what 2017 has done to me so far.

so, june came. after all. that went fast, didn’t it? let’s take a glance in the rear view mirror for the first couple of months of 2017. list from sandra.

adidas crop top.
what has been the best thing?
getting a full time job that i’m enjoying. getting to have lived in my two favorite cities, new york and san francisco. finding an everyday routine with life — work, free time, workouts, sleep, food, everything — that really makes me feel good.

what has been the worst?
spending time, feelings, anxiety and tears on someone a second time, which i shouldn’t have done.
and the visa stress which is always present (and still not over).

ocean beach.

hangout with patty.

what month was your favorite?
april! san francisco was warm and sunny, i had fun and was happy, and had a fantastic birthday weekend.

did you do anything you’ve never done before?
lived in new york.

post-rain san francisco saturday.
new year's 16/17.

have you traveled?
to/from new york and san francisco only.

what has been the hardest?
all the visa stuff. ugh. the never ending stress. also, dudes.

fred perry polo.

bernal heights.
have you learned anything?
honestly, don’t worry be happy seems like a pretty accurate phrase. ain’t nobody got time for bullshit.

what has been the soundtrack?
kendrick’s latest album, probably.

birthday friday at al's place.

el techo.
did you have any goals for the first half of 2017?
around the end of 2016, i really just wanted to get a full time job somewhere nice. and in the very beginning of 2017, i did!

what are you looking forward to for the rest of the year?
knowing where i’ll be. hopefully my visa applications will give me some answers and clarity soon, so i can know where i’ll be, and be calm in that. fingers crossed, my friends. also, me and siri are planning a trip! yay!

post-rain san francisco saturday.

lite om första delen av 2017. om att jag fått bo i både new york och san francisco, fått ett heltidsjobb jag gillar, men haft lite visumstress. och sånt.

☆ APRIL 29 ☆

HELLOOO. happy birthday to me! while i’m out adventuring and eating good food all day today, here’s a birthday list (just like last year):

how many years are you turning today?
twenty-six! aka “one more year to go before you become jim morrison, jimi hendrix, and those guys”, as my coworker sean said. thanks, sean. (here ↑ is when i turned 22, 23, 24 and 25!)


do you feel like you are the age you’re turning?
i think so? i’ve felt the same age for the last like 3-ish years though, so it’s kinda weird getting older.

foreign cinema.

what are your plans for today?
brunch with siri, daniel, and lance in the day, then dinner with siri in the evening, and then bar hangout with all my san francisco friends at southern pacific brewing. stoked!

foreign cinema.

do you associate your birthday with something in particular?
just celebrating A TON with lots of friends. i don’t celebrate christmas or easter or any other family-centric holiday really, so when it’s my birthday, it’s all in.

southern pacific brewing.

what did you do on your birthday one year ago?
went out in the sun hanging around shopping with mark and hannah, then had dinner at foreign cinema with siri, and then did the southern pacific brewing hangout at night. (plus more dinners and brunches throughout the weekend of course). had such a great birthday weekend.

birthday weekend - sunday.

how would a perfect birthday look?
last year was pretty perfect! warm, sunny, lots of good food, and lots of great friends!

birthday weekend - saturday.

tell us about a birthday you remember extra clearly.
2012 in nice was great (i always talk about this one here on the blog i feel). 50s diners, sun, park hangouts, and my childhood bestie and longest-time friend joanna flew down to france to hang out.

my birthday pt 1.

if you could wish for a cake, what kind would it be?
can i switch out the cake for like crème brûlée? good, i’ll do that instead then. thanks! :33

birthday celebration.


idag fyller jag 26! peppigaste dagen på mitt år!

april exactly right now.

kendrick’s new album.

breaking bad. slowly getting through, sporadically.

opening instagram probably 200 times a day.

it’s not supposed to rain but it is, a little bit.

wearing a dress i bought once upon a heartbreak.

i’ve seen a raccoon, a parrot and two bunnies, right here in my neighborhood.

reading the goldfinch that never ends. 232/771 pages now.

i hang out a lot at the gym and i always love it.

i go running sometimes but i always hate it.

