7 snapshots from life.

since i’m updating a tiny bit more rarely now, it might be harder to get a grip of that in-between life, beyond the pretty parties and *qualitative* post i now try to make. so here is a totally normal recap from some mobile pics lately from everyday life.

from my birthday in dolores park! of course i needed to pose with two half naked hunks for my insta story on my 26th.

this was so funny—on my birthday, i saw these balloons swaying in the dolores breeze, and i decided to kidnap them! at least just to pose with them for a picture. they were not mine, but i decided that this girl whose 26th birthday it was had to share her pretty balloons with me on this very nice birthday of the 29th of april.

these are my nails right now. golden minx! and gel, in addition (so they don’t chip at all for weeks and weeks!). still mesmerized by them like 2 weeks later.

me and siri were out walking on a saturday, and found a perfect vertigo composition featuring this mural on valencia street, my striped top and my off-white bag!

i hung out with richie again after him being out of town for a long time. so nice seeing him again! we had iced mint mojito at philz coffee and hung out in dolores.

on friday, i ate at in-n-out for the first time! it’s a hyped cali fast food restaurant, but the only one in san francisco is in fisherman’s wharf (a terrible, super touristy place that i try to stay away from). but during our lunch hour on friday, me and my coworkers gary and jonathan drove to the one that’s close to the apple campus where we work. YUM.

and i also ran into this guy, and siri commented on instagram “omg hvorfor ser denne hunden ut AKKURAT som deg?! :’D” (“omg, why does this dog look EXACTLY like you?! :’D”). oh well, who am i to object. i also posted it on the facebook group dogspotting where it got 2.6K likes. so cute.

that’s basically my life for now. plus like, work and stuff. have a lovely sunday, ok? :*


mobilsnapshots från livet just nu! några födelsebilder, lite jag, lite richie, och en hund som tydligen ser ut som mig. jo jag tackar.

6 thoughts on “7 snapshots from life.

  1. Malin says:

    haha, jag ääälskar den första bilden i det här inlägget! mycket rimlig grej att göra på sin födelsedag :) och naglarna. fattar att du är helt begeistrad! de är mycket tjusiga.

    • Vicky says:

      haha, eller hur! man får väl använda muskulösa män om man har några runt sig liksom. och tack! borde ta bort dem snart, men är fortfarande ganska fina såhär flera veckor efter!

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