mini travel guide: a weekend in toronto.


as you might know, i make mini travel guides sometimes when i go for a weekend somewhere (like portland or san diego, for example), and i thought i’d do one on toronto as well. PLEASE NOTE that i’m not an expert on these cities, but i still want to pass on the places i visited and liked to others for inspiration for like a weekend trip. and a mini guide like this is just easier to condense than all the massive guides out there.

so here’s my mini toronto guide for some inspo for a short weekend!

toronto / friday.

toronto / thursday.

toronto / friday.


welcome to toronto! let’s start the friday with lunch, shan’t we? banh mi boys (392 queen st w) is in the middle of everything, quick, and yummy with a super soft bun.

then, let’s head out for some shopping. queen street west, (the street you already are on if you’re having a banh mi for lunch), is packed with great stores. some i really liked was the vintage store black market clothing (256 queen st w)lavish & squalor (253 queen st w) where they sell hipstery stuff for your home, and the vintage store tribal rhythm (248 queen st w). at the latter, i  saw a ton of really beautiful vintage furs (fox, squirrel, rabbit, etc) for like NO MONEY. i myself don’t wear fur, but IF you’re wearing fur it should be vintage!

king street west runs parallell to queen street west and has some gems as well. check it out!

if you’re getting closer to dinner time by now, you can just jump into pizzeria libretto on 545 king st w, while you’re in the neighborhood. they have good wine too!

toronto / saturday.

toronto / friday.

toronto / friday.


let’s start the day with brunch at le petit déjeuner (191 king st e). from there, take a stroll a few blocks to the historic distillery district and check out toronto’s own flatiron building, gooderham building (49 wellington st e), and st lawrence market, which is located right next to it (93 front st e). it’s been named world’s best food market!

after that, why not take a tour through steam whistle brewing (roundhouse park)? it’s a half-hour tour through the beer brewery. it’s interesting (and cheap too! like 10 CAD including a beer??).

i was told i had to get canada’s national dish, poutine, while i was there. so i guess i have to tell you the same thing! it’s french fries with gravy and cheese cubes (basically). poutini’s (617 king st w) for example has one that works great as late lunch.

after that, walk up spadina avenue northwards. stop at dark horse (215 spadina ave) if you want coffee, otherwise just go straight into sonic boom nextdoors (215 spadina ave) and check out their massive music collection of vinyls, cds, and other fun merch.

if you keep walking up the street and then turn left, you will reach kensington market. it’s a neighborhood packed with vintage and food. make sure to check out toronto popcorn company (147 baldwin st), the FANTASTIC craft and cocktail store 1/2 oz. cocktail emporium (20 kensington ave), and all the little vintage stores on augusta avenue. you can easily spend hours here, even though it looks tiny.

sushi for dinner maybe? saku sushi (478 queen st w) had a pretty good deal with a chef’s selection sushi.

toronto / thursday.

toronto / saturday.

toronto / thursday.


start your last toronto day with brekkie at le gourmand café (152 spadina ave). like croissant with cheese and egg for example. then, let’s do a museum visit. it’s walkable from here, but takes a little bit FYI, but a bit further north is the bata shoe museum (327 bloor st). it’s a pretty fun and digestible museum, and you don’t have to spend more than an hour or two here, i’d say.

for lunch, kill two birds with one stone and go over to little italy (walkable from the museum, but pretty far and not that interesting of a walk). check out college street that rund through the neighborhood and have italian late lunch at il gatto nero (720 college st).

spend the rest of the last night doing some touristing and shopping: check out the toronto sign in front of city hall (100 queen st w)—it’s really pretty when it’s dark out. and then if you need to do some shopping, the huge mall cf toronto eaton centre (220 yonge st) is nearby.

if you just need a light dinner, fresh (147 spadina ave) is great for vegetarian and vegan options like salads, wraps and soups.

have an amazing time in the 6! it’s a cute city.

toronto / friday.

toronto / saturday.

toronto / friday.


en miniguide till toronto!

favorite museums around the world.

november might not be the most popular month, but you can’t deny that it’s a great one for going to museums, right? i thought i’d gather a few museums around the world that i really like. since they’re spread out around the globe, maybe this post isn’t immediately relevant for everyone—but save this post for when you’re traveling to some of these places!

new york.