friends who are not getting visas having to leave the country.

thinking about the future after the spring, after the summer. it doesn’t exist yet.

trying to make plans that don’t vanish in the uncertainty of the fall. (they do.)

i’m ok. ♡


just nu.

a list about this week.

birthday stuff.

something i’ve done this week that was planned: went to the bonobo concert with dinesh on wednesday!

something that wasn’t planned: went to another concert afterwards and stayed up until 4 am.

a tip from this week: this video of a woodpecker hitching a ride through chicago. IT’S THE CUTEST THING.

discovery of the week: café st jorge in the mission. a fantastic portugese brunch place. i might show you a pic or two later.

the best food i’ve cooked this week: EH. i don’t cook food usually. probably scrambled eggs or something, cause it’s basically on that level.

brunch at the market.

“ouch” of the week: the fantastic headache i got after my mid day run on tuesday. i can’t go for a run in the middle of the day, i feel so damn beaten and unproductive at work afterwards. working out in the evening = no probs.

this week’s emotion: pretty chill. no drama.

a sf walk.

breakfast of the week: chocolate/coconut protein drink, my usual weekday breakfast.

magic this week: bonobo live was pretty awesome!

how i rate this week: it was a good one! nothing too crazy. i have been kinda going with the flow, which has been nice.

happy sunday! <3

adidas crop top.


en lista om den här veckan. jag har varit på konsert och haft huvudvärk, men annars har det mest varit bra. plus en gullig hackspett! glad söndag!

nine truths and a lie.

it’s april fool’s! and just like last year and two years ago, i thought i’d give you some fun facts about me. nine of them are true and one is false! can you figure out which one?

i’ll reveal the answer in a few days : ) happy saturday and don’t get too fooled out there.


1. when i was little, i wanted to become a circus princess.

2. i hate donuts.

3. mini cooper, jeep wrangler, and volvo amazon are some favorite car models of mine.

4. i’ve never driven a car.

5. i love having several books to read at the same time that i can switch between.


6. i’ve had my ears, lip, tongue, bellybutton and nipple pierced.

7. i like cracking my knuckles but hate the sound of hearing others do it.

8. scared of cockroaches, but not at all of bees.

9. i’ve had 6 different iphone models, but only one single macbook.

10. i’m not allergic to anything.

valentine's day.

that’s it, guys! give me your best shot in the comments. happy first april saturday!



april april! glad första aprillördag vettja. precis som de två senaste åren har jag samlat ihop några påståenden om mig. nio är sanna och ett är falskt. kan du klura ut vilket? lösning kommer om ett par dagar. puss och glad vårlördag!

my wish list.

it’s march 29th, which means my birthday is exactly one month away. here’s a wish list if i could pick anything right now:


portraits. the best gift ever is getting a portrait. and you guys are so good at drawing me!! it would be dreamy to add to this beautiful collection.


an umbrella. so, i lost my pretty marc jacobs umbrella, and to shed myself from the rain i bought a rain coat. i do want an umbrella too, though. maybe a palm tree one like this one?


clean warm cotton. this is the perfume i wear everyday, and actually, i bought it for myself as a birthday gift one year ago. since the bottle seems to last exactly a year-ish, it’s soon time for a new one.


one of the few murakami books i haven’t read. out of his novels it’s only ONE! a wild sheep chase (wow, didn’t even realize until i checked that i’e read all of his other ones). from his short stories anthologies it would be blind willow, sleeping woman. love haruki <3


ace embroiderd gucci sneakers. KILL ME NOW I LOVE THESE SHOES SO MUCH


a trip. to some nice and warm and adventurous place. now that my visa still is unsure, i think a trip within the u.s. borders would be my best bet. like new orleans, for example! ↑ it’s been on my bucket list for a long time now.


workout clothes. i’ve worn my current sets of workout clothes for a long time and it’s been forever since i’ve treated myself to new ones. i think it’s time soon!


a new camera. for example the canon 80d? would be nice, especially with that flippable display, which my current canon rebel t5 doesn’t have.

yep. all that, and some love and world peace would be nice? thanks in advance <3



min födelsedag infaller om prick en månad, så det är passande med en önskelista idag tycker jag! typ detta hade varit fint att få:
porträtt, ett paraply, clean warm cotton-parfymen (min flaska börjar sakta men säkert ta slut), haruki murakamis a wild sheep chase (som är den enda av hans skönlitterära romaner jag inte läst!), de fantastiska blommiga guccisneakersen, en tripp till new orleans, fräscha träningskläder och en ny kamera. samt fred på jorden då!

