it was so difficult, it was so sad sometimes, living in reality.

a little life.

so. i’ve finally gotten through the 814 pages that is hanya yanagihara’s a little life.

i first heard about it through this post by sandra and was fascinated and mesmerized by how she described it to be so terrible and painful. so i bought it straight away, and just finished it.

it’s about four friends in new york—jude, willem, jb and malcolm—about their lives and their friendship. the book spans over a whole lifetime, and is mostly focused on jude, who carries so much pain and so many unbelievably painful experiences and feelings towards himself, others, and the world, that it’s literally painful and impossible to understand how all of this can be contained within one human.

now during the time that i read it, i was strong and in a good place in my own life, but i can see how this an totally tip you over. to be honest, i was almost shocked by how this book—when you think it’s at its lowest and darkest point—keeps getting even darker, even worse, even more painful. it’s unbelievable.

i want other people to take part of this story, but also—be in a good place if you’re planning on reading it. it is a, truly, painful book, it stirs up emotions and gets your thoughts storming. it will live with me for a long time, i’m sure. i’m so happy to have gotten to know them all.



läste precis ut hanya yanagiharas a little life. så hemsk, så vacker. den gör så himla ont???? liksom när man tror att den inte kan bli värre så blir den liksom det.

2 thoughts on “it was so difficult, it was so sad sometimes, living in reality.

  1. Malin says:

    den här har stått så länge på min att-läsa-lista och jag har läst både din och Sandras tankar om den. och jag vet inte längre hur peppad jag är på att läsa den. oerhört nyfiken, och oerhört rädd, båda på samma gång! tack för att du säger att det är bra att vara på ett bra ställe med dig själv när en läser den här. jag ska verkligen se till att vara det när jag väl läser den. för det vill jag nog faktiskt fortfarande göra. tack för dina tankar om den!

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