⇒ 9/11 memorial museum. 180 greenwhich st. new york.

this was the most intense museum experience i’ve had. it looks tiny from the outside, but takes hours—so plan on having both time and mental energy. it’s placed underneath where the twin towers used to stand and is filled with pictures, history, debris from that day and other memorabilia. i. cried. so. much.

cal academy

california academy of sciences. 55 music concourse dr. san francisco.

cal academy is a little bit like a museum, and a lot like a rain forest and aquarium. thursday nights are *adult* nights and they serve drinks while you can stroll and get lost at staring at the magic jellyfish for ages.

palais lascaris

palais lascaris. 15 rue droite. nice.

palais lascaris is very interesting. it’s hidden in a small alley in nice’s old town, and once you go in there, you are immediately transported back in time. it’s a 17th century artistocrat building and musical instrument museum. it’s like you’re walking around in someone’s private castle (which you kind of are).


fotografiska. stadsgårdshamnen 22. stockholm.

fotografiska is a pretty new museum for contemporary photography in stockholm. i’ve been there a few times and it’s always been super well curated, and sometimes they have cute unplugged live shows upstairs in the café.

museum of broken relationships.

museum of broken relationships. 6751 hollywood blvd. los angeles.

just like the 9/11 museum, be sure to have some mental energy when going in here, because it’s basically a collection of broken hearts. it’s a crowd-sourced museum where people have sent in memorabilia together with a story about their object. so heartbreaking. but also beautiful.

olivier visiting / friday.

sf moma. 151 3rd st. san francisco.

san francisco’s museum of modern art finally opened in may this year after being remodeled for about three years. i didn’t live in sf before the remodeling, but the new version of the museum is just SPLENDID. if you’re into modern art like me, it’s probably one of the top modern art museums in the world. BUT there are seven floors—so plan on spending many hours here.


⇒ museum of sex. 233 5th ave. new york.

when i write this, i’ve just come home from visiting the museum of sex (separate post is on its way!). a pretty big and extensive museum with several different exhibitions tapping into various aspects of sex (today when i went, hardcore sex, animal genitalia, and the sex in the 70s were some of the exhibitons). fun and interesting!


villa vizcaya. 3251 s miami ave. miami.

vizcaya is a renaissance-inspired villa right by the water in miami. it was a private property before, but is now a museum with beautiful italian renaissance gardens. it’s so sunny and quiet here, and i totally imagined this being the villa of the great gatsby. feels exactly like that.


astrup fearnley museum of modern art. strandpromenaden 2. oslo.

what immediately strikes you with astrup fearnley is the fantastic architecture inspired by a ship. when i was there, i found some parts more better than others. sometimes i found the areas weren’t used in the best possible way maybe, but however the damien hirst exhibition (i think it’s a permanent one) is FANTASTIC.

last day in san francisco.

antique vibrator museum. 1620 polk st. san francisco.

this mini museum is hidden in the back of the sex shop good vibrations, so it might be hard to find if you don’t know about it. so interesting about a phenomenon that has existed for so long (but not that evident in mainstream media because it was taboo for so long). very small but interesting.

do you have any tips on fantastic museums i have to visit? share please!



tio museer runtom i världen jag tycker är värda ett besök. kanske svårt att bara kryssa av rakt av eftersom de är så utspridda, men spara inlägget tills du ska resa till nån av dessa ställen vettja! och tipsa gärna om museer jag borde besöka. puss

10 places in chicago.

nb! this is not a city guide. i only spent 2,5 days in chicago so how could it be? nope. but i just thought i’d list 10 places i visited and liked. like a micro guide, at least!


1. myopic books (1564 n milwaukee ave).
vintage book store with charming squeeky shelves in the lovely wicker park neighborhood.

2. mahalo (1501 n milwaukee ave).

beautifully concepted hawaiian brunch place.

3. kokorokoko (1323 n milwaukee ave).
80’s-90’s themed nostalgia store with pins, stickers, and all of the small plastic thingies that probably were present in your childhood.

4. lou malnati’s (805 s state street and all over the city).

you need to eat to chicago style deep dish pizza at least once. do it here.

5. studio paris (59 w hubbard st #3).
if you’re in the mood for the classic nightclub.

6. walgreens vitamin vault (1601 n milwaukee ave).

if you need to go to the pharmacy, you should go to this one, which is a rebuilt bank (!).

7. trader todd’s (3216 n sheffield ave).
cute surfer-islander-tiki themed karaoke bar.

8. we are one mural (behind tom’s on 1611 n damen ave).
chicago too has one of the bleeding hearts murals. photo-worthy!

9. goddess and grocer(1649 n damen ave).
pretty little grocery store with portion-sized packaged beautiful foods and goodies to consume on the go or on their upper floor with seating.

