn’t take any pics, but luckily buzzfeed made this compilation. so good.

nostalgic photos of san francisco before the gentrification.


although san francisco is the most beautiful city i know, it used to be even prettier back in the days.

• your period in 2 minutes.

a liiiiiittle cheesy, but also kind of sweet! a cute little period vid.

porny, provocative pop-art mashed up with pharmaceutical packages.


very weird, but also pretty fucking awesome. love this little art project by australian artist ben frost.

• life’s little pleasures.


don’t remember where i got this from (anyone?), but freaking lovely either way. <3

this guy makes matching sweaters of places he visits.


SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. (also, last one is the funniest.)



jag är matt och sjuk och har fått antibiotika utskrivet—inga spännande äventyr här borta, med andra ord. så här kommer ett axplock av internets bästa just nu istället!

four videos to see.

here are four golden things that youtube has given the world. a little mix of cool, hilarious, fascinating, and funny from me to you today.

my super old childhood friend luna just dropped her first single “chill”. here’s the video!

this one is so hilarious that i had to close it first time i saw it because i was SCREAM-LAUGHING at work. since then, i’ve seen it a couple of times, but still laugh out loud. <333

i hope none of you out there have missed out on ANYTHING that ok go makes? this is their latest video, and it’s meticulously and insanely engineered and thought through of course.

i love all the late night jimmys, and when they talk to people on the street and stuff. here’s a cute funny one when they ask kids what they think about donald trump. : )



fyra videos att se en regnig (här i staterna iallafall!) dag som denna. puss!

five colorful instagram accounts.

one of the few things that lighten my day right now are color splashes in my ig feed. here are five favorites:



colorful, dreamy, mysterious, and absolutely beautiful food account. styling, lighting, colors, perfect everything.



mathilde is the coolest most vibrant danish stylist. her feel is literally filled with energy.



fnnch does cute street art around san francisco and compiles them in this account. if you’ve been there, you’ve definitely seen their pieces somewhere.



jessica walsh is a graphic designer (etc), and is a pretty big name in the design and advertising industry. on this account, she shares both her own and other people’s art. always super strong colors and like a vitamin kick in the feed.



this is a web shop, but i haven’t really checked it out. just keeping them in my feed is great for style inspo. everything is literally crave-worthy, from silky bombers to rose patches. yum.

do you have any tips for colorful ig accounts?


fem färgglada instagrams. gla söndag ♣