weekend ahoy!

happy friday my friends!

here’s a pic of me a few weeks ago in super duper sunny dolores. luckily, this weekend is gonna be sunny and warm too! here are some of my friday-saturday-sunday plans:

• wear a summery dress to work today because it’s gonna be SUPER WARM AND SUNNY <3
• go out dancing tonight since modeselektor are playing here in san francisco
• sleep in on saturday for the first time in a long time (i always work out on saturday mornings otherwise)
• head over to oakland for an event that my friend selena is hosting on saturday afternoon
• go out for a drink or two on saturday night
• work out on sunday morning
• brunch? picknick? something?
• wear my new off-white bag (that i showed you in the last post) for the first time!!

that’s all. what are your weekend plans?
have a great one <3


gla fredag! här e några av mina helgplaner. mest roliga saker, typ inviga nya väskan, hänga med kompisar och träna. vad ska ni hitta på? pöss

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