☆ APRIL 29 ☆

HELLOOO. happy birthday to me! while i’m out adventuring and eating good food all day today, here’s a birthday list (just like last year):

how many years are you turning today?
twenty-six! aka “one more year to go before you become jim morrison, jimi hendrix, and those guys”, as my coworker sean said. thanks, sean. (here ↑ is when i turned 22, 23, 24 and 25!)


do you feel like you are the age you’re turning?
i think so? i’ve felt the same age for the last like 3-ish years though, so it’s kinda weird getting older.

foreign cinema.

what are your plans for today?
brunch with siri, daniel, and lance in the day, then dinner with siri in the evening, and then bar hangout with all my san francisco friends at southern pacific brewing. stoked!

foreign cinema.

do you associate your birthday with something in particular?
just celebrating A TON with lots of friends. i don’t celebrate christmas or easter or any other family-centric holiday really, so when it’s my birthday, it’s all in.

southern pacific brewing.

what did you do on your birthday one year ago?
went out in the sun hanging around shopping with mark and hannah, then had dinner at foreign cinema with siri, and then did the southern pacific brewing hangout at night. (plus more dinners and brunches throughout the weekend of course). had such a great birthday weekend.

birthday weekend - sunday.

how would a perfect birthday look?
last year was pretty perfect! warm, sunny, lots of good food, and lots of great friends!

birthday weekend - saturday.

tell us about a birthday you remember extra clearly.
2012 in nice was great (i always talk about this one here on the blog i feel). 50s diners, sun, park hangouts, and my childhood bestie and longest-time friend joanna flew down to france to hang out.

my birthday pt 1.

if you could wish for a cake, what kind would it be?
can i switch out the cake for like crème brûlée? good, i’ll do that instead then. thanks! :33

birthday celebration.


idag fyller jag 26! peppigaste dagen på mitt år!

plans for the birthday weekend.

pride saturday.

hello thursday babies!

hope you are as excited as i am for this weekend. it’s my birthday on saturday, and as per usual, i’m planning on celebrating the entire weekend, hehe.

maybe get my nails done on friday so i’m pretty for saturday? and then dinner at a michelin star restaurant in the evening. on saturday i’m doing brunch, dinner at another place i’ve been wanting to go to for a long time, and then bar hangouts with a bunch of friends just like last year. maybe park hangouts in the sun on sunday? just surround myself with happiness, good food, great people and sun. i’m so excited.

and i will report back to you with aaaall the pictures later, of course. but first—two more days of being 25 with the regular stuff: work, gym, and early mornings. yee haw.


hej torsdagskompisar!

här kommer mest ett mini-peppinlägg för helgen. födelsedagshelgen alltså! det är på lördag som *den stora dagen* e, och om ni känner mig rätt vet ni att jag kommer fira flera dagar i rad. kanske fixa naglarna i nån fin färg på fredag och gå på michelinstjärnerestaurang! min första nånsin. på lördag ska jag både på brunch, middag och barhäng med fina kompisar, och gärna hänga i en park i solen på söndag.

lovar att ta massor av bilder såklart. ska bli så fint att uppleva helgen, och sen att berätta om den för er såklart! puss.

pastries, portraits, and pasta.

oakland adventures.

let’s take a lil look at what my saturday looked like. i was out adventuring all day long. it started out in my room like this.

oakland adventures.

i dressed up in my favorite outfit for the time being: adidas crop top, weekday skirt, and nike air max ultra si.

oakland adventures.

and my new off-white bag for the first time ever! was very excited.

oakland adventures.

and then i hopped over to the other side of the bay from san francisco to oakland!

oakland adventures.

to this event, with the brilliant name pastries and portraits. it was basically what it sounds like—bottomless pastries and a photo session (will share the pics of me later when i get them!).

oakland adventures.

it was my friend selena who had arranged it. here she is with michella who was helping out too. v kickass ladies.

oakland adventures.

after that, i texted my friend tare who was like “oh you’re in oakland?? stay there and i’ll pick you up!” and i was like OK SURE??, and without knowing what the plan was, he picked me up and drove off.

oakland adventures.

we went to grand lake kitchen for food (this right here was a baked pasta) and michelada. YUM.

oakland adventures.

after dinner, we walked around oakland and said hi to a few of his friends. so nice catching up with this handsome one, hadn’t seen him in a while!

oakland adventures.

the evening light was so nice over there. (also, you can really see my eye color here!!)

oakland adventures.