10. oak street beach .

there’s actually a sand beach in chicago! and you can look over pretty lake michigan.


obs jag kan absolut ej vara ansvarig för en chicagoguide, då jag bara spenderade 2,5 dagar där, men här är iallafall tio ställen som jag besökte som är värda att besöka tycker jag!

seven reasons to travel alone.

don’t get me wrong. i love traveling with people too. and most people probably do. but what is maybe less common is traveling alone, so here’s seven reason why i like doing that every once in a while:


1. you have time to think.
to be honest, this sounds like a stupid point, but IT’S NOT. i’m 100% sure that people don’t take enough time in their everyday lives to just think. it’s so easy to get distracted by unimportant s***.
traveling alone will give you time doing some thinking. i’m convinced you will reach some important thoughts and conclusion about your life.

2. you become more open to impressions.
this ties back to point 1 a little bit. i find it hard sometimes to really, fully, appreciate a scenery if i’m for example with a big group. i don’t mean that you’ll appreciate that ibiza nightclub more alone than with your friends—but rather nature, and all its colors and sounds and silences. it gets lost SO easily.

3. no compromising.
you do whatever the hell you want! no compromising. i get FOMO really easily, so being alone and deciding exactly where to go when is perfect. in chicago for example, i only had a few days. i hung out with an amazing group, but they wanted to do something totally different form me, and i knew i was gonna regret it if i didn’t go, so i just went off on my own. (and totally met up with them later!) so good.

4. you get braver.
this is like one of my most important points here. YOU GET BRAVER. traveling around the world (or even outside of your city) alone is fun and amazing, but you’re eventually gonna run into something that’s hard or scary. and you’ll just HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT. and you will. and that’s how you get braver as a person.

5. you will meet more new people.
of course it’s easy to meet people if you’re out partying with a big group too, but i definitely believe that you (consciously or not) close yourself off more if you’re with one person. even if it’s not the intention, speaking your own language with the person you’re with is not always gonna be inviting and easy for others to approach you. being alone can often be, at least if you’re meeting other people who travel, an invitation for others to talk to you. you’re approachable in a whole other way.

6. life’s gonna take you to unexpected places.
at least when i travel with people, i usually make up more plans that we tend to stick to. i mean, i’m really a planning freak on trips and i do this when i’m alone too, but it’s 200% easier to change plans if it only involves you. when you meet new people (see point 5), they’re gonna drag you off to adventures you never thought would happen. and instead of compromising and back-and-forthing with you travel company, you can just let life take you wherever it means to.

7. you grow as a person.
it’s basically what all these points sum up. you will, inevitably, grow as a person if you travel alone. you will deal with all the tricky stuff, but also the amazing things, on your own. you will meet people, you will have meaningful conversations, you will go through mishaps and fantastic encounters, and you will have time to reflect on it without being distracted by what your traveling company wants to eat for lunch or about the gossip from back home. YOU GROW AS A PERSON. and that’s what life is all about.

nassau / the bahamas.


sju anledningar till att resa själv:

1. man har tid att tänka. 

2. man blir öppnare för intryck.

3. man behöver inte kompromissa.

4. man blir modigare.

5. man träffar mer folk.

6. livet kommer ta en till oväntade platser.

7. man växer som människa.

five quick new york eats to grab.

new york is packed with amazing food places. but sometimes, you don’t have time to book a table, stand in line for hours or cross the whole city, so here’s a short little list of five nice things to eat that you can find in different locations all over the city. a short mini guide if you’re stressed out by long city guides and just need a quick food tip on the run, without having to book ahead or travel far.

nyc eats.

veggie burger at bareburger. build your own burger at this all-organic burger chain. mine consisted of farmer’s quinoa patty on a sprout bun with tons of veggies and condiments inside. oh, and the fries come with their awesome special sauce.

spicy tofu banh mi at num pang. it’s big! oh and switch out the soy glaze to spicy mayo. yum yum yum.

› mango con chile at the brooklyn bridge (or anywhere you see it on the street). mango con chile is a south american street food. it’s fresh cut mango soaked in lime juice, salt and tajín. SO GOOD.

