50 000 words.


i know at least a bunch of you out there know about nanowrimo—national novel writing month. during the month of november each year, the global initiative nanowrimo challenges people around the world to write 50 000 words in one month.

this year was my second year participating. i wasn’t thinking of doing it this year, because i thought i’d be too busy, but then i saw some blog posts about other people doing it, so i couldn’t resist!

if you’ve been following me for a while, you know i don’t really write one novel, but rather shorter prose/stream of consciousness-kind of texts. and just like last year, i’m gonna do a little bit of a summary with stats.

♥ 50 220 words (according to pages — or 50 211 according to nanowrimo’s own word counting tool).

♥ 157 pages (in font size 12 and with 1.5 spacing)

126 texts (last year: 85), of which …

♥ 119 are in swedish (last year: 51) and

are in english (last year: 34)

conclusion: SO much less writing in english this year? no idea why. and also, i feel like i loved a lot of the pieces i wrote last year. this year, i feel like everything was crap. maybe i just need some distance to it, but i felt like i had much less flow :(

but i did it!! i’m proud of myself. did any of you participate, and how did it go? <3



jag klarade att skriva 50 000 ord för nanowrimo! hur har det gått för er?

8 thoughts on “50 000 words.

  1. Wilda says:

    Du är helt fantastisk. Och jag tror verkligen på att låta texterna vila lite. Så känner jag själv också med det jag skrev som var nytt, men redan börjar det kännas lite bättre när jag ser dem. Och den där rutinen är så värdefull att ha i sig. Så himla glad över att du gjorde det!

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