screenshots in my phone.

happy sunday! while i’m finalizing my plans for the future, let’s look into my phone on some screenshots i have saved.
i usually try to take as few screenshots as possible, because i just hate the way it looks in the camera roll—messy! but here are some that have survived my raids of deleting:


this is from several years back in stockholm when me and my childhood bestie joanna ordered ginormous pizzas. looks like i’m thinking “HOW’S THIS GONNA GO???”


there is a swedish facebook group dedicated to remaking film posters with punny names. i made this one for benjamin button (“tiden är knapp” which, if you’re not a swedish speaker, kind of is an idiom meaning “time is running out”, but where the word “knapp” also means “button). it was a hit, hehe, and i screenshotted it at around 666 likes.


an old picture from when my old school berghs featured me on their insta.


princess jens and firefox me from halloween two years ago.


a super old one from tinder when i matched with guac. because, match made in heaven ofc.


jens’ magical underwater picture of me and a sea turtle when we traveled to hawaii last year. it was so awesome.


another tinder one. this one when i lived in norway and i came across this dude that had made his whole bio page an emoji history quiz! i thought this was absolutely genius!!


the starbucks tweet that i wrote when i was working on that account this past summer (and my hand in the picture as well).


me and jen twinning when i was visiting chicago in september.


screenshot of the balcony with sandra, daniel, siri, elsa, gustav, and valerie, pre partying for the swedish festival in los angeles. PHEW SO MANY LINKS


a design from the lovely @parlor_tattoo_prints with mickey and mallory from my favorite movie natural born killers that i’ve been thinking about getting. we’ll see. maybe, maybe not.


and finally one when marc jacobs liked an insta photo of mine!



några screenshots från min tele!

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