‘shroom burger at shake shack. this portobello burger looks kind of small, but it’s filling. fried mushroom and lots of cheese.

meatballs at the meatball shop. i finally got to go here and try out their veggie meatballs with parmeggiano sauce. thank you, sandra, for advocating for this place for years!

nyc eats.


new york är ju fullt av fantastiska matställen, men ibland har man kanske inte tid att boka ett bord, stå i timlånga köer eller korsa hela stan för ett mål mat. så här är fem snabba (och goda!) grejer att äta i new york som går att hitta på flera ställen i stan. smaklig spis!

travel guide: a weekend in portland.


as you know, i was recently in portland for a couple of days. i really really loved it there. i thought i’d compile some of the places into a mini travel guide, as if you would be there for a weekend, yeah? disclaimer: i do not know portland well at all, i mean i was only there for a couple of days! but i thought i’d write down some of the places i liked, so that you can go there too, non?

portland - japanese garden.

portland - hawthorne & downtown.

portland - downtown.



ok. welcome! let’s start on a friday at around noon with coffee at ristretto roasters. i’ve only been to the northeast location, but head to the 2181 nw nicolai st for the sake of the convenience of this day’s guide, because then, i suggest you go to the japanese garden (400 sw kingston ave). stroll through the absolute calm and breathe in the fresh and crisp air.

after that, you might be hungry, so head down back downtown for italian pasta lunch at grassa (1205 sw washington st). they have handmade pasta and cute local wine served in water glasses.

when you’re done, go around the corner and check out the vintage finds at buffalo exchange (1036 w burnside st). then, spend the afternoon in chinatown — and don’t forget to be touristy at the keep portland weird sign a block away!

in the evening, go across the river to base camp brewing (930 se oak st) for craft beer and fries.

portland - downtown.

portland - downtown.

portland - forest park.

portland - hosford-abernethy.


a portland visit isn’t complete if you haven’t visited powell’s books (1005 w burnside st), the world’s biggest book store, so definitely take an hour or two to do that. <3! when you’re starting to get overwhelmed (you will eventually), go for lunch around the corner to lardo (1205 sw washington st). their tuna melt is MAGIQUE (!!).

after you’ve charged up at lardo, go up and take a mini hike in forest park (4099 nw thurman st). it’s a huge forest, and so so green and the air is fresh and amazing. AH. after a few hours here, you will need coffee, so head down to famous stumptown coffee (1026 sw stark st) and get yo some portland roast. yum yum.

as for dinner, you should definitely not miss out on thai food at paadee (6 se 28th ave). SO good. make sure to call them before and check on table bookings! and if you’re not exhausted from this day, you might want to wind down at some cute brewery nearby, or at apex bar (1216 se division st) for example, they have like a million beers on tap!


portland - hawthorne & downtown.

portland - hawthorne & downtown.

portland - hawthorne & downtown.


every day calls for at least one good cup of coffee. the sunday one, i suggest you grab at cup & bar (118 ne martin luther king jr blvd). they are a coffee place and have their own chocolate too! very cool and a beautiful location.

spend the rest of the day shopping before you leave. go down to the hawthorne area and check out house of vintage (3315 se hawthorne blvd), which is just HUGE (i got lost in there), and red light clothing exchange (3590 se hawthorne blvd) down the road. if you’re ready for lunch, the waffle window (3610 se hawthorne blvd) is just across the street. yum yum.

spend some time just checking out the awesomely cute stores along hawthorne blvd, and pop into blue star donuts (3549 se hawthorne blvd) if you need a sugar refill at anytime. if you research portland, voodoo donuts will probably be the most famous donut place you come across reading about, but i just tried blue star, and the blueberry bourbon basil one i had was pretty good, even for a *donut-disliker* like myself.

have an amazing time plz!!! it’s an awesome city, so i’m convinced you will. happy portlanding! ♥

portland - downtown.

portland - downtown.

portland - kerns.



här kommer en miniguide till portland över en helg! jag var ju bara där i några dagar, så jag är ingen expert på stan direkt, men tänkte iallafall att jag sammanställer ett gäng fina ställen jag verkligen gillade. ni måste till portland om ni är i krokarna, det var verkligen en så himla fin stad! <3

collected guides and tips.

over the months and years, the number of guides and tips here on the blog has been growing steadily. today, i thought i’d collect a bunch of them. hopefully you’ll discover something new, especially if you haven’t hung out here for a super long time. here we go:

travel guides.


traveling 4 ever. in the menu to the right (if you’re on desktop that is — if you’re reading this on your phone, scroll to the bottom), i have gathered my travel guides. to san francisco, nice, maui, san diego and an oslo veggie burger guide. i’m updating the sf one constantly since i live here, and there is a mini portland guide coming up!



a while back, i listed the blogs i read in four parts. they can be found here, here, here and here, but also in the sidebar menu under “blogs i read“.



