the most liked.

i love instagram! i love liking your pictures, and i love that you’re liking mine. last year, my nine most liked pictures were these—but what about 2016? let’s have a look.



a selfie in my thick gudrun sjödén scarf in the cold-but-warm-but-cold november sun.



this golden backlight is from my old hoods in san francisco. the light is always magical in that city.



number seven on the list os this one from the very beginning of the year when i was still in oslo. i was staying at my friend ida’s place, and one morning, the world outside the window was totally pink.



i wasn’t really sure about this one when i posted it, the look, colors and composition feels different than the rest of my feed. but i like the mural at café sweatshop in williamsburg, so i posted it, and you guys seemed to like it too.



this one is also from the beginning of the year, but from stockholm. this is the fantastic little alley on danderydsgatan where i went to school growing up.



more pastel façades! this wes anderson-y one is from a cocktail and mixology store in toronto. so cute!



me and one of the thousands of fantastic murals in san francisco. <3



my second most liked pic this year was this one of sandra on a sunny balcony in hollywood hills when we were in LA for the swedish festival stockholm, CA.



and my most liked pic this year was, maybe not very surprisingly?, this one from my graduation. in may, i finally finished my master of fine arts in advertising from the academy of art in san francisco. yay!

so excited to snap more, and even better, pictures next year. let’s bring it on!



mina nio mest likeade instagrambilder detta året. mycket pastellfasader, och så lite bilder på mig typ. puss och tack för det!

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