about traveling.

it’s the end of june! a really popular time to travel. personally, there are no huge trips coming up for me, except new york from tomorrow til tuesday and then another one in september (i’ll tell you more about that later this summer). why not do a travel list today?

maui/kihei & wailea.

what’s the hottest vs the coldest place you’ve traveled to?
i honestly haven’t been to any INSANELY hot or cold places. the u.s (hawaii, los angeles) and/or the caribbean (cuba, the bahamas) in the summer has been pretty hot, and sweden or poland in the winter has been pretty cold.


how long did your longest trip last?
except for when i have actually lived in other countries for a longer time, it’s probably been my 1 month caribbean backpacking trip in 2013, when i still lived in sweden but went to new york, mexico, cuba, jamaica, the bahamas, and miami.


what tips would you give a tourist who was traveling to the city you live in?
this guide!


what’s your favorite country to travel?
i meannnn. honeslty, it’s the u.s.! since i moved here 3.5 years ago, i’ve managed to visit so many fantastic places. here is a post i made about my u.s travels last year. it’s SUCH a diverse country honestly, and a great place for someone like me who loves huge cities.


what’s the most touristy place you’ve been to?
walk of fame, statue of liberty, and the eiffel tower must surely be top three?

eiffel tower / la tour eiffel.

what are your must-haves in your bag when traveling?
nothing weird, but phone charger, camera and chewing gum are CRUCIAL.

new york.

what are your four best travel pictures?
what a hard question! not sure if four best EVER, but here are some that i like:

in seattle with a view over mount rainier

maui/sunrise at the haleakala summit.
sunrise above the clouds on top of the haleakala volcano in hawaii

after the rain in the village viñales in cuba

long island city.
view over manhattan from long island city in new york

any favorites?

where would you want to travel right now?
sweden! :/ last time i was there was 1.5 years ago (in the winter, ugh). couldn’t go this summer because of visa, work, etc. and don’t want to go in the winter … which means i have to wait another year? :(

wilda, tove & olivier.

what’s the worst trip you’ve made?
i should’ve researched more before i went to jamaica. where i was in kingston, there wasn’t a lot to do, and it was pretty empty and dirty. the paris trip just right before me and my ex broke up was not fantastic either.

kingston / jamaica.

what’s a place you wouldn’t want to go to?
i would go anywhere, but there are some places i’m not necessarily super interested in seeing, like alaska. or kairo. or macau. but convince me and i’ll go!



reselista står på menyn idag! älskar att kolla på resebilder, alla bilder blir alltid finare när man reser alltså.

colorful weekend.

hello tuesday babies.

it’s been a festive weekend. i didn’t celebrate midsummer, as many of you did, and what i maybe should’ve done as a swede (…). instead, i spent the weekend celebrating pride in dolores dressed up in my cheerleader outfit with siri, her classmates, and confetti all over my legs. we danced, drank rosé, and i cried a little bit over all the pride love that was ALL OVER our rainbow city.

on saturday night i kept on partying with my colleagues until late night, and then accidentally slept through the pride parade on sunday morning. whoops. had late lunch in the city with siri instead, and then saw the movie beatriz at dinner (with salma hayek about cringey white people, heh).

weekend was intense, but also colorful and intense and great. i was really tired yesterday morning as i was heading back to work, but managed to get up and also finish a writing project that i have been working on for the past couple of weeks! i need to have it rest with me for a bit, but maybe i can share it with you in some form later.

this week i’m focusing on work, working out, and doing necessary boring real life stuff before i take off for new york on friday.

have a great day, wherever you are. <3


hade en så fin och färgglad pridehelg! hängde i dolores på lördag i ett hav av regnbågar och konfetti, festade vidare ända till halv tre på morgonen, sov igenom paraden på söndag, men såg beatriz at dinner på bio istället.

igår blev jag klar med ett skrivprojekt jag jobbat på senaste veckorna, och de närmaste dagarna ska jag bara fixa och dona inför min new york-tripp på fredag! puss.