i don’t cook that often, but sometimes i do, and some of those times, my recipes might end up here. for example the ones for a mushroom and sundried tomato pasta, a super smoothie bowl, a pannacotta with white chocolate and blueberries or scones. last year, when i hadn’t eaten meat for 10 years, i made a collected post with a bunch of recipes.

lifehacks and advice.


i’ve written a couple of posts with thoughts on life, advice or tips. like for example five tips before starting college, the secret but not so secret life hack, my five best writing advice and ten tips that will make traveling easier.

insta tips.


i love instagram so much! and i really think i can brag about how many amazing accounts i follow. throughout the years, i’ve posted so many insta tips for you. for example my favorite cat instagrams, dog instagrams, different is beautiful instagrams and four instagram hashtags. not too long time ago gathered (at least tried to) all my insta tips at the end of this post.

other stuff.

saturday outfit + pizza.

if you want to listen to me talk about berghs and moving to san francisco, you can listen to that podcast episode of källan here. i’ve also participated in källan sharing my (a little darker) story growing up with anxiety and being self-destructive here.  i’ve also for example written about how it was not drinking for three months.

hope i’ve managed to pick ut at least something new and interesting for you to check out! most of my post are (hopefully) kind of searchable, either in the little search bar or through the categories in the sidebar. happy monday :*


jag har samlat ihop lite blandade guider och tips från både nyligen och längesen. hoppas det finns nåt som ni inte sett tidigare som kan vara kul eller intressant. puss!

mini travel guide: a weekend in san diego.


as for me, i have spring break (my last one ever!!!!) coming up in four weeks. maybe you guys have some mini vacay coming up as well? as some of you might remember, i went to san diego over thanksgiving. and today, i thought i’d compile some of the places into a mini travel guide, as if you would be there for a weekend! disclaimer: i do not know san diego well at all, but i thought i’d gather some of the places i liked however. no?

san diego. monday.

san diego. friday.

san diego. friday.


so, maybe you’ve just arrived. leave off your stuff at wherever place you’re staying and then go have some mexican (the tacos in san diego are seriously the best ones i’ve ever had). go to city tacos in north park (3028 university ave) and have the smoked salmon one and the pescado one.

then, if you’re up for a drink, grab a cab and head over to the tipsy crow in the gaslamp quarter (770 5th ave) and check out their specialty beers.

san diego. saturday.

san diego. friday.

san diego. monday.


start the day off by heading out to coronado, a beautiful san diego peninsula. have a huge breakfast wrap at café 1134 (1134 orange ave) and then go down to coronado beach and walk around there without shoes. in the early afternoon, head to coronado’s north shore and have a glance at san diego’s skyline.

if you’re getting hungry for some italian, go over to little italy back in mainland san diego and grab a table at davanti enoteco (1655 india st). if you’re lucky, it’s still happy hour and both the wine and some assorted dished (the cacio e pepe! yum.) are around $8!

make sure to go over to the port of san diego at the time of sunset. the ships are just sooooo beautiful. very instagrammable.

san diego. friday.

san diego. sunday.

san diego. sunday.


take a light croissant-and-coffee breakfast à la italian style at caffe calabria (3933 30th st), and don’t forget to check out the huge coffee mill in the back. then, head over to balboa park! it’s so huge and beautiful there. take a stroll through the botanical building, say hi to the koi fish in the pond and maybe go to the museum of man if there’s any good exhibitions.

for lunch, you NEED to go for tacos at oscar’s mexican seafood in pacific beach (746 emerald st). have the smoked fish ones oh my god. after dying from food amazingness, go down to the beach and out on the pier. take one million pictures and do some hot surfer spotting.

in the afternoon, drive over to just where sunset cliffs start and then walk aaaall the way to where they end and back. it’s so so beautiful, and if you’re lucky, maybe yo have timed it well to just when the sun sets.

for dinner, order the lobster mac and cheese at d bar in hillcrest (3930 5th ave) and thank me forever afterwards. grab a glass of wine in one of the wine bars in the neighborhood, if it’s not already time for you to end your san diego weekend now.

have a lovely trip! san diego is super cool.

san diego. saturday.

san diego. friday.

san diego. monday.


om sisådär fyra veckor har jag mitt sista spring break! waow. ni kanske också har nån liten ledighet inplanerad? om ni iallafall någon gång har vägarna förbi san diego, så har jag nu gjort en liten minireseguide dit. jag var ju där över thanksgiving och känner ju inte till staden så bra, men här är iallafall en liten sammanställning av ett gäng ställen jag gillade och som jag tycker ni borde spana in. trevlig resa!