and that’s that from my saturday in oakland! a great day *praying hands emoji* thank u life!!


ta en titt på min lördag vettja! jag hade min favvooutfit för tillfället som består av adidasmagtröja, weekendkjol, nike airmax thea ultra si och min nya juvel, väskan från off-white. jag stack över bay bridge till oakland och minglade på min vän selenas foto- och bakelseevent. så bra koncept! ska visa några porträttbilder hon tog på mig sen när jag får dem. sen mötte jag upp med min snygga kompis tare och drack öl, käkade middag och prommade runt i oakland och hängde. så bra dag.

weekend ahoy!

happy friday my friends!

here’s a pic of me a few weeks ago in super duper sunny dolores. luckily, this weekend is gonna be sunny and warm too! here are some of my friday-saturday-sunday plans:

• wear a summery dress to work today because it’s gonna be SUPER WARM AND SUNNY <3
• go out dancing tonight since modeselektor are playing here in san francisco
• sleep in on saturday for the first time in a long time (i always work out on saturday mornings otherwise)
• head over to oakland for an event that my friend selena is hosting on saturday afternoon
• go out for a drink or two on saturday night
• work out on sunday morning
• brunch? picknick? something?
• wear my new off-white bag (that i showed you in the last post) for the first time!!

that’s all. what are your weekend plans?
have a great one <3


gla fredag! här e några av mina helgplaner. mest roliga saker, typ inviga nya väskan, hänga med kompisar och träna. vad ska ni hitta på? pöss

the most precious gift from me to me.

as you maybe know, my birthday is saturday next week, and besides celebrating it a LOT (several days in a row), i also make sure to treat myself to some pretty birthday gifts. this year, i think i gave myself the prettiest gift ever. let’s look.

off-white c/o virgil abloh shoulder bag.

so there was a box from net-a-porter that arrived at my door. wonder what’s inside…

off-white c/o virgil abloh shoulder bag.


off-white c/o virgil abloh shoulder bag.

YES. it’s true!!!! the binder clip leather shoulder bag from off-white!! (it’s like i’m still surprised although i gave it to myself.)

off-white c/o virgil abloh shoulder bag.

it has the characteristic diagonal stripes and that yellow off-white strap.

off-white c/o virgil abloh shoulder bag.

and the binder clip of course.

off-white c/o virgil abloh shoulder bag.

super industrial details. imagine this with crop top and short skirt, leather jacket, puma creepers. SO very excited to hit the streets with this new baby this spring.

off-white c/o virgil abloh shoulder bag.

happy early birthday, vicky! -thank you, vicky!!! you shouldn’t have. <333333


jag har köpt världens kanske finaste förskotts-födelsedagspresent till mig själv — binder clip-väskan från off-white herregud kan typ ej andas den e så fin!!! :'(

grattis vicky tack vicky <333333

april exactly right now.

kendrick’s new album.

breaking bad. slowly getting through, sporadically.

opening instagram probably 200 times a day.

it’s not supposed to rain but it is, a little bit.

wearing a dress i bought once upon a heartbreak.

i’ve seen a raccoon, a parrot and two bunnies, right here in my neighborhood.

reading the goldfinch that never ends. 232/771 pages now.

i hang out a lot at the gym and i always love it.

i go running sometimes but i always hate it.

friends who are not getting visas having to leave the country.

thinking about the future after the spring, after the summer. it doesn’t exist yet.

trying to make plans that don’t vanish in the uncertainty of the fall. (they do.)

i’m ok. ♡


just nu.

bunnies, city views, and early birthday gifts.

hangout with patty.

my saturday started at cafe st jorge, a little portugese place in the mission that i’ve been wanting to try out for a bit. so i texted patty to meet me there for lunch.

hangout with patty.

they serve cute breakfast sliders with egg and portugese cheese.

hangout with patty.

after lunch, we saw two real bunnies in someone’s garden! just like that, without surveillance. they were so soft and fantastic!!!! is this because easter or what??

hangout with patty.

then we went up to clarendon heights which is in the twin peaks area. patty lives there now! look at this viewwww. massive buena vista park in the middle and downtown behind.

hangout with patty.

we took some pictures and then headed back downtown to walk around 10000 stores.

early birthday gifts.

i got two early birthday gifts! one from sephora and one from myself.

early birthday gifts.

the one from me was this lipstick from milk makeup. i usually don’t wear color on my lips because i don’t feel super comfortable in it, but this one (in the hue c.re.a.m. nude) was perfect with not too strong of a color.

