une photo chaque heure. janvier.

it was a long time ago that i last took you with me on a day through hourly photos. but on monday i did it, so here it is:

7 a.m.

one photo every hour.

now that i’m not working, i usually wake up late, but on monday i woke up seven something, and this was that it looked like outside my window.

8 a.m.

one photo every hour.

i stayed in bed and watched (half) and episode of the new sherlock season! v happy it’s back.

9 a.m.

one photo every hour.

i actually don’t watch the whole episode (it’s 1.5 hours!), but went back to sleep for a little. when i woke up again, i had breakfast in bed. greek yoghurt with honey and walnuts. in a plastic dish because i’m glamorous like that.

10 a.m.

one photo every hour.

i get dressed. green ribbed marc jacobs top and black jeans.

11 a.m.

one photo every hour.

my plan today was to go to moma! i had only been to the san francisco one, but never here. so it was about time! this is how pretty the walk is from me up to moma, which was about 15 blocks north.

12 p.m.

one photo every hour.

i walk around and enjoy the loveliness of modern art. yummm. i don’t remember the artist behind this piece, but doesn’t it give you that lovely headache only op art can? hehe.
i took a bunch of pics, maybe i’ll do a separate post with some moma art?

1 p.m.

one photo every hour.

it’s lunch time, so i grab food moma’s own restaurant. i have salmon with fresh potato. a little overpriced as expected, but also really good.

2 p.m.

one photo every hour.

i’m already finished! pretty surprised how fast it went to go through the museum tbh (the one in sf took, what, 4+ hours?). and to be completely honest …. i like sf moma a tiny bit more. then again, they’ve just spent 3 years on remodeling it, so maybe it’s not that strange. well, i liked both!
however, i walk down 5th ave—here’s rockefeller center with that strong dude outside.

3 p.m.

one photo every hour.

i need a new eyeliner, so i pop into sephora to get one. it took me (and the guy helping me) forever to find the right one! i wanted a liquid one, but still with a felt tip (not brush!). important important.

4 p.m.

one photo every hour.

i’m back home, and i lie in bed and read hanya yanagihara’s a little life. it’s so so sad. i guess i’ll tell you about it when i’m through.

5 p.m.

one photo every hour.

facebooking. feels totally ok in a non-guilty way to lie in bed and just scroll through facebook after spending a few hours at the museum, honestly.

6 p.m.

one photo every hour.

at 6, i watch skam, like every other swedish person out there right now, right??? heh. for you non-swedish speakers, it’s literally the most hyped tv show right now. a norwegian one, about high school kids and their lives. (way to sell it, vicky)

7 p.m.

one photo every hour.

i go to the gym! pow pow.

8 p.m.

one photo every hour.

and when i walked home the one block (blesss to live that close to the gym), it was this dark and pretty outside.

9 p.m.

one photo every hour.

and since i had treated myself to a fancy lunch, i had a very unglamorous dinner, with trader joe’s cauliflower soup, crackers with cheese and tomatoes.

that’s all from my monday! (can’t believe it’s friday already today btw?) have a lovely one, all of you.



ett foto i timmen från i måndags, då jag gick på moma och kollade på konst (kan visa mer än denna ensa tavla i ett separat inlägg kanske?), hängde i sängen och läste och kollade skam och tränade. helt ok ledig dag!

8 thoughts on “une photo chaque heure. janvier.

  1. Nastasja says:

    Alltså LJUSET när du vaknar?!?!?! Damn girl. Och så nice dag även om jag själv inte uppskattar konst på samma sätt så gillar jag atmosfären på museum. Som att en lajvar att vara vuxen när en är där.

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