10 tips that will make traveling a little easier.

although it hasn’t been as much as i’ve wanted this last year, i still try to travel as often as i can. and for every trip, there is always something you learn that makes traveling a tiny little bit easier. here are ten tips for you:

off to new york.

1. FOLDERS. i love folders. and by that, i mean both physical ones (to have everything you need in one place, such as flight tickets, visa documents, printed maps, reference numbers, whatever) and digital ones (save all your bookmarks, all printscreens of booking numbers, cafés, restaurants etc. IN ONE PLACE). to have everything int he same place helps SO MUCH when traveling.

2. small traveling bottles. i promise you, you will not use your entire bottle of shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, shower gel AND body lotion in one week. buy small traveling bottles instead. it’s so convenient! and — an extra tip: press them together before you put on the lid if you’re gonna fly. this is for the pressure in the airplane, so that they won’t expand and leave all your stuff soaked in sticky lotions.

3. traveling outfit. when traveling (especially when you have lots of stuff), try to dress up in something that 1) takes a lot of space in your suitcase and 2) is comfortable (i flied to france ones in 17 cm heels…eh, not my best decision ever). hoodies, for example, are great to travel in.

4. chargers and other cords. okay, so don’t forget to bring all your chargers with you (computer, camera, phone, etc), but don’t forget to store them away in your checked in luggage. they take up quite some space and you will go mildly insane over the cord chaos. a fully charged laptop and a usb cord is enough for carry-on (that way, you can charge your phone through your laptop too).

5. one thing at the time. spreading out your laptop, earbuds, ipad, a book, a magazine, a water bottle, a shirt etc all over the place will make you hate yourself when you have to gather all your stuff (and you’ll probably forget something too). take out one thing at the time, whether it’s your laptop or a book. put it back before you allow yourself to take out the next thing. everything will be in order and you can ~*remain zen*~

off too new york.

6. charge up. don’t forget to download all your favorite podcasts, albums and books before you leave. you will have time, both when traveling and upon arrival, to waste — and there won’t be that high-speed wi-fi you’re used to have.

7. better safe than sorry. are you going to a big city? bring a little padlock to put on your bag, especially if you ‘re walking around with a backpack! pickpockets are EVERYWHERE.

8. leave what you won’t use. you’re on the other side of the world, you probably won’t use all your four different credit cards from back home, your home keys, and maybe not even your cell phone. leave whatever you won’t for sure use in a safe place. losing your important stuff in some random place in another country WILL be a pain in the ass.

9. you’re a tourist, but don’t be one. avoid the tourist tracks. i cannot stress this enough: AVOID THE TOURIST TRACKS. restaurants and cafés these WILL be bad. it will be 1) overpriced 2) bland and 3) bad service. use apps like foursquare or yelp if you have wi-fi or in advance to know where to go (before your blood sugar dips).

10. find out where (NOT) to go. spontaneous is ok, but personally i’m a fan of bookmarking and writing down loong lists of places to go in a new place. but! even if you feel stressed out by having a schedule of exactly where to go when, at least find out where NOT to go. i promise you, that will save you so much time and energy.




tio tips som gör resandet liiiite lättare:

1. mappar. både fysiska (för biljetter, visumdokument, utskrivna kartor, whatever) och digitala (bokmärken, bilder, printscreens, bokningsreferenser). allt på samma ställe = SÅ mkt lättare.

2. små reseflaskor. du KOMMER INTE använda en hel flaska schampo, balsam, duschkräm, hudkräm, solkräm ….. alltså, kör små reseflaskor och fyll istället. och! tryck ihop dem innan du skruvar på dem så hjälper det mot trycket i flygplanet, så de inte expanderar och kladdar ner allt.

3. reseoutfit. ta på dig nåt som 1) tar mkt plats och 2) är bekvämt. munktröjor är t.ex. ett bra exempel.

4. laddare och sladdar. glöm inte att ta med alla sladdar du behöver, men stoppa ner dem i ditt incheckade bagage för annars kommer du hata dig själv när du måste bråka med trasslet på resan. det räcker med fulladdad dator och usb-sladd (så kan du i värsta fall ladda telefonen via datorn) i handbagaget.

5. en sak i taget. man orkar inte med sig själv när man spridit ut dator, hörlurar, nån bok, ipad, nån tidning, en tröja, matsäck ETC. stoppa tillbaka den grejen du använt innan du tillåter dig att ta ut nästa. allt är i sin ordning = du kan vara zen.

