my head is caught up in nyc.

hey friends. i’m back in san francisco after a little new york weekend already. could’ve stayed forever, but reality is calling.

i had lots of fun, and my heart is always healing when i’m in new york city. very inconvenient to perpetually be missing both opposite coasts.
i managed to see friends, eat some food, do a little bit of rooftop hangouts—and dodge the rain perfectly (it rained just a few hours before i landed and just a few hours after i left!).

this might have been my first trip where i didn’t take crazy amounts of pictures with my dslr camera; i took a few though, and i’ll show you some soon, and tell you more about my lil fri-sat-sun getaway.

it’s tuesday and i’m going back to work, but a world trade center skyline and a purring airbnb cat  are still alive and beating inside.


jag e tillbaka på västkusten efter en kortishelg i new york (mer bilder kommer, även om jag tog oväntat få denna resa). blir alltid lugn och varm och hemma i kroppen när jag är där.

tattoos, fur, and fries.

it was sort of a while ago i gave you some instagram tips. i love exploring new accounts every day, and here are 5 great ones:


i discovered sasha when i saw him modeling for marche noir. tattooed model with that sad boy face a la ryan gosling in place beyond the pines.

just a shit ton of colorful foodporn. some days that’s all you need, right?

someone from my old school, berghs, made this as their final project as berghs — an animated diary of how it is to be a highly sensitive person. cute, but still deep.

hardcore, kickass, mystical and beautiful. that’s basically the feed of grace neutral, who is a london-based tattoo artist. dying for her aesthetic tbh

and of course there needs to be a pet account in this post too. follow the adventures of the domesticated squirrel, jill! vvvvv cute.


fem instatips ni borde följa bums.

when my east coast heart is beating.

a place i’m ALWAYS yearning for is new york. i love san francisco every day, but there is also not a single day passing by that i don’t miss new york.

last time i was there was when i moved back to california after having lived in new york from october-january. and now it’s end of MAY. which of course means that i have to fly over there.
so that’s what i’m doing. tonight!

i’m gonna hang out with my new york bestie robert and all other nyc friends, dance on rooftops in brooklyn, stroll through nolita, curse over the weekend subway schedule, and just breathe in the humid new york citiness for three days.

i’ll update you when i’m back early next week. until then, catch me on instagram. i’ll probably post some pictures and/or stories during the weekend.

have a fantastic long weekend (if you’re lucky), wherever you are. xx


drar till new york idag!!!!! herregu, saknar den stan vareviga dag (men saknade san francisco varje dag jag bodde där såklart). nu blire häng, strosande genom nolita och takfester i brooklyn i tre dagar! puss!

flamingos and puppies.

my weekend was SO sunny. it was fantastic. on saturday, i dressed up in white shorts and a crop top and hung out with richie. we tried out media noche, the new cuban place in the mission. it was yummy, and they have a beautiful flamingo mural painted by fnnch.

after me and richie said goodbye towards the afternoon i still hadn’t had enough of walking in the sun, so i took a little mini hike up to bernal heights, the hill that’s super close to my house. since it’s close it doesn’t take to long to climb, but you still get this gorgeous view of sf. especially in the golden light of the sunset!

on sunday THIS happened!!!! i went on a hike with some coworkers around san bruno, and THESE THREE showed up! corgis and shibas are some of my favorite dogs so i was beyond thrilled. the one to the very left, simba, was only 8 months and REFUSED to walk after we’ve been walking for over an hour in the sun and had to be carried. i CRIED. basically.

HI from me and nacho!!!! hope u guys had an as amazing weekend <3333


en minirapport från helgen! hängde med richie på lördagen, vi testade nya kubanska stället media noche och jag poserade vid deras fina väggmålning. sen knatade jag ensam upp till fina bernal heights på kvällen. på söndagen drog jag på hike MED DESSA. asså två corgis och en shiba. drömmen or what?!?!
hoppas ni haft en fin helg med. puss!

portraits of me!

hi birdies! hope you’re having an awesome sunday. i’m out hiking today (writing this on saturday night but that’s the plan at least). it’s super nice and sunny in the bay area right now.
lately, i’ve gotten a few different types of portraits of me. wanna see?

first one is this fantastic colorful portrait of me by my internet fren deniz! it’s inspired by this photo of me from hawaii. love it!!

also, my friend selena took some pictures of me at a photo event a few weeks ago. here are a few that turned out well:

do you like them? i really do! it was time for some new ones for like facebook, linkedin and the blog. the old ones with yellow background are super pretty, but almost 2 years old. this feels more accurate. also very appropriate in my favorite outfit!


porträtt jag fått på sistone! ett superdrömmigt målat av min *internetkompis* deniz. fin va?? och så några porträttbilder av min duktiga vän selena. vad tycker ni?
gla söndag vettja!

pasta, chocolate, and a thirteen year-old.

happy thursday friends! let me show you some weekend hangout with friends lately:

hangout with richie and aryan.

