tattoos, fur, and fries.

it was sort of a while ago i gave you some instagram tips. i love exploring new accounts every day, and here are 5 great ones:


i discovered sasha when i saw him modeling for marche noir. tattooed model with that sad boy face a la ryan gosling in place beyond the pines.

just a shit ton of colorful foodporn. some days that’s all you need, right?

someone from my old school, berghs, made this as their final project as berghs — an animated diary of how it is to be a highly sensitive person. cute, but still deep.

hardcore, kickass, mystical and beautiful. that’s basically the feed of grace neutral, who is a london-based tattoo artist. dying for her aesthetic tbh

and of course there needs to be a pet account in this post too. follow the adventures of the domesticated squirrel, jill! vvvvv cute.


fem instatips ni borde följa bums.

portraits of me!

hi birdies! hope you’re having an awesome sunday. i’m out hiking today (writing this on saturday night but that’s the plan at least). it’s super nice and sunny in the bay area right now.
lately, i’ve gotten a few different types of portraits of me. wanna see?

first one is this fantastic colorful portrait of me by my internet fren deniz! it’s inspired by this photo of me from hawaii. love it!!

also, my friend selena took some pictures of me at a photo event a few weeks ago. here are a few that turned out well:

do you like them? i really do! it was time for some new ones for like facebook, linkedin and the blog. the old ones with yellow background are super pretty, but almost 2 years old. this feels more accurate. also very appropriate in my favorite outfit!


porträtt jag fått på sistone! ett superdrömmigt målat av min *internetkompis* deniz. fin va?? och så några porträttbilder av min duktiga vän selena. vad tycker ni?
gla söndag vettja!

me and my talented friends.

heya! here’s a little bit of everything today:

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 5.17.24 PM

the swedish organization svenska digitala nomader made an interview with me. check it out here! it’s in swedish, but you can probably google translate it if you’re interested in knowing a little bit about me, my job, and some of the places i’ve lived and worked in.

i got a comment that i should review the glossier boy brow pomade that i wrote about in this post. i don’t have much to say than praising it! it makes my brows look a little denser and more groomed, without looking over-done. ↑ here’s a little boomerang how it looks on (cause i naturally have kind of weak eyebrows).

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 5.23.09 PM

remember my super lovely friends jens and axel (to the left in this picture)? they’re both designers and have recently come up with this ruler, especially designed for designers and creators who work both in the physical and digital world. their kickstarter is still running for a few more days, but they’ve already reached over 500% funding! so proud. check out the project here.


the fantastic stina (who visited sf and hung out with me last year is in this year’s let’s dance (sweden’s version of dancing with the stars)!!! and she’s KILLING it. if you’re in sweden, you probably know it’s every friday on tv4. if you’re outside of sweden, maybe you can somehow try to access it on tv4play (not giving any advice to break the law here though). otherwise, just check out and follow her majestic instagram account.


and another one of my friends who’s in a swedish tv show right now is anna maría (to the right in the yellow shirt)! she’s one of the three finalists in the DIY competition show superskaparna. much proud!! watch it on sjuan every tuesday or on tv4play. go anna maría!



lite gott och blandat om mig och några av mina duktiga kompisar! en intervju med mig, jag i glossiers ögonbrynspomada, jens och axels linjal-kickstarter, stina i let’s dance och anna maría i superskaparna! asså så många bra folk i samma inlägg va.

(stinas bild via och anna marías bild via dnilva.)

get out (and why you MUST see this movie).


(don’t worry, this post doesn’t contain any spoilers)

the other day i saw get out. if you haven’t heard about it yet (although that would kind of surprise me), it’s a thriller-y kind of horror (meh, more like, horror-ish) from writer and director jordan peele (do you know key and peele? yep, that’s him).
the horror theme in this movie though, isn’t monsters, murderers or supernatural forces. it’s white people and racism. AND YOU NEED TO SEE IT.

this movie had me laughing, crying, gasping and screaming. the whole damn spectrum. and apart from that—it had me thinking about it for days. i’m still unpacking it now, several days later, and it has shivers running down my spine. i’m tearing up on my commute when i recall some of the scenes, and i still find myself thinking about all the layers of this movie.

it’s unlike anything i’ve ever seen. it’s so weirdly unique in its expression, while bringing up one of the most important issues (for me personally, maybe even the #1 most important issue). racism isn’t depicted as it usually is in hollywood productions, with throwbacks to the 1800s and to slavery. it doesn’t show the story we’re already so conscious of—the one about wars, white supremacy depicted with violence and physical harm. this story tells us something much scarier—how racism is highly alive, today, right here, in all of our lives, and how it is perpetuated by the ones who claim to be the exact opposites of racists. the ones who pat themselves on the shoulder and boast about how much they loooove obama, but at the same time point out the skin color of black people every time they interact. “but not in a bad way, of course”, just casually mentioning steph curry….because, you know, they’re probably into basketball yeah?