6. glöm inte att ladda hem dina favvopoddar, album och kanske ljudböcker och sånt innan avresa. du kommer med största sannolikhet ha tid både när du reser och när du kommit fram till dit du ska, och ditt snabba kabelmodem kommer vara låååångt borta.

7. det säkra före det osäkra. ska du till en storstad? ta med ett litet hänglås och sätt på väskan, speciellt om du går runt med ryggsäck! ficktjuvar = överallt.

8. lämna det du inte kommer använda. antagligen kommer du inte behöva alla korten från dina fyra banker, dina hemnycklar, och kanske inte ens din telefon. lämna dem på ett säkert ställe istället för att bära runt på dem. bli av med sånt på andra sidan jorden = FML.

9. du är en turist, men var inte en. undvik turiststråken. alltså, jag säger det igen: UNDVIK TURISTSTRÅKEN. restauranger och caféer KOMMER vara dåliga. de kommer vara 1) överprisade 2) medelmåttiga 3) dålig service. använd appar som t ex yelp eller foursquare om du har wi-fi eller kolla upp innan (innan blodsockret faller).

10. ta reda på vart man (INTE) ska. det är helt ok att vara spontan. personligen älskar jag att kolla upp ställen innan och skriva långa listor på vart jag vill gå, men om man tycker det är stressigt bör man iallafall kolla upp vart man INTE ska gå. kommer bespara dig så mycket tid, energi och humör.


RESEGUIDE: mitt maui.

18934106016_340bd18dc9_k copy

idag blir det mauiguide här på bloggi! jag och jens var ju där i 3,5 veckor så vi hann se en del. i högra menyn kan ni förresten läsa andra guider jag gjort, till exempel till san francisco eller nice. hawaiiguiden blir lite kanske lite mindre komplex eftersom det mest blir sevärdheter och inte så mycket typ *uteställen och sånt*. aja, här kommer maui iallafall!

the maui sunset.

en bra grej att veta om maui är att det är en sååå himla vacker och grön ö. det finns ingen direkt storstad eller partyscen här. är man ute efter storstadspuls eller strandfest bör man kolla upp till exempel oahu (det är där både honolulu och waikiki ligger). maui = grönskande paradise helt enkelt.

och kolla upp så att ni åker rätt tid på året. hawaii har ju tropiskt klimat och det kan regna mycket då och då. norra och östra delar kan ha lite blåsigare och regnigare till skillnad från sydliga och västliga delar pga lä. bra att tänka på när man kollar boende och så.


jag och jens hade hyrt ett hus på airbnb vilket var supersoft (speciellt eftersom vi skulle vara där så länge). man kan komma och gå som man vill och laga sin egen mat i sitt egna kök och sådär. vi var inte så sugna på stora hotellkomplex men det väljer man ju själv såklart. om man inte ska vara borta så länge funkar säkert det med! *personlig smak* osv

winding roads to haleakala.

kan även starkt rekommendera BIL. alltså det är inte tal om kollektivtrafik om man ska lyckas ta sig till ens en bråkdel av alla sevärdheter och dessutom är bil suuuuperbilligt så kör ba kör (literally).

maui eats.

bjuder er även på som så många som noll matställen, för vi åt typ bara på subway och lagade mat hemma. det är ganska dåligt med bra matbutiker och det är dessutom himla dyrt men aja, man måste ju äta likz.

nåväl, nu har ni lite bastips. nu till THE FUN STUFF.


tänkte gå igenom tio ställen mer eller mindre. här har ni en karta på maui med siffrorna utsatta så ni har en ungefärlig uppfattning om var saker ligger.

the maui sunset.

1. här bodde vi! mellan kihei och wailea på öns sydvästra kant. här ligger många resorts och det är väldigt bra klimat här, inte så blåsigt som andra ställen på ön och sådär, vilket gör det bra för sol, bad och snorkling till exempel. minns ni de magiska undervattensbilderna vi tog med sköldpaddorna? det var alltså här! stranden hette kamaole beach bark III.

maui eats.

2. olowalu. (orelaterad bild japp) vi  snorklade på lite olika ställen på ön men det här var ett riktigt guldställe att snorkla på! kan vara svårt att veta pga långgrunt och suuupergrumligt vatten i kanske 20-30 meter från stranden ut, man måste liksom ta sig ut och förbi det där och då öppnar sig ett magiskt undervattensparadis om man ska snorkla (vilket man MÅSTE!!! obs). det finns i allmänhet jättemycket havssköldpaddor kring maui men här såg vi till och med en liten haj!

maui/papawai, kaanapali & beyond.