(pictures via pinterest)

beautiful things that are easy to forget.

the butterfly house.

kat von d's wonderland.

miami throwback.

when the rain makes my head ache and my heart heavy, these are the beautiful little joys in life at the moment:

× listening to teenage-y nostalgia music.

× dancing on the benches at a packed and sweaty bar.

× talking to someone with the same taste in music, movies and books.

× the internet.

× streaming let’s dance from sweden and cry out of pride over stina.

× saffron cocktails.

× how at least 5 people tagged me in the corgi races video. <3

× shopping more clothes than i need/should, no shame.

× get out!!! (will make a separate post about this)

× never seeing your roomies, but when you do, it’s all fun and nice and laughy.

× skype sessions with important people in other countries.

× wine, pupusas and dancing with a bestie.



one photo every hour. july.



fina grejer just nu att komma ihåg. speciellt nu när det regnar och jag blir lite deppad och sånt är svårt att minnas.

the honest list about me.

hello thursday. here’s an honest list for you today. and have a nice day. <3

museum of broken relationships.

three guilty pleasures:
ed sheeran’s “shape of you“. the movie sausage party. everything that runs on TLC.

when did you last cry and why?
sunday feb 26th. not really gonna get into it here but poured my heart out for someone who doesn’t feel the same way.

when can you truly be yourself?
when i go out walking alone for hours. one of my favorite things to do.

hardly strictly bluegrass.

three things you can’t stand:
swedish windy slushy snow winters. astrology. fratboys and/or bros.

what stresses you out?
the visa uncertainty in this country. when people talk about weightloss. my friends having kids.

three things you love:
the post-workout feeling. exploring new cities. wearing a pair of new shoes for the first time.

hardly strictly bluegrass.

how do you think others perceive you?
i think i’m perceived extremely different depending on the mood i’m in. some people give off the same kind of feeling no matter what, but i wear my heart on my sleeve and am probably perceived either loud/cool/twitchy/funny/anxious very much depending on when.

how do you perceive yourself?
like a 1000% dreamer and romantic. honestly, life is poetry to me. i want to dream, write, and run away and adventure with someone forever. i can romanticize anything. give me a trashcan or a fucking sidewalk and i’ll make up a dream about it. i love living a life when every feeling, every thought means so much to me. i carry everything within me, everything weighs so much but it’s also beautiful.

when do you feel at your most beautiful?
when i’m tan, have a cute outfit and am happy!

weekend in the wharf.

what did you last laugh at?
the other day i laughed so i couldn’t breathe when my coworker jonathan talked about his family’s dog when he was little, how his mom used to feed the dog pasta and how the dog (a poodle) was so smart to know that it competed for jonathan’s mom’s attention with him and therefore didn’t like him. (i know, it’s probably not fun when i retell it…)

something you’ve given a lot of thought:
visas in the US omfg. i wonder how many collective hours i’ve spent thinking about this.

three things you’re afraid of:
cockroaches. ending up alone. something happening to my friends and family.

olivier visiting / friday.

something you’ve learned lately:
hmm. i don’t know. that a cactus i just received should be watered lightly every two weeks?

a profession you think you’d be good at:
radio host and/or podcaster! honestly, this would what i’d be doing if i wasn’t a copywriter.

lastly, a profession you think you’d be bad at:
a cop. geez. i’m happy i’m not in that field.



idag får ni en ärlig lista här på bloggen från mig. kopierad, förkortad och översatt från atilio-sandra!

