back on the bernal summit.

HI. i’m kind of back on track. i’ve been a little off lately, still being sick and on antibiotics ETC (yeah i know i’ve mentioned this in literally every single post lately). i’m also kind of doubting myself and my blog a little at the moment ………… but i’m here now today at least.

this past weekend was such a beautiful and sunny one, and i took both saturday and sunday to enjoy being back in beautiful san francisco. on saturday, i looked at a new place i might move to in the mission (my favorite neighborhood in the city) and then this:

bernal heights.

walked the furthest south i could get in the mission, where it’s always sunny and a little little warmer than in the rest of the city.

bernal heights.

all the façades are bright pastel.

bernal heights.

and the aesthetic is victorian meets beach town.

bernal heights.

and then i walked up to bernal heights, the beautiful hill right south of the mission. on the way up, there are mostly colorful wooden houses, but also 60s vibes like this one.

bernal heights.

after stalking a corgi on the way up, i reached the summit. so good to be back. towards the west, you can see twin peaks and sutro tower as always.

bernal heights.

golden gate bridge in the northwest. i’m back, little bridge.

bernal heights.

and the downtown area way over there. wanted to cry. love this place so so much.

bernal heights.

sf is so green and alive, the air smells so good from the sea and the trees.

bernal heights.

also i could walk around without my jacket, which was so lovely after months of cold in new york. BTW i love new york too!!! it’s just so different. it’s a place to love when you want to get lost in a city, in a sea of people, consumed by wide avenues and secretly whirl around in the subway at night. it’s a different kind of love.

bernal heights.

san francisco is sunny, beautiful and quiet.

bernal heights.

and so i kept romanticizing while i got down from the summit and walked all the way back through the mission and downtown again. and there are more saturdays like this one to come, and that makes me so happy.



i lördags var jag nere i mission och bernal heights. det var så jäkla soligt och vackert och luften var så härlig att andas och jag är så lycklig över att vara tillbaka här.



hey hi hello!

here’s a totally unrelated picture of me that nastasja took of me when she was here last year. cute right? i posted this on facebook with the caption “this should be my tinder pic” hehe.

i’ve just finished my first full week back at work, and i’m so happy and excited to be back. it’s fun getting up every morning, especially after taking like a whole month off after my internship ended in new york. and finally the rain has stopped for a couple of days here in sf after weeks of POURING and really storming (although i wasn’t here for most of it).

i’m looking forward to this first sunny and dry weekend back in san francisco (last one was so rainy and i had a fever going). i’m planning on walking walking walking out in the sun, taking pictures of the victorian houses that i love so much, fill my lungs deep with clean air that isn’t freezing and walk in light sneakers .. maybe eat a burrito like that one. ↑

i hope your weekend will be great as well. take care of yourselves. xx



glad fredag! här e en gullig orelaterad bild som nastasja tog på mig här i sf förra året.

denna helg är första _soliga_ helgen jag är här tillbaka i stan (förra var första-första, men det regnade så himlans och jag hade feber). ska promma ångt, ta mycket bilder, andas in ren luft och kanske äta en burrito som den på bilden.

har precis jobbat min första hela vecka också. känns så fint och kul, speciellt efter att ha varit ledig i typ en månad efter att min praktik var över i new york.

ha en fantastisk helg vettja. puss.

it was so difficult, it was so sad sometimes, living in reality.

a little life.

so. i’ve finally gotten through the 814 pages that is hanya yanagihara’s a little life.

i first heard about it through this post by sandra and was fascinated and mesmerized by how she described it to be so terrible and painful. so i bought it straight away, and just finished it.

it’s about four friends in new york—jude, willem, jb and malcolm—about their lives and their friendship. the book spans over a whole lifetime, and is mostly focused on jude, who carries so much pain and so many unbelievably painful experiences and feelings towards himself, others, and the world, that it’s literally painful and impossible to understand how all of this can be contained within one human.

now during the time that i read it, i was strong and in a good place in my own life, but i can see how this an totally tip you over. to be honest, i was almost shocked by how this book—when you think it’s at its lowest and darkest point—keeps getting even darker, even worse, even more painful. it’s unbelievable.

i want other people to take part of this story, but also—be in a good place if you’re planning on reading it. it is a, truly, painful book, it stirs up emotions and gets your thoughts storming. it will live with me for a long time, i’m sure. i’m so happy to have gotten to know them all.



läste precis ut hanya yanagiharas a little life. så hemsk, så vacker. den gör så himla ont???? liksom när man tror att den inte kan bli värre så blir den liksom det.

if you take away my birth control i’ll just make more feminists.

it’s rainy, cold, and i’m sick and on antibiotics. let’s cheer up with internet gems today.