i’m not gonna go into the plot, but i just needed to get this message out (no pun intended). SEE IT. if you’re pretty aware of racism and white structures in society, you’ll RAVE about the genius of the movie. and if you’re not, it’s probably a fantastic way to get more educated on the matter.

thank me later!! you’re welcome.


glöm ej att se get out när den kommer ut i sverige (?). briljantaste filmen jag sett, kanske nånsin. wow. wow. wow.
(bild via min pinterest).

cutouts, cats, courts and croissants.

happy tuesday! today, i have four fantastic, conceptual instagram tips for you!



this japanese artist does insanely mesmerizing pattern cutouts in fruits and vegetables. isn’t it amazing?




take a look at these pics! they are of alex and merle, two cats whose mouths, noses and paws we get a feed full of zoomed-in pictures of. cute?!




one of my absolute favorite accounts right now. i love how these drone shots make these seemingly abandoned courts seem so secret and mysterious, but also beautiful. makes me want to travel to all of them.




this account gathers pictures of bread masterpieces from all around the world. i’m such a non-baker really, but these are really pretty to look at. also, who doesn’t love carbs??

do you have any fantastic accounts i need to follow? let me know in the comments!



fyra konceptuella instagrams jag gllar just nu! langa era tips med vettja!

two to watch.

i literally never go to the cinema or watch movies in general. so that’s why my already 2 theatre visits this year are remarkable : ) here are the two movies i watched:



lion is a movie based on a true story (and actually—really based on a true story, as the material in the end credits will show, rather than just “based” on a “true” story) that is about saroo, a little indian boy who loses his family and gets adopted my an australian couple.

as an adult, saroo desperately tries to find fis roots without any other help than google earth.
this movie, with hottie dev patel as adult saroo and ADORABLE fantastic out-of-this-world sunny pawar as child saroo is just fantastic. i cried the whole way through, tbh.


20th century women.


this movie is set in southern california in the late 70s, the single mom dorothea (portrayed by the fantastic annette bening) is trying to raise her young teenage son jamie while at the same time dealing with her own struggles about single life, motherhood, love and aging.

a sweet, feminist and a legit feel good-movie. plus can’t stress annette bening’s acting skills enough. she’s literally born to play this character that’s what i felt like?


that’s all for now. i was planning on seeing a third movie the other week, but apparently my non-movie watching self decided that 2 is all i get this year. (jk, but almost.)

any movies out there showing right now i should go watch? what did you guys think of la la land, worth watching..?



jag går såå sällan på bio alltså, men har redan hunnit med två gånger i år! ha. lion och 20th century women. tyckte om dem sååå mkt. gå å se vettja!
bilderna via [pinterest].

six documentaries to watch.

i really find documentaries interesting. i mean, i like watching movies in general, i just never do it (does that make sense?). and i especially find it hard after deciding i’ll watch something, and exactly then nothing comes to mind.

here are however six documentaries of varying age that i like and that you should check out if you haven’t yet.


man on wire. this is about philippe petit who commits a crime (breaking into the roof of the world trade center twin towers) just to fulfill what he loves and dreams about—walking on a wire without any safety lines between the two buildings. so extremely fascinating.


jesus camp. this is a documentary about a bible camp in the midwest (but could be any bible camp, probably), where small children and their way to join the “army of god” are depicted. we see extreme measures of indoctrination, speking in tongues, conducting rituals. appalling for a secular person like me, albeit very interesting.


searching for sugarman. a relatively recent documentary about the american musician rodriguez, whose music got super successful in south africa, without him knowing it. two cape town fans have heard rumors about him being dead, but since no one seems to know, they set out to find him. i like the tone in this one. a calm vibe, vintag-y look and good music.


sicko. you all know michael moore. well, i saw sicko loooong time ago, when i was still pretty young and way before i came to the united states, and even back then, i remember it hitting me very hard the way the american health care system is set up. in this film, he compares it mostly to canada, and despite that you could argue about moore’s total subjectivity/angled perpectives/criticism towards the government, i still feel like it’s an important movie and subject matter to be aware of.


jiro dreams of sushi. this is about the 85-year old jiro, who lives in japan and has a sushi restaurant at which he spends his life perfecting the art of sushi-making. the restaurant has three michelin stars and his grown sona have worked alongside him all along. it’s a very calm, lovely and heartwarming movie about the passion for sushi.