early birthday gifts.

the gift from sephora was this little duo.

early birthday gifts.

a combo blush in a warm reddish pink.

early birthday gifts.

and a lip tint (you know the kind of lip color that applies like a lipgloss but that dries immediately) in a similar warm old rose color. thank you sephora!


i lördags hängde jag med patty. vi var på cafe st jorge som är ett portugisiskt brunchställe jag velat testa länge. sen såg vi två mjuka kaniner aka påskarar som vi klappade länge länge. en vända upp till fina twin peaks där hon bor och så tillbaka downtown för att kryssa runt massa butiker. från sephora fick jag med mig två tidiga födelsedagspresenter, ett läppstift från mig själv från milk och så en rouge samt läpptint från sephora. tack tack!

a list about this week.

birthday stuff.

something i’ve done this week that was planned: went to the bonobo concert with dinesh on wednesday!

something that wasn’t planned: went to another concert afterwards and stayed up until 4 am.

a tip from this week: this video of a woodpecker hitching a ride through chicago. IT’S THE CUTEST THING.

discovery of the week: café st jorge in the mission. a fantastic portugese brunch place. i might show you a pic or two later.

the best food i’ve cooked this week: EH. i don’t cook food usually. probably scrambled eggs or something, cause it’s basically on that level.

brunch at the market.

“ouch” of the week: the fantastic headache i got after my mid day run on tuesday. i can’t go for a run in the middle of the day, i feel so damn beaten and unproductive at work afterwards. working out in the evening = no probs.

this week’s emotion: pretty chill. no drama.

a sf walk.

breakfast of the week: chocolate/coconut protein drink, my usual weekday breakfast.

magic this week: bonobo live was pretty awesome!

how i rate this week: it was a good one! nothing too crazy. i have been kinda going with the flow, which has been nice.

happy sunday! <3

adidas crop top.


en lista om den här veckan. jag har varit på konsert och haft huvudvärk, men annars har det mest varit bra. plus en gullig hackspett! glad söndag!

about heartbreak.

a while ago, i thought i’d write a post about heartbreak, because it was something that was present in my thoughts and feelings, mostly last summer, but also in the fall, trickling over into the winter and then a splash of it earlier this year.

but now that i was gonna write about it, how a year ago i first met someone who something, something, something, i didn’t know what to write anymore, because i wasn’t feeling it anymore.

so this is more like a non-post. about whatever i’m not feeling anymore. but even if i’m not, i still want to share two pieces of text that have resonated with me. read them and tell me they’re not painfully true.

i’m not feeling the same, whatever lives inside of me has changed, and i have already let go of what i needed to let go of, but i still want to write it for the me 7-8 months ago, broken and crying so my face was pulsing, until my throat was aching.


tankar och icketankar om hjärtekross.



on sunday, it was exactly 2 years ago that me and siri, who you know from the blog of course and who is now my best friend, met for the very first time. worth celebrating of course! we met at the top of the lyon street steps, where the view is this beautiful.


our plan was to have a picknick, so we walked into the presidio, the giant park in the northwest part of san francisco. we crossed paths with some goats! cute.


and then walked along this little path.


it was sunny, but kind of cold and a little windy. which you can’t really tell from this picture, but i just told you anyways. you’re welcome for that information.


and at last, we found a lawn! this is how we do picknicks. not bad, huh?


having this absolute angel as my bestie is AN HONOR. don’t honestly know what i’d do without her. and did you know that we met through THIS very blog? siri read my blog and sent off a message in the style of “heya, i also live in san francisco, we should hang out! we can get fika or you can come visit google where i work and get free snacks”, and as soon as i read “snacks” i said yes! (or maybe not EXACTLY like that, but you get it).


our little spot overlooked the palace of fine arts.


she gave me this ice cream pin as an anniversary gift! :”) v cute


fits in perfectly next to my cereal bowl! especially since i lost my ramen pin.


when it started getting later and time for *real* food, we walked up through the marina.


along pastel streets.


and to umami burger! yum yum yum.


i had a falafel burger and we shared som truffle fries. zo good.


what a great day! and what great TWO YEARS. let’s do at least 100 more. : ) ♥SIRI♥


i söndags firade jag och siri tvåårsjubileum för vår vänskap! SÅ FIRVÄRDIGT. så vi hängde i presidio med picknick, skrattbabblade precis som varje dag vi hänger och käkade burgarmiddag på umami burger. siri du e bäst!