highs and lows this year—a summary.

brace yourselves for some summaries of this year here on the blog soon! there will be a few coming up about the outfits i’ve worn and the foods i’ve eaten during 2016.

this year, i thought i’d (besides food and clothes) make an honest summary of my year, with highs and lows, one month at the time:



i started 2016 in oslo to work, which i’ve done a few years when i haven’t had school. it was beautiful as per usual, and i hung out with ida, who’s so sweet.
then, i went to stockholm, hung out with these blogger ladies, but was really stressed out about being in stockholm. expect for meeting friends and my dad, i hated being there.



i was back in san francisco by month 2. the cherry trees were blossoming, i had just moved in with ebba and ivana, and was so happy to be back in my sunny beautiful city.



march was nice as well. i hung out in siri’s sofa, traveled to portland and seattle, and started was hanging out more and more with mark.



i loved april! went and rode rollercoasters in colorful santa cruz, saw annie leibowitz’ exhibition with ivana, and turned 25 with tons of celebrations!



june was sunny and nice, but i was not feeling as good here. however, i celebrated jens’ birthday, sf pride, and went to stern grove festival.



july was a bad month with a lot of anxiety for me, except for some glimpses. nastasja visited sf and me and siri went to phono del sol festival. the rest of the month, i mostly walked around in either euphoria or deep anxiety.



august is like a blur … and i haven’t really taken that many pictures during this month either. i went on meaningless walks, said goodbye to cissi who moved to paris, and tried to get out of the house and look at pretty things the days i was not in bed crying. this was my worst month of the year.



september came. i started hanging out with richie and we were each other’s support and went for long brunches, walks, and talks. went to folsom street fair with siri, but also escaped san francisco for chicago, because i needed a breather from the city.



i spent the first day of october in a sunny san francisco, but then moved to new york. it was just what i needed, and i recharged with a new coast, and started hanging out with robert, jay and jens again, who all had moved here from san francisco.



in november, i was mostly busy working at the ad agency i had moved here for. when not doing that, i explored museums and took walks, but also flew to toronto over thanksgiving.



during this last month, i’ve gotten packages from sweden, said goodbye to my friends at the agency since our internship ended, and spent christmas with siri who has been visiting new york.

and now—only a few last days of this year. 10000% looking forward to the amazing year that 2017 is gonna be. right?



en ärlig sammanfattning av mitt bergochdalbane-år. hade en stressig början i stockholm, sen en superfin vår i sf. min sommar kan ha varit min värsta ever, men sen flyttade jag till new york och sista delen av året blev bättre. 2017 kom nu!

7 thoughts on “highs and lows this year—a summary.

  1. Malin says:

    ja, fy för sjutton! 2017 ska bli ett sånt jäkla kanonår! med mer av allt som är bra. jag gillade verkligen den här väldigt ärliga versionen av ditt 2016. vilket jävla år det verkar ha varit, för ganska många. jag tror och hoppas att vi kommer starkare ur det och att 2017 kommer bli bättre och finare än på länge. det måste jag tro. kram <3

    • Vicky says:

      malin: 2017 kommer ÄGA. och vad fint att du gillade inlägget. kram <3

      ellen: det MÅSTE det bli. och tack och tusen gånger tillbaka detsamma till dig, ellen! lovar att nästa år blir fint. <3

  2. Ellen says:

    Så himla fint!! Ser dock så mycket fram emot 2017 nu. Det måste ju bli ett bra år? Hoppas din kommande sommar blir väldigt fin, som kompensation för det här årets <3

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