four videos to see.

here are four golden things that youtube has given the world. a little mix of cool, hilarious, fascinating, and funny from me to you today.

my super old childhood friend luna just dropped her first single “chill”. here’s the video!

this one is so hilarious that i had to close it first time i saw it because i was SCREAM-LAUGHING at work. since then, i’ve seen it a couple of times, but still laugh out loud. <333

i hope none of you out there have missed out on ANYTHING that ok go makes? this is their latest video, and it’s meticulously and insanely engineered and thought through of course.

i love all the late night jimmys, and when they talk to people on the street and stuff. here’s a cute funny one when they ask kids what they think about donald trump. : )



fyra videos att se en regnig (här i staterna iallafall!) dag som denna. puss!

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