nine truths and a lie.

it’s april fool’s! and just like last year and two years ago, i thought i’d give you some fun facts about me. nine of them are true and one is false! can you figure out which one?

i’ll reveal the answer in a few days : ) happy saturday and don’t get too fooled out there.


1. when i was little, i wanted to become a circus princess.

2. i hate donuts.

3. mini cooper, jeep wrangler, and volvo amazon are some favorite car models of mine.

4. i’ve never driven a car.

5. i love having several books to read at the same time that i can switch between.


6. i’ve had my ears, lip, tongue, bellybutton and nipple pierced.

7. i like cracking my knuckles but hate the sound of hearing others do it.

8. scared of cockroaches, but not at all of bees.

9. i’ve had 6 different iphone models, but only one single macbook.

10. i’m not allergic to anything.

valentine's day.

that’s it, guys! give me your best shot in the comments. happy first april saturday!



april april! glad första aprillördag vettja. precis som de två senaste åren har jag samlat ihop några påståenden om mig. nio är sanna och ett är falskt. kan du klura ut vilket? lösning kommer om ett par dagar. puss och glad vårlördag!

6 thoughts on “nine truths and a lie.

  1. Anna María says:

    Det här är så himla lurigt. Vill knappt gissa för att jag tänker att jag har fel. Meeeeeen spontant så tänkte jag att du hatar donuts är lögn. Kan man ens göra det?! :P

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