3. kaanapali. om man vill surfa så bör man ta sig till kaanapali. sjuka vågor, så inte så badvänligt, men om man är grym med brädan är det helt rätt ställe att vara på. lahaina (som är precis under nummer 3 på kartan, på väg till kaanapali) är också väldigt populärt för surfare, långa, stabila och inte så aggressiva vågor. nu surfade ju inte vi men jag tänker att lahaina är bra om man håller på att lära sig att surfa, och kaanapali om man är grym.

maui/dragon's teeth.

4. dragon’s teeth. det här är mer en liten sevärdhet som man kan ta som ett stopp på vägen till nåt annat ställe pga går ganska snabbt att kika. inte för att förminska det, det är ett ascoolt ställe som känns som månkrater typ. vassa klippor, arga vågor och tjusig labyrint kan hittas här.

maui/nakalele blowhole.

5. nakalele blowhole. det är alltså ett blåshål i klipporna vid vattnet där vågorna slår emot under och sprutar upp vatten, som en liten minigeyser. det är lite knepigt att klättra ner hit från bilvägen, så ha riktiga skor och inte typ virkade flipflops som jag (..).


6. ho’okipa beach park. här uppe på norra delen av ön kan vädret vara lite mer ostabilt, men regnbyarna är ofta ganska lokala också. i ho’okipa snorklade vi och såg de största havssköldpaddorna på hela resan (!!). och uppe på land finns en kohage med tama kossor som man kan få mata med ananas. :*

maui/sunrise at the haleakala summit.

7. soluppgång på haleakala. VIKTIGT. mauis fantastiskaste grej. haleakala är alltså både en jättestor nationalpark (ska berätta mer om det här nedan) och namnet på vulkanen. och den här punkten handlar alltså om vulkanen. för hit upp måste man alltså köra upp för att kolla på hur solen går upp. GÖR DET BARA. sikta på att vara där någon timme innan solen går upp, för parkeringsplatserna försvinner rätt snabbt och även om det känns som att man väntar FOR EVER på solen så går det rätt snabbt när den väl bestämmer sig för att gå upp och det vill man ju inte missa. TA MED VARMA KLÄDER. <—- viktigt. mauis klimat nere vid havet låg på ungefär 30 grader, men här uppe på 10 000 feet (ca 3000 meter) låg temperaturen på kanske -1. MINUSGRADER. alltså jag hade linne och jeansjacka och höll på att verkligen frysa ihjäl. man står liksom stilla jättelänge också, så detta är superviktigt. annars, kör bara kör. klicka in haleakala observatories eller så på gps:en så kommer ni rätt.

winding roads to haleakala.

haleakala: pipiwai trail & the seven sacred pools.

haleakala: pipiwai trail & the seven sacred pools.

haleakala: pipiwai trail & the seven sacred pools.

8. haleakala (nationalparken alltså), pipiwai trail, bambuskogen och seven sacred pools. hit, till nedre hörnet av nationalparken haleakala, måste ni också. OBS att det finns huvudsakligen två vägar att köra hit. en går längs mauis södra kust. det var den vi tog pga verkade närmare och den var fin (första bilden här) men SÅ DÅLIG att köra. farlig som tusan också. ta vägen som går längs norra kusten istället (road to hana/hana highway). också sjukt (alltså verkligen) snirklig, men iallafall lite bättre underlag.

aja. när man kommer fram hit kan man gå pipiwai trail genom bambuskogen. VACKRASTE JAG SETT typ. man går alltså genom ett regnskogsparadis, förbi fantastiska jätteträd och under magisk bambu som vajar högt ovanför en. man går förbi fina makahiku falls och kommer till slut fram till waimoku falls. sen får man knata tillbaka till början av trailen, där man kan ta en annan liten stig runt så man kommer till seven sacred pools/pools at ohe’o där man kan bada i ett vattenfall och sånt. helt magiskt alltihop. trailen genom bambuskogen tar kanske 1,5 h eller så, medan den biten till seven sacred pools bara är runt hörnet, 15 min eller så.

maui/one photo every hour.

9. här ligger little beach och big beach. två softa stränder helt enkelt. maui har såklart många fina stränder men det är samtidigt liksom inte självklart att man hittar dem direkt. men dessa två är najs.

maui/lahaina pali trail.

10. lahaina pali trail. det här är helt enkelt en liten vandringsled som går upp på utsidan av ett berg. vi ville gå upp på nån höjd och se solnedgången helt enkelt, och den här platsen funkade fint. ha ordentliga skor helst. och kameran redo!


underbara ön. <3 trevlig resa!


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