61 of the greatest signs from women’s marches around the country.


in the past couple of days, there have been women’s marches all over the globe, as i’m sure you’ve gathered. me and siri went to the san francisco one, and it was filled with great and creative signs. i didn’t take any pics, but luckily buzzfeed made this compilation. so good.

nostalgic photos of san francisco before the gentrification.


although san francisco is the most beautiful city i know, it used to be even prettier back in the days.

• your period in 2 minutes.

a liiiiiittle cheesy, but also kind of sweet! a cute little period vid.

porny, provocative pop-art mashed up with pharmaceutical packages.


very weird, but also pretty fucking awesome. love this little art project by australian artist ben frost.

• life’s little pleasures.


don’t remember where i got this from (anyone?), but freaking lovely either way. <3

this guy makes matching sweaters of places he visits.


SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. (also, last one is the funniest.)



jag är matt och sjuk och har fått antibiotika utskrivet—inga spännande äventyr här borta, med andra ord. så här kommer ett axplock av internets bästa just nu istället!

outfits 2016: september to december.

hello tuesday! you guys are so sweet by the way, thanks for the love you keep giving every damn day.

on a different note, though, we’ve arrived at the last part of my outfit year 2016. this time, it’s mostly gonna be new york! see part 1 here and part 2 here.



i traveled to lovely chicago! and looked like i mostly do, cheerleader-like, in the fila x uo skirt and white tank.


bought these awesome sunglasses at buffalo exchange in chicago.


this skirt is from there as well. i had been looking for one like this for a while!


and back in san francisco, i went to folsom street fair in dominatrix vibe, because, folsom.



this was my last day in san francisco! i wore my vintage overalls, a new h&m coat and martens.


and then i moved to new york! hung out with jens in meatpacking in a new green thin jacket and choker.


i bought the black and white puma creepers.


and on halloween, i dressed up in a vampire top from h&m when me, robert and jay celebrated in bed-stuy at a weird party.



in november, there was a marc jacobs sample sale in soho! so me and robert went, of course. i had been on the hunt for a new wallet and found this white/burgundy one.


i also got this top with me back home from the sale, as well as a cashmere scarf (and a beanie, but i sold it afterwards because it really wasn’t my style?).


i’ve mostly looked like this this past fall. skirt, hoodie from american apparel, leather jacket and sneakers.


and when i traveled to toronto i did lots of shopping. these vintage military-style boots was probably my best buy!



one day in williamsburg, i dressed up in those boots again, dark green pants (end of 2016 literally changed my view on pants. who am i) and bomber jacket.


i wore a lot of black and was outfitting myself cold/warm in thiiiiin stockings and thick socks (still too cold though, i messed up).


i had a lot of jackets in new york, but still almost only wore my pleather one. luckily, it mostly wasn’t TOO cold. also, here’s the scarf from the marc jacobs sale as well. cashmere = warm <3


last outfit of the year! black lace top from forever21, and black everything else, mostly.

that was my year in clothes! let’s hope for 2017 to be as good if not better. ALTHOUGH it would be good for me not to consume too much *lol* ehe



del tre av outfitåret 2016! mest i new york dårå. köpte puma-creepers och gick mest runt i svart, läderjacka och vintageboots och bomber och sånt. japp! 2017 here i come

moma masterpieces.

before i left new york, i went to the moma and took you guys with me through one photo every hour, but i didn’t really show you any artworks. i took pictures of some of them though, and thought i’d shar a few of them today. hopefully you like modern art as much as i do, and if not—come back tomorrow instead : )

i must say, though—i preferred sf moma to the new york one?? they’ve remodeled it for 3ish years though, so it’s awesome now. make sure to visit it if you’re in the neighborhood.
however, here are some gems from moma in new york:


i started from the top floor, and slowly worked my way down. ii’m not 100% sure (sorry!), but i think this one is from the painter francis picabia.


picabia was new to me, but i really LOVED some of his stuff—like this one. it reminded me a little bit of braque, but less cubist-like. the colors are so harmonious here, i think.


