happy news.

hi friends! today, i have post for you with some things that makes me happy right now (read all the way to the end for the happiest thing!). hope it finds you well:

♥ great music.

me and siri went to this concert a while ago with yung bae and flint eastwood. i hadn’t herd either of them before, but it turned out to be the best concert in a long time. we danced and even cried because it was so good. and — got to meet both of them afterwards. check them out if you’re into hiphop/funk sample vibes or angry indie pop.


♥ great movies.

had the chance to go see the movie about tupac, all eyez on me, this past sunday. i loved it!! even if you’re not into his music, i highly recommend it because it’s largely about politics and racism too.


♥ colleagues.

spent both friday and saturday hanging out with some of my splendid colleagues that i usually don’t hang out with that much — except for sandra, all the way to the right, who btw moved back to portland on sunday after 3 months here in sf with us. kinda sad about that.


♥ pride.

twin peaks.

sf pride is this upcoming weekend! i’ll be marching in the parade, partying, and hanging out in the sun. here and here are the posts from last year’s pride!


♥ new york.

new york.

i was literally just in new york 3 weeks ago as you might remember, but — yep, you guessed it — i’m going back again end of next week for the 4th of july weekend. can never get enough of new york? miss that place every damn day.


♥ visa.

last day in san francisco.

i made it!! i got my visa that i’ve been waiting to hear back about! for at least three more years, i can hang around dolores park, pet the sf dogs, or roam the new york avenues. I’M SO HAPPY!!


grejer som gör mig glad just nu:
♥ bra musik, som när jag och siri var på fantastiska spelningen med yung bae och flint eastwood. 
♥ filmen om tupac som jag såg i söndags. vill gråta på hur fin han e
♥ mina gulliga kollegor. speciellt fina sandra som dessvärre flyttade tillbaka till portland efter tre månader i sf.
♥ att det är pride i helgen. ska fira i solen!
♥ new york! var där tre veckor sedan men måste bara dit igen nu på fourth of july??? yolo.
♥ HAR FÅTT VISUM!!!! tack livet!

24 thoughts on “happy news.

  1. Malin says:

    Jäklar vilka härliga nyheter!!! Grattis Vicky!!! Det här gör mig så glad :) Därav de många utropstecknerna här! Åh, så härligt nyheter!!! 😻💖💪🏼

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