it’s finally december! i can’t wait for this shitty year to be over. only since i wrote that post, more items have been adding to my list, but nothing i’m really gonna talk about right now. let’s look at other decembers instead, and see if you remember any of them from here on the blog?


christmas eve.

i spent christmas eve with siri and jens and ate and chatted all day long.

new year's eve.

and flew back to scandinavia for a few weeks. celebrated my new years in oslo!


one photo every hour.

jens, axel, calle and me dressed up in shirts for a party.

christmas eve.

and then i flew to norway and celebrated christmas with lovely ina and her family. <3


good-bye party.

i spent the second half of 2013 at berghs school of communication in stockholm. jonath was my classmate and we started hanging out a lot.


and the last days before i was moving to san francisco, i spent in norway with my oslo bestie christoffer. we cooked food almost every night and watched game shows.


christmas party.

in 2012, i was studying my last year of my bachelor degree in västerås. i was solely hanging out with my awesome gang of girls and went to a christmas party in black/golden dress and loong hair.

christmas market.

on the weekends, i took the train home to stockholm and checked out the christmas market in old town.



this year, i was living in france, in beautiful beautiful nice.


and i was much better at taking outfit photos than i am nowadays!


eiffel tower / la tour eiffel.

me and robin who i was together with at the time went to paris over new year’s.

café les deux moulins.

i got to crack a crème brûlée at les deux moulins just like amélie in the movie, but i wasn’t happy. everything was closed, no one was friendly, and we were breaking up.



but the year before, we were still thriving and madly in love. here’s out one year anniversary (and were wearing each other’s names around our necks, zoo kewt)


and i was studying at stockholm uni and commuted through odenplan every day where it’s so nice in the morning light.

let’s pray for an play december to end this crappy year, yeah? i hope you’re doing great wherever you are. love. <3


decembers genom åren!

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