letters, packages, and post cards.

let’s have a look at some stuff in my mailbox lately!

in my mailbox.

this year, sandra at atilio arranged this christmas card game where she randomly assigned everyone who wanted to participate another persons address. looks like someone from down under got mine?!

in my mailbox.

indeed! this one was from a gal named lotta, who wrote me a cute card in 50/50 english and swedish. so cute. thank you, lotta (and sandra for arranging this)!

in my mailbox.

this package that i picked up in the mail the other day was from me to me. a new moleskine! one of countless reasons why switching over from 2016 to 2017 is great.

in my mailbox.

and lastly—this one was not really IN the mail, but it’s a post card, so it kind of belongs there. it’s from the other day when i met up with my suuuuper old time childhood friend gosia and her friend patricia and had cocktails at schiller’s, where they give out these pretty cards. and the motif is not only for the photo! they actually sell their wine at these three different price points. ain’t that cute.

in my mailbox.

and here is by the way a bonus one, from the mexican place tacombi. i absolutely love how old and weathered it looks. <3



brevlådegrejer på sistone! ett julkort ända från lotta i austrialien via [atilio-sandras] julkortslek, en ny moleskine som jag beställt mig själv och två fina kort, ett från schiller’s och ett från tacombi. glad tisdag!

3 thoughts on “letters, packages, and post cards.

  1. Ellen says:

    Blev så himla, himla glad när jag såg att jag fått hem julkortet från Sandras julkortslek <3 Sån himla fin grej för att sprida lite extra glädje i decembermörkret!

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