this week.

central park & protesting trump.

mid december already! can you believe that? i mean, i’m totally fine with it. bring on the 2017s! but—there’s still a little last stretch left of this year. here are some plans for this current week:

  • work my last week at the agency i’ve been interning at for the past 2.5 months.
  • catchup over skype with some friends + my dad.
  • finish the john green book i’m reading right now.
  • do laundry.
  • do some gift shopping, for maybe some christmas and maybe some birthday presents.
  • work out a couple of times.
  • maybe (?) find out about the future????? ← where i will be spending my 2017, that is. very stressful/exciting.
  • try to get a full night’s of uninterrupted sleep (i haven’t been sleeping very well because of anxiety about the future. can’t the future just be here, like, now?)
  • celebrate robert’s birthday! my favorite new york person. i think that’s gonna be fun.

sunday in brooklyn.

pretty decent plans, right? i hope i can check it all off the list. wish me luck, and happy almost-mid-december-week to you too. hope you fulfill your goals and plans for this week as well. xx



wow, december e snart över hörrni. spännande. men först, några få veckor kvar. här är mina planer för denna vecka: tvätta, träna, fira roberts födelsedag, kanske bringa lite klarhet i framtiden och sånt. bland annat.

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