another one *being dj khaled*


more from picabia! as you can probably see, he reeeeaaaally changes direction in his way of painting. i’ve probably never seen a painter this diverse in their genres.


this series of picabia’s painting was probably the ones that spoke the most to me. i like the weird and a little creepy juxtaposition between the realistic portrait underneath the stylized face on top.


he also used some kind of technique on purpose to have some of the paint corrode (??? sorry definitely not using the correct vocabulary here), which makes the canvas turn out like this. VERY COOL.


this was the name of the francis picabia exhibition, by the way. i loved this quote, cause it’s so beautiful. but also makes so much sense, considering his wide range of genres.


moma has a helicopter hanging from the ceiling! not sure who or what it’s supposed to be, but i like it.


you all know this one, of course.


and maybe you’ve seen this as well? it’s by the pop artist jasper johns called flag.


i really like how you can see the textures on a canvas like this. it makes it so real, and i love coming close and studying it (until a guard says “STEP BACK PLEASE”) *rolleyes*


classic! dalí’s famous the persistence of memory hangs right here in moma new york. i’m not super into dalí, but his technique is mesmerizing nonetheless.


and also composition with red, yellow, and blue by piet mondrian. also not one of my top artists, but very iconic for its time.


this painter, faith ringgold, was new to me, but this painting named die really struck me. if you’re familiar with picasso’s guernica, this one feels very much like it—but instead of the spanish civil war, this one depicts the race war.


and, of course—my four babes (captured by richard avedon) were there waiting for me. <33


that’s all, folks! thank you moma. and also a big thank you and shoutout to my art teacher craig during my first semester at my master’s, who taught me so much about modern art with such an inspiring passion. never have i been so excited to remember so many names and years. ★ ART IS COOL ★



jag var på moma ett tag sedan när jag fortfarande var kvar i new york! älskar ju modern konst, men måste ändå erkänna att san franciscos moma är snäppet bättre (fast de har precis lagt tre år på att renovera det, så det är väl därför).
här är några konstverk jag gillade eller tyckte var intressanta. ni känner säkert igen ett gäng. konst alltså! ändå fett.

what i’m up to next.

so, as you’ve seen me hinting this past week, i have a new chapter starting now. let me explain what’s going on on that matter.

so, i moved from san francisco to new york this past monday because of work. if you’ve been following me for a while, you know i was at apple during the summer of 2015. i loved it so much, and really wanted to get back.


and you know what? somehow i managed to get back here. so finally i’m back to commuting from san francisco down to apple 3+ hours/day. but you know what? I LOVE IT.

i am beyond happy to be back in san francisco. geez. i love this place so much, and i’m so happy i get to fall in love with it all over again.


thank you for all your kind words on facebook and instagram, by the way. it really warms my heart!

other than falling for sf all over again, i’m sick and a little feverish and it’s just raining and raining and raining here in california. but it’s ok! there’s been a drought for years so it’s needed. and i’m just so happy to be back either way.

now i’m super tired and gonna check out, but i can’t wait to share my life back in sf with you guys.



jag har flyttat tillbaka till san francisco! det känns så jäkla fint, är helt nykär varje dag. och har dessutom fått komma tillbaka till apple där jag ju jobbade sommaren 2015 som några av er eventuellt minns. ÄR SÅ PEPP. <3

gud nu måste jag checka ut, är så trött och febrig buhu. men lovar att dela mer sf life asap!!! tack för alla fantastiska kommentarer och all pepp på insta och fb. bäst e ni. puss

outfits 2016: may to august.

time for the second part of my outfit year 2016! may to august is up. find part 1 here.



beautiful may! it was light and sunny—a little chilly this very day. but i could still wear a dress together with just a denim jacket and nike sneakers.