first was with my fantastic friend richie who i hadn’t seen in a pretty long time, since he’d been in LA for a while. but now he was back, and he had his little cousin aryan visiting!

hangout with richie and aryan.

we walked around the mission and did some café hangouts, tried on shoes, and checked out vintage clothes.

hangout with richie and aryan.

then i took us to dolores park for a bit of course! no weekend is complete without some hanging out in dolores park. for me, at least. this is what i looked like! it was warm enough to be dressed like this. in h&m tank top and the vintage style tennis skirt from the fila x urban outfitters collab.

hangout with richie and aryan.

cool boyz.

hangout with richie and aryan.

we walked from the park to the castro, where it’s always colorful and rainbowy. we stopped by at an ice cream shop before we hugged each other goodbye.

hangout with patty.

another weekend hangout lately was with patty. she hit me up for lunch which was perfect, because i had just come from the gym and needed to eat.

hangout with patty.

we went to barzotto, an italian place close to my house where i’ve been wanting to go for a while. the pasta was great! al dente af. plus points for very instagrammable table.

hangout with patty.

we walked slowly through the mission, checking out some stores, and then ending up here, at dandelion chocolate, for some dessert hehe. dandelion is a super small chocolate factory in the middle of the mission. so nice.

hangout with patty.

patty ordered their cold hot chocolate (hehe), and i the house hot chocolate. aaaaaand then i was full for the rest of the day :))))

friends + food + sun + san francisco = some of my favorite things in life <3333


två häng på sistone! först med fina richie och hans lilla kusin aryan som var på besök. vi provade skor, kollade vintagekläder och hängde i dolores och castro.
sen ett lunchhäng med patty, vi käkade supergod at dente pasta på barzotto, prommade genom mission och drack chokladdessert på lilla chokladfabriken dandelion.


cute, glossy, floral, and matte.

beauty & stuff.

i have some new stuff! some gifts, and some are just from me to me.

beauty & stuff.

first, THIS cute koala case for makeup that siri gave me for my birthday! if you didn’t know, the koala is my spirit emoji animal. a perfect gift, since my old marc by marc makeup case started becoming a little too small.

beauty & stuff.

another birthday gift from siri—what’s hiding in dat glossier packaging?

beauty & stuff.

their new super glossy clear lipgloss! saw it on their instagram a while back and totally heart eye emojied over it. thank you siri!

beauty & stuff.

this one was from me to me, just like last year when i bought the warm cotton scent by clean for myself for my birthday. i just ran out—perfect timing exactly a year later for my birthday.

beauty & stuff.

i was debating on buying another warm cotton by clean in order to have a *signature scent*, but decided on ralph lauren love instead. it smells like teenage throwback and floral without being heavy. love!

beauty & stuff.

last but not least—a primer! i never really used primer before, but after getting to try out the photo finish from smashbox in a sample, i had to buy it. love the matte quality of it.

also, for you who wondered, the foundation and brush from this post work totally great. recommend!


nytt! lite presenter och lite från mig till mig. från siri fick jag bland annat denna gulliga koalanecessär och läppglans som jag önskat mig från glossier i födelsepresent. så perfekt! tack siri <3
och så tog min förra parfym som jag köpte till mig själv på min förra födelsedag slut, så här e min nya! ralph lauren love som doftar tonår och blommor utan att vara det minsta tung. älskaren.
plus en primer! photo finish från smashbox. har aldrig riktigt använt primer innan men den är bäst känns det ändå som jag kan säga??

7 snapshots from life.

since i’m updating a tiny bit more rarely now, it might be harder to get a grip of that in-between life, beyond the pretty parties and *qualitative* post i now try to make. so here is a totally normal recap from some mobile pics lately from everyday life.

from my birthday in dolores park! of course i needed to pose with two half naked hunks for my insta story on my 26th.

this was so funny—on my birthday, i saw these balloons swaying in the dolores breeze, and i decided to kidnap them! at least just to pose with them for a picture. they were not mine, but i decided that this girl whose 26th birthday it was had to share her pretty balloons with me on this very nice birthday of the 29th of april.

these are my nails right now. golden minx! and gel, in addition (so they don’t chip at all for weeks and weeks!). still mesmerized by them like 2 weeks later.

me and siri were out walking on a saturday, and found a perfect vertigo composition featuring this mural on valencia street, my striped top and my off-white bag!

i hung out with richie again after him being out of town for a long time. so nice seeing him again! we had iced mint mojito at philz coffee and hung out in dolores.

on friday, i ate at in-n-out for the first time! it’s a hyped cali fast food restaurant, but the only one in san francisco is in fisherman’s wharf (a terrible, super touristy place that i try to stay away from). but during our lunch hour on friday, me and my coworkers gary and jonathan drove to the one that’s close to the apple campus where we work. YUM.