100% human.

hi my loves! first of all — thank you for all your greetings and congratulations on my visa, through blog comments, facebook messages, texts, phone calls, and irl. it means the world! <3333

another thing that has made me happy is the human rights campaign that everlane has right now, coinciding with pride (sf pride is this very weekend). they have for example painted a rainbowy mural here in sf, as you might have seen on my instagram. but everlane, if you don’t already know them, is a clothing company — so they have a collection for this campaign too.


yesterday, this brown package showed up at my door.


with the 100% human t-shirt + pin!! pretty as hell, but also doing good (for every sold piece, they donate to the human rights campaign. important ok? <3)

now i’m ready for the pride weekend. happy thursday, humans! <3


hallå kompisar! TACK för alla grattisrop angående mitt visum! det betyder så himlans mycket.
här e förresten min nya fina 100% human-tröja från fina everlane! passar fint nu till helgen då det är pride här i stan, och dessutom donerar dom till human rights campaign. både snyggt och godhjärtat. det gillar vi.

happy news.

hi friends! today, i have post for you with some things that makes me happy right now (read all the way to the end for the happiest thing!). hope it finds you well:

♥ great music.

me and siri went to this concert a while ago with yung bae and flint eastwood. i hadn’t herd either of them before, but it turned out to be the best concert in a long time. we danced and even cried because it was so good. and — got to meet both of them afterwards. check them out if you’re into hiphop/funk sample vibes or angry indie pop.


♥ great movies.

had the chance to go see the movie about tupac, all eyez on me, this past sunday. i loved it!! even if you’re not into his music, i highly recommend it because it’s largely about politics and racism too.


♥ colleagues.

spent both friday and saturday hanging out with some of my splendid colleagues that i usually don’t hang out with that much — except for sandra, all the way to the right, who btw moved back to portland on sunday after 3 months here in sf with us. kinda sad about that.


♥ pride.

twin peaks.

sf pride is this upcoming weekend! i’ll be marching in the parade, partying, and hanging out in the sun. here and here are the posts from last year’s pride!


♥ new york.

new york.

i was literally just in new york 3 weeks ago as you might remember, but — yep, you guessed it — i’m going back again end of next week for the 4th of july weekend. can never get enough of new york? miss that place every damn day.


♥ visa.

last day in san francisco.

i made it!! i got my visa that i’ve been waiting to hear back about! for at least three more years, i can hang around dolores park, pet the sf dogs, or roam the new york avenues. I’M SO HAPPY!!


grejer som gör mig glad just nu:
♥ bra musik, som när jag och siri var på fantastiska spelningen med yung bae och flint eastwood. 
♥ filmen om tupac som jag såg i söndags. vill gråta på hur fin han e
♥ mina gulliga kollegor. speciellt fina sandra som dessvärre flyttade tillbaka till portland efter tre månader i sf.
♥ att det är pride i helgen. ska fira i solen!
♥ new york! var där tre veckor sedan men måste bara dit igen nu på fourth of july??? yolo.
♥ HAR FÅTT VISUM!!!! tack livet!

two days all over the sunny city.

weekend with erik.

last weekend, my friend erik was in town. we hadn’t seen each other in a long time, so we had to meet up and hang out in the sun of course! dolores park (as always for me on any given sunny weekend), and then a snack at philz coffee in the castro.

weekend with erik.

i wasn’t very good at taking pictures this very day, but we strolled from the castro through lower haight and all the way downtown to drink a bunch of gin cocktails at whitechapel (since it apparently was world gin day!). after that, we needed food and decided for seafood.

weekend with erik.

at woodhouse in lower pac heights.

weekend with erik.

i had a crab linguini and erik moules frites. classic.

weekend with erik.

we were heading to the movies to watch the worst movie ever made, but first — ice cream.

weekend with erik.

suddenly, it was the day after, and we strolled around in the sun again. first to the everlane mural, then to upper market to have brunch at finn town tavern, and then here, to duboce triangle where they apparently tearing up the street.

weekend with erik.

it was windy af, but warm either way.

when i saw a lawn with these flowers, i exclaimed “we need to lie down and take a picture here!!” and so we did but immediately when we had taken it i panicked over that there might be dog poo around us so i flew right up again. anything for the pic though, ehe. i mean i came out cute right!

weekend with erik.

