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happy friday, folks.

i thought i’d end the work week with a lighter post here by answering a question i got in the comments, but realized the subject matter was pretty harsh for a friday? oh well, i’ll keep it short and then we can all proceed to a happy weekend, ok?

i have a question regarding you living in the US. how big of a change can this with trump become for you? when it comes to visas etc? i really don’t know a lot about how it works when it comes to staying is the US, but is there a risk in the future that you won’t be able to?

so. first off, i’m not an immigration lawyer or expert of any kind, so this is a disclaimer that anything here might be slightly off, but something along these lines:

trump’s immigration ban doesn’t affect me, since it has to do with individuals born in a select few countries. also, most of these cases have been people who are already green card holders who are not let back into the US. i’m not born in any of the countries listed, and i also don’t have a green card.

you ask if there is a risk i won’t be able to stay here—yep, there is. this has nothing to do with trump specifically though, it just has always been a question of getting a visa (although trump wants to make that part trickier too).

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there are a TON of different visas, but not all of them apply to me. right now, i’m on what is called OPT, it’s a period of time after you’ve graduated as an international student in the US that you’re allowed to work.

after my OPT expires, two of the most common visas for people in my situation (foreign workers within the creative field) are H-1B and O-1.
for the first one, you need a company to sponsor you (apply for the visa for you as well as paying for it), but the trick here is that the H-1B is lottery-based. i think there is something like 60 000 H-1Bs issued each year, and there are a lot of things factoring in when it comes to your chances of obtaining one that i’m not gonna get further into here, but the most recent i heard was that the chances are around 25% of getting one. this visa is valid for 3 years, but can be extended later. i’m currently eligible for this visa, but i’ve heard rumors that trump wants to make it for people only making >$130 000 a year.

the O-1 is not lottery-based but achievement-based. this means for me as a copywriter that i need to prove that i’ve done something substantial within or for the advertising industry (like win advertising awards or getting my work published in recognized magazines etc). this one is tricky, because i’ve heard people getting it vs. not getting it depending on what material they have to show/who’s judging their application. there is no 100% chance to know if you qualify or not.

there is also the green card lottery (about 1% chance of getting one), or getting married to someone (eeeeeeh also about 1% …. jk). plus like a couple of other possible visa options, but not gonna bore you with those, cause these are like the main options.

snooooore. this is such a drag, but something that’s definitely present in my mind everyday. oh well. there’s not really much more i can do than just work hard and stay proactive. and it’ll all work out one way or the other.

that’s all for now! hope i managed to get you through this post without confusing you or boring you to death.

whatever, let’s go off into the weekend now! howdy.

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fick en fråga om hur det ligger till med trump och visum och stanna i usa och allt sånt. det är krångligt som fasen, men ungefär såhär! i kortform alltså.

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