2016’s maybe most important outfit: my cap and gown for graduation of course! <3


one day when i was crossing the bridge with olivier, i wore a black skirt (as per usual) together with my apple pride t-shirt.


and mostly looked like a cheerleader, like i always try to do.



speaking of cheerleader! in june, i actually bought a real one (well, not an ACTUAL real one, but a real-looking) cheerleader uniform and dressed up like this for the final day of sf pride.


on another day of sf pride celebrations (when we had mimosas on a rooftop, more specifically), i looked like this. in black top (forever21), pleated pleather skirt (h&m), flatforms (jeffrey campbell), rainbow necklace (think i got it from someone on pride the previous year??) and sunglasses (marc by marc jacobs).


harvested some basic tees and accessories at h&m (btw NEVER wore any of those necklaces more than maybe once lol)


and bought what might be my forever #1 favorite shoes i’ve ever had—the white woven nike juvenate. they are light as a feather, and kind of look like that as well.



july came. one day, i wore vintage overalls with a pink crop top, the “i love you” tote siri gave me once and sneakers.


ultra pastel cheerleader! the crop top is forever 21 and skirt from american apparel.


also bought this skirt from fila’s collab with urban outfitters. wore it SO MUCH. <3


and then i posed against the lip wall in north beach with my black and white h&m dress marilyn monroeing me in the wind.



just as you could read in the food summary of 2016, i was so sad in august that i barely took any pictures, so maybe not the best outfit pics here. this is however a vintage satin bomber jacket that i bought at no.


one day at a street festival in the mission, me and lisa found this weird photo booth van where you could dress up in some of their crazy props.


i hung out with richie who lived just a couple of blocks away from me at the time and borrowed his hoodie.


and went all in for the dolores park bohemian look with floral dress and braids.

that was part two of my outfit year! any faves? i really like pastel cheerleader myself, hehe.



del två av tre av mitt outfitår 2016! sommaren mest. mycket cheerleader och sånt, som brukligt. nåt ni gillar? puss.

my last day in new york.

if you’re following me on instagram, you’ve probably seen where i am by now, but before we jump to that too quickly, i want to show you my last day in new york (and THEN i’ll tell you more about what i’m up to next!).


i spent my whooooole last day with robert. he was so nice and decided we’d do only nice things. we started at beautiful café henrie for brunch where everything is pink and pastel. robert had a waffle with bacon and i had yoghurt baked eggs with za’atar toast (literally the strangest thing i could find on the menu, but it was good!).


here’s a neon sign they have at café henrie. do you love it? i thought so.


we wanted to go to the new museum after brunch, but the line wrapped around the block (LITERALLY). so instead, we just roamed around nolita in the january sun instead, which was lovely too. we passed by this instagram wall.


and walked into every single store we thought looked cute.


new york though!! <3 this nomad life omg, always torn between places. new york is a splendid fucking city though. never 4get


towards the end of the night we met up with paul, who (just like me and robert) moved to new york from san francisco, and we had goodbye beers on lower east side.


me and robert had dinner and drinks, and suddenly it was the morning after—and time to go to the airport for me.


not gonna get all emotional (at least not here and now), but it’s always SO HARD LEAVING places you’ve grown to love. especially when they’re as beautiful as a brooklyn in the january morning backlight.


and then, yep, off to new adventures. <3



min sista dag i new york. spenderade den med min finaste new york-vän robert. han lät mig göra prick vad jag ville så vi gick på brunch på gulliga café henrie, kollade precis alla fina butiker i nolita, drack öl med paul och åt pad thai innan dagen blev nästa dag och jag skulle hoppas på ett plan med alla mina väskor mot nya äventyr. vad det blev ska jag ju berätta mer om såklart. assnart!

from my disposable camera (and new things soon).

hey guys, sorry for going mute on you for a few days. i was in the middle of packing my new york life together …. BUT MORE ON THAT SOON. i’m very excited to share with you my next chapter, but first—let’s look at the other half of my disposable camera (first half here).


one day, me and robert walked around in greenpoint in brooklyn and checked out stores and hung out by the water.


a plane drew this heart. <3


and then in november i flew to toronto. cn tower was swimming in fog when i arrived.


this is kensington market, the little vintage village in toronto filled with thrift stores.


in mid-december, i said goodbye to the ad agency i interned at, and me and my intern friends had dinner at eataly.


me and jens! we were besties back in sf but haven’t hung out that much since we both moved to new york. we managed to meet a few times though. at h&m for example.


christmas came, and siri flew over from san francisco to visit me.


we ate all of the food in new york and did both local and touristy stuff—like taking pics at times square.


2016 ended, and i spent my new years eve with my new york bestie robert! <3 we went for dinner and drinks in west village.


and then continued the party in williamsburg until it was 2017 and my disposable camera was done!



del två av bilderna från min engångskamera som jag fotat med denna höst och vinter. del ett hittar ni [här].