☆ APRIL 29 ☆

HELLOOO. happy birthday to me! while i’m out adventuring and eating good food all day today, here’s a birthday list (just like last year):

how many years are you turning today?
twenty-six! aka “one more year to go before you become jim morrison, jimi hendrix, and those guys”, as my coworker sean said. thanks, sean. (here ↑ is when i turned 22, 23, 24 and 25!)


do you feel like you are the age you’re turning?
i think so? i’ve felt the same age for the last like 3-ish years though, so it’s kinda weird getting older.

foreign cinema.

what are your plans for today?
brunch with siri, daniel, and lance in the day, then dinner with siri in the evening, and then bar hangout with all my san francisco friends at southern pacific brewing. stoked!

foreign cinema.

do you associate your birthday with something in particular?
just celebrating A TON with lots of friends. i don’t celebrate christmas or easter or any other family-centric holiday really, so when it’s my birthday, it’s all in.

southern pacific brewing.

what did you do on your birthday one year ago?
went out in the sun hanging around shopping with mark and hannah, then had dinner at foreign cinema with siri, and then did the southern pacific brewing hangout at night. (plus more dinners and brunches throughout the weekend of course). had such a great birthday weekend.

birthday weekend - sunday.

how would a perfect birthday look?
last year was pretty perfect! warm, sunny, lots of good food, and lots of great friends!

birthday weekend - saturday.

tell us about a birthday you remember extra clearly.
2012 in nice was great (i always talk about this one here on the blog i feel). 50s diners, sun, park hangouts, and my childhood bestie and longest-time friend joanna flew down to france to hang out.

my birthday pt 1.

if you could wish for a cake, what kind would it be?
can i switch out the cake for like crème brûlée? good, i’ll do that instead then. thanks! :33

birthday celebration.


idag fyller jag 26! peppigaste dagen på mitt år!

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