and i also ran into this guy, and siri commented on instagram “omg hvorfor ser denne hunden ut AKKURAT som deg?! :’D” (“omg, why does this dog look EXACTLY like you?! :’D”). oh well, who am i to object. i also posted it on the facebook group dogspotting where it got 2.6K likes. so cute.

that’s basically my life for now. plus like, work and stuff. have a lovely sunday, ok? :*


mobilsnapshots från livet just nu! några födelsebilder, lite jag, lite richie, och en hund som tydligen ser ut som mig. jo jag tackar.

my birthday: flowers, sea bass, and a pink dress.

birthday saturday at boxing room.

here’s part two of my birthday! so—after the brunch, dolores park and all that i told you about in my last post, i went home to change. was met by a birthday flower bouquet from my roomie mira! thank yooou. so colorful.

birthday saturday at zuni.

and soon enough, it was time for dinner at this fancy place! this is zuni café, a classic san francisco restaurant—an institution even—that i’ve been wanting to go to for years now. and it finally happened!

birthday saturday at zuni.

a white-cloth table for two at the window on the upper level. very nice indeed.

birthday saturday at zuni.

siri was my dinner company of course. this is actually the third birthday dinner that i eat with her. very lucky to have a friend like her. (#1 here and #2 here).

birthday saturday at zuni.

she gave me a beautiful box filled with gifts!! fantastic. i’ll show you some of them in a separate post later.

birthday saturday at zuni.

we ordered drinks while we waited for food, and cheered for my 26th, for us, and our FANTASTIC friendship. <3

birthday saturday at zuni.

this is how i looked! forgot to take a full body picture, but i had a new pink dress with a plunge neck and flowy sleeves.

birthday saturday at zuni.

and then our food came! just look at my gorgeous sea bass. like a piece of art!

birthday saturday at zuni.

siri ordered a lamb dish. we were so excited—because food, because birthday dinner, because zuni, and because we both had watched the show looking and this is where the character dom works, hehe. he was nowhere to be seen this day though ://// heh

birthday saturday at zuni.

YUM. the food was absolutely SPLENDID. after dinner, we took an uber to southern pacific brewing where we met up with a bunch of my friends, babbled, and had wayyy to many drinks. thanks to everyone for a fantastic birthday!!!


andra halvan av min födelsedag! åt middag med siri på fantastiska zuni café och fick tjusigt paket! sen åkte vi till härliga southern pacific brewing och skålade i tusen drinkar och kramades med alla mina kompisar och skrekbabblade tills jag fick ont i halsen. SÅ FIN födelsedag TACK ALLA!!! tack ni som grattat mig online med herreguuuu vad det betyder massor. puss!!

my birthday: brunch, wine, and sun.

birthday saturday at boxing room.

on saturday the 29th, the day after mine and ivana’s dinner, it was my birthday! i woke up early enough to see the sun rise over my backyard, which rarely happens and which was really nice.

birthday saturday at boxing room.

birthday brunch was on the schedule! and this is where i had wished for. boxing room in hayes valley! they do new orleans-style southern/cajun-type cuisine.

birthday saturday at boxing room.

my favorite siri was there of course! and as per usual, we were on time (aka 30-40 mins earlier than the rest of the california population eheee).

birthday saturday at boxing room.

but it was ok, because it was my birthday and boxing room was really pretty inside (which you can’t really tell from the outside).

birthday saturday at boxing room.

also, we had drinks! a strong tropical one for siri and a watery bloody mary for me.

birthday saturday at boxing room.

yay vicky 26!!! thanks for celebrating with me siri!

birthday saturday at boxing room.

finally our brunch company arrived: lance!

birthday saturday at boxing room.

and daniel! ok boyz let’s eat now honestly

birthday saturday at boxing room.

and so we did! siri ordered this cute frittata. i had fried catfish po’boy with hushpuppies. good but not as photogenic! last time i had po’boy was actually on my birthday weekend last year. yum.

birthday saturday at boxing room.

hi from a one year older little person! :) i was dressed in a new off-shoulder top, sharp black sunglasses and black skirt so that i had a 60’s pinup vibe going. one of my favorite styles, in other words!

birthday saturday at boxing room.

speaking of favorite—we of course had to follow brunch with hangouts in dolores park, my fav spot in sf, if anyone had missed that…

birthday saturday at boxing room.

the weather was fantastic and we drank rosé in red solo cups which was nice. after a few hours of hangouts in the sun, it was time to go home for a bit and change for dinner! but that’ll be in the next post. SUCH a nice first half of my birthday!


första halvan av min födelsedag! vaknade i soluppgången vilket var ovanligt men fint. sen var det födelsebrunch på g. hade bestämt boxing room som är amerikanska södern/new orleans-style på maten. åt och 26 års-skålade med siri, lance och daniel. sen hängde vi i dolores och drack rosé tills det var dags att byta om inför middag (men det kommer i nästa inlägg). så fin första halva!!