hi erik!!

weekend with erik.

we walked up a couple of blocks to the haight where the street fair was going on. it was packed with food and craziness. i smelled like a barbecue after this :|

weekend with erik.

weekend with erik.

we spent the rest of the day drinking beer in the hayes valley sun, basically. byyyye erik thanks for visiting!!


min gulliga kompis erik var i stan förra helgen. vi hängde i solen, åt god mat, drack drinkar och sånt i två dagar. så fint vare!

roses and neons.

let’s look at some clothes! new ones, even.


here’s an outfit i wore a week or so ago when me and jens were out walking and looking at that crazy jungle house from the last post. i love my new crop top with roses! it’s from romwe (this online store that has super pretty and cheap stuff, but it took me pretty long to receive my stuff, and also one item was missing FYI).


the skirt is from american apparel, and i bought it back in january in new york. american apparel is closing, as you might have noticed? so everything was like 40% + 40% off.


also, i have new workout shoes! nike lunar epic low flyknit 2.


look at those ultra-fast soles. zoom zoom.


in neon-y pink and blue. love em! great upgrade after having worked out in these nike frees for like 2.5 years?!


the best kind of investment.


lite nytt i klädväg på sistone: min nya crop top med rosor (älskaren!) från romwe som jag bar tillsammans med en mörkblå plisserad kjol från aa (ej superny men ändå). och så splitternya träningsskor! asså finally, efter 2,5 år med samma. bra uppgradering!

the most fascinating façade in san francisco.


a week or so ago, i was out walking with jens. you remember him, right? an important friend of mine who lives in sf over the summer to work at apple with me. perfect!


we strolled from the mission up to hayes valley, where we saw this little cutie. corgos!! one of my top dog breeds.


later, we went to dolores park to hang out on the grass and were met by this friend. such a beautiful cat! like a cheetah, but must be a bengal i guess. (although cheetah baby would be funner)


from dolores park, we kept on going south to noe valley, because both of us wanted to take a closer look at a house that the both of us had only seen through a train or cab window. must be THE most fascinating house, like, ever??? jungle.


there is the cheetah though. all over the house, different animals are painted, together with waterfalls and heavy vegetation.


and — THIS is what it looks like at the top. isn’t that just wonderfully insane? san francisco sure has a looooot of crazy façades, but i believe this must take the prize, right? I LOVE IT. also, this makes me think abut that one time i saw a swedish article about a man who had to paint over his house because it was TOO CRAZY (spoiler alert: it was a gradient from like orange to yellow. insert eyeroll here)

and on that note, let’s look at me in front of a few other cute murals lately:

this one, that robert took of me in lower east side when i was in nyc 2 weeks ago.

this happy jumping one, from noe valley with jens.

and this rainbowy one that dinesh took of me this past weekend!

that’s all from this week’s episode of san francisco mural stories. <3


så mycket glada grejer i dagens inlägg! en corgi, en bengal i dolores park, och så FINASTE DJUNGELHUSET. visst äre sjukt?? plus tre fina glada färgglada väggmålningar. om det är något som lyser upp min vardag så är det fan just det. glad tisdag!!

self-care. <3

morning walk.

morning walk.

rooftop in the mission.

back in sf.

from time to time, making one of my weekend days a *mental health day* is the best. caring about mental health for me doesn’t mean therapy, medication, etc (although i know it does for some people) — just simply not stressing out and forcing myself to do 100 things just because i should, or because it’s sunny or because everyone else is doing stuff.

i’m a super social extroverted human being, but also i love doing stuff on my own to kind of catch up with myself. it helps me think better, relax, and rest in order to have energy for all those other days at work or out with friends to have the energy to give 100%.

some of my favorite things to do on days like that:

  • hanging out in bed. sleeping, napping, or just scrolling instagram in bed.
  • taking walks. preferably alone, with a podcast. the don’t have to be long, but just getting out of the house without having to rush to any specific place is a lovely feeling.
  • putting things where they belong. even if days like these are meant for not musts, i find it so relieving to put clothes, pens, books (or whatever it is that i’ve spread out) where they belong. that in itself improves my mental well-being for a while.
  • being both productive and unproductive. on days like these, i set up a few (few!) achievable goals, like doing laundry, or run that errand, or read one chapter of that book. when it’s done, it makes relaxing and letting go even better because no guilt!
  • working out. i do this pretty much, both on days i’m stressed out and on so-called mental health days, but working out is like gold to the body and soul though.
  • phone on mute. no extra distractions needed.
  • netflix and (actually) chill. watching a few episodes of a show. getting caught in deep wikipedia-searches on something interesting. making spotify playlists.
  • no negative vibes. this is a really fucking important point for me and my own mental well-being. it concretely to me personally means for example unfollowing accounts in my feed that write about weightloss, unfriend people on my fb who post racist stuff, or muting instagram stories that are triggering. THIS IS SO GOOD. AND SO IMPORTANT. i can really recommend this if your feed is stressing you out. just delete that shit out of your life :)

yep, that’s a few things. it can be these, or something else — just in general making days like these about NOT stressing out. for me it just suffices with one day like this a little now and then to just recharge. taking care of one’s mental health for a day = better productivity, better resting, better sleeping, better everything.

if you have any tips of your own for self-cafe and well-being, let me know. happy sunday my loves.


att ta någon dag här och där för att bara fokusera på sig själv och sitt egna psykiska välmående e FETT VIKTIGT. tusen gånger viktigare än att hetsa runt på event eller ute på stan bara för att alla andra gör det eller för att det är sol eller vad som helst.
här e några grejer jag gör sådana dagar, när jag bara försöker ta hand om mig själv och MÅ BRA.
har ni några tips? puss.

new insta-hobby.

(i’ve noticed some issues with this post — if you can’t see the play buttons under/on the thumbnails, just refresh the page or if you’re on a phone, try on desktop)


so, this is what i’ve been doing on my instagram stories lately:



to 90s pop and rnb songs, or gangsta rap.


i’ve been doing a few every week.


and i’ve gotten some positive feedback about it, so i might do some more : D


so keep an eye out on my stories on instagram if you wanna see’em, i’d say!


mitt senaste tramspåhitt. mima till gamla hiphop- och rnb-låtar på mina instastories. håll utkik där om ni vill se fler, lägger väl ut några per vecka kanske (tills låtarna slash lusten tar slut, antar jag). tack för era glada tillrop ang detta förresten, hehe

what 2017 has done to me so far.

so, june came. after all. that went fast, didn’t it? let’s take a glance in the rear view mirror for the first couple of months of 2017. list from sandra.

adidas crop top.
what has been the best thing?
getting a full time job that i’m enjoying. getting to have lived in my two favorite cities, new york and san francisco. finding an everyday routine with life — work, free time, workouts, sleep, food, everything — that really makes me feel good.

what has been the worst?
spending time, feelings, anxiety and tears on someone a second time, which i shouldn’t have done.
and the visa stress which is always present (and still not over).

ocean beach.

hangout with patty.

what month was your favorite?
april! san francisco was warm and sunny, i had fun and was happy, and had a fantastic birthday weekend.

did you do anything you’ve never done before?
lived in new york.

post-rain san francisco saturday.
new year's 16/17.

have you traveled?
to/from new york and san francisco only.

what has been the hardest?
all the visa stuff. ugh. the never ending stress. also, dudes.

fred perry polo.

bernal heights.
have you learned anything?
honestly, don’t worry be happy seems like a pretty accurate phrase. ain’t nobody got time for bullshit.

what has been the soundtrack?
kendrick’s latest album, probably.

birthday friday at al's place.

el techo.
did you have any goals for the first half of 2017?
around the end of 2016, i really just wanted to get a full time job somewhere nice. and in the very beginning of 2017, i did!

what are you looking forward to for the rest of the year?
knowing where i’ll be. hopefully my visa applications will give me some answers and clarity soon, so i can know where i’ll be, and be calm in that. fingers crossed, my friends. also, me and siri are planning a trip! yay!

post-rain san francisco saturday.

lite om första delen av 2017. om att jag fått bo i både new york och san francisco, fått ett heltidsjobb jag gillar, men haft lite visumstress. och sånt.