☀ day and night. ☾

happy friday! plz let’s do out best to get through this last day before the weekend. here’s the ultimate morning/evening list, translated from julia.

maui/sunrise at the haleakala summit.

when do you get up?
around 8 in the weekdays, and hour or two later in the weekends.

what’s the first thing you do every morning?
check notifications—instagram, facebook, email, and the blog.

how long do you spend in the bathroom every morning?
just a few minutes to wash my face in the bathroom itself. then 10-15 minutes to get dressed and put makeup on.

is breakfast important? what do you eat?
during the weeks, i only have a protein shake. in the weekends through, i like having a big brunchy breakfast.


are you a morning person?
i don’t LOVE mornings, but i’m proud to say that i turn off the alarm and get up like 5-10 seconds after it goes off. i never snooze!

what alarm do you have?
one from iphone’s bedtime app, it’s called sunny. very harmonious.

what does a perfect morning look like?
waking up tangled up with somebody you like. cuddling for a long while and then having a slow and long brunch in the sun somewhere.

what do you usually wear in the mornings?
i usually get dressed in my *real* clothes pretty immediately.

what’s the best thing about mornings?
a chance to start anew? lol idk


christmas eve.

when do you go to sleep?
between midnight and 2 am usually.

what’s the last thing you do at night?
scroll instagram or play two dots. : )

how long do you spend in the bathroom every night?
i just basically wash off my makeup and brush my teeth, so not very long unless i shower, but i usually don’t do that right before i go to sleep so.

is a night snack important to you?
not really, unless i’m hungry. going to sleep starving is the worst :[

do you get tired easily at night?
i can usually get into a good rhythm of going to sleep kiiiind of at same time every night, and then it’s fine. but i have to be sleepy when i go to bed, otherwise i won’t sleep at all or i’ll be waking up and stuff.

summer stockholm.

what’s your nightly routine?
think about what to wear the next day, remove makeup, brush teeth, and then just scroll through social media until i get tired. then i play two dots until i’m REALLY tired : )

what does a perfect evening look like?
it’s friday or saturday. still warm outside. take a walk with someone. dinner at some nice restaurant. cuddle 4 ever until sleep.

what do you usually wear at night?
shorts+t-shirt if i’m alone, underwear or nothing if i’m with someone maybe??? depends i guess

what’s the best thing about evenings?
just CHILLING OUT after a day of work and going to the gym. eating a good dinner. hanging out in bed. reading blogs. writing blog posts. the internet. stuff like that.

one photo every hour. august.



gla fredag. här kommer en morgon/kvällslista som jag snott och översatt från julia. pöss!

self(ie) love.

because the rain never stops! because self-love. because selfies are important and because sometimes i can be cute too. i don’t take selfies THAT often but let’s look at a few lately. here’s my face 11 times in a row if you can take it. if not i’ll see u tomorrow or something


from a friday at work back in new york. bathroom selfie and i was about to go out into a lovely weekend.


a snowy new york weekend! gah. i stubbornly wore my leather jacket even though it was cold, but had my long gudrun sjödén scarf to wrap around me, so it was ok.


another nyc selfie from when my eyeliner was FIRE.


christmas in white lace, matte black nails and choker.


one of my last new york selfies with new top, glossy hair curtain and big eyes.


back on the west coast! here i am in front of apple down in cupertino in a new navy american apparel outfit.


the first weekend i was back, there was the women’s march at civic center. it was cold and rainy and i felt totally fucked up by anibiotics, but me and siri showed up because important. <3


calling this one “girl without eyebrows” or something? i’ve been meaning to buy glossier’s boy brow for a while now but i never get around to do it! ok soon, i promise.


selfie from an uber when the rain was also poooouring down, hence rainy wavy hair.


this one is from the kitchen at my new place, where apparently the light can look like this sometimes and really bring forth the color of my eyes. who would’ve thought.


and this last one, from this past weekend when i was lying in bed watching love actually with myself.


that’s all for today! sorry not sorry for this pretty uninformative post, but this is my space and sometimes i need to remind myself that i’m good and that selfies are too. that’s all. xx



idag vart det selfiekaskad på bloggen! här e mitt ansikte elva gånger helt enkelt. några från new york och några från sf. cute man e ändå. kom ihåg det allihopa när ni tar seflies. NI E CUTE