from my disposable camera.

this fall and winter, i’ve been shooting a little bit on a disposable camera. hadn’t done this in years, so it was definitely long overdue.

let’s have a look on some of the photos i managed to capture, shan’t we?


the beginning of the film starts in los angeles, when me, siri, sandra and the rest of this party gang were there for the festival stockholm, CA.


siri, me, gustav and sandra (plus a photobomber) at veronica maggio’s concert.


i flew from new york to los angeles for like 30h, but it was worth it. <3


who could this have been? hmmm. little dragen? elliphant maybe? not quite sure : ) (here‘s by the way the post on that day. i’ve linked it 100 times before, but i guess i just did it again)


back in new york! on halloween. i celebrated with robert and his last-minute outfit was a $3 eyeliner that made him a bandit.


jay came too—and didn’t have a costume either, so we made him a skeleton with the same $3 eyeliner.


i was dressed in black in my vampire shirt.


and we hung out at a rooftop in bed-stuy, at the probably weirdest party in the city at that moment.


there was a super old contortionist, dead animals on the wall, and everything was twin peak-themed and bathing in red lighting. here‘s the post to that strange strange night.



jag har framkallat min engångskamera som jag har fotat lite med under hösten! här är ett gäng bilder, från till exempel när jag var i los angeles på svensk festival och från halloween när jag, robert och jay var på fabrikslokalfest i bed-stuy med twin peaks-tema där allt bara var superkonstigt, badade i rött ljus och mystisk musik och vi hängde på taket.

så fint med engångs! har inte gjort det på 4 ever.

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