amy. i loved this one. amy winehouse was such a special person. i feel like she was all crazy, outgoing, acting out, but at the same time this deeply poetic heartbroken person inside. her musical ability, both when it comes to voice, lyrics and music was just fantastic. it’s so tragic to see her life in retrospect, how her career bloomed, and how it then killed her.

what are your favorite documentaries? please hit me with your best tips!



sex dokumentärer jag tycker är så himla bra. se dem om ni inte redan har. och tipsa mig gärna om era favoriter med!
bilderna kommer från [min pinterest].

modern romance.

modern romance.

i’ve read a book again. this time, it was modern romance by aziz ansari. i feel like there is a pretty high likelihood you’ve heard about this book since it’s been talked about a lot, but if not—it’s aziz who takes a deep dive into the world of dating: how it used to be back in the days and how it is now. the similarities, the differences, and how culture and, most of all, technology has impacted the way we date today.


he exhibits some painfully familiar back-and-forth texting narratives, and supported by both humor (which is his thing, as you probably know) and scientific research, he gives us aha-moment after aha-moment on why dating is the way it is today—in so many ways both better and worse than back in the days.


this book is a simple read, very accurate, funny and enlightening all at once. i only wish all the frustrating people i’ve been dating over the past few years would read it too…



årets andra bok för mig blev aziz ansaris modern romance där han djupdyker ner i datingvärlden—hur det är idag och hur det skiljer sig från förr i tiden. lättsam, rolig på klassiskt aziz-manér, och upplysande på samma gång. läs vettja.

the list about tv shows.


what’s your favorite tv show?
disclaimer to start with is that i haven’t seen as many shows as the average person. but i love orange is the new blackoz, lost, scrubs, and the office, for example.


what’s your favorite movie?
natural born killers is my forever #1. other favorites are amélie and the darjeeling limited.


who’s your favorite character?
poussey and black cindy from oitnb. michael from the office. adebisi from oz. isak from skam.


what character do you hate the most?
i really find skyler from breaking bad annoying. mallory’s dad in natural born killers. andy from parks and rec (although i’m only basing this on seeing season 1).


what character reminds you of yourself?
sophie in love me if you dare (jeux d’enfants). i feel like she acts just like i would. and i’m also tempted to say fiona from shameless, although i have no clue why that would be. and! dev from master of none even though he’s a dude! heh.


what was your favorite tv show in high school?
i didn’t watch much except for maybe sex and the city…heh.


what was your favorite tv show as a child?
swedish ones were for example mysteriet på greveholm (claaaaaaassic) and julens hjältar (go julkalender!), and as for international ones, i watched lots of cartoon network, such as power puff girls and the like.


what character would you want to marry?
this is SO hard. is it ok to say lip from shameless even though he’s a kid? and jonas from skam, who’s a kid too … am i a creep?


what character would you want as a friend?
samantha from satc! poussey and black cindy from oitnb.


what tv shows do you follow right now?
breaking bad (i know, last to the party) and the office mostly.


what is the next tv show you want to see?
better call saul! since i’m watching breaking bad right now.




en lista om serier och karaktärer och sånt. typ att jag gillar orange is the new black, vill gifta mig med jonas i skam och stör mig som bara den på skyler i breaking bad. bilderna finns på [min pinterest].

it was so difficult, it was so sad sometimes, living in reality.

a little life.

so. i’ve finally gotten through the 814 pages that is hanya yanagihara’s a little life.

i first heard about it through this post by sandra and was fascinated and mesmerized by how she described it to be so terrible and painful. so i bought it straight away, and just finished it.

it’s about four friends in new york—jude, willem, jb and malcolm—about their lives and their friendship. the book spans over a whole lifetime, and is mostly focused on jude, who carries so much pain and so many unbelievably painful experiences and feelings towards himself, others, and the world, that it’s literally painful and impossible to understand how all of this can be contained within one human.

now during the time that i read it, i was strong and in a good place in my own life, but i can see how this an totally tip you over. to be honest, i was almost shocked by how this book—when you think it’s at its lowest and darkest point—keeps getting even darker, even worse, even more painful. it’s unbelievable.

i want other people to take part of this story, but also—be in a good place if you’re planning on reading it. it is a, truly, painful book, it stirs up emotions and gets your thoughts storming. it will live with me for a long time, i’m sure. i’m so happy to have gotten to know them all.



läste precis ut hanya yanagiharas a little life. så hemsk, så vacker. den gör så himla ont???? liksom när man tror att den inte kan bli värre så blir den liksom det.