☆ happy new year! ☆


it’s here! the end of the year that was the rollercoaster that was 2016. bye forever. i promise, 2017 is gonna be a great one. it has to be.

hope you’re having an amazing last day to end this year in style. clink your champagne glasses, make out, and please watch your limbs if you’re going out shooting fireworks!

talk to you in 2017. happy NYE! ☆ ☆ ☆



hejdå för alltid 2016! gott nytt år! puss!

the most liked.

i love instagram! i love liking your pictures, and i love that you’re liking mine. last year, my nine most liked pictures were these—but what about 2016? let’s have a look.



a selfie in my thick gudrun sjödén scarf in the cold-but-warm-but-cold november sun.



this golden backlight is from my old hoods in san francisco. the light is always magical in that city.



number seven on the list os this one from the very beginning of the year when i was still in oslo. i was staying at my friend ida’s place, and one morning, the world outside the window was totally pink.



i wasn’t really sure about this one when i posted it, the look, colors and composition feels different than the rest of my feed. but i like the mural at café sweatshop in williamsburg, so i posted it, and you guys seemed to like it too.



this one is also from the beginning of the year, but from stockholm. this is the fantastic little alley on danderydsgatan where i went to school growing up.



more pastel façades! this wes anderson-y one is from a cocktail and mixology store in toronto. so cute!



me and one of the thousands of fantastic murals in san francisco. <3



my second most liked pic this year was this one of sandra on a sunny balcony in hollywood hills when we were in LA for the swedish festival stockholm, CA.



and my most liked pic this year was, maybe not very surprisingly?, this one from my graduation. in may, i finally finished my master of fine arts in advertising from the academy of art in san francisco. yay!

so excited to snap more, and even better, pictures next year. let’s bring it on!



mina nio mest likeade instagrambilder detta året. mycket pastellfasader, och så lite bilder på mig typ. puss och tack för det!

highs and lows this year—a summary.

brace yourselves for some summaries of this year here on the blog soon! there will be a few coming up about the outfits i’ve worn and the foods i’ve eaten during 2016.

this year, i thought i’d (besides food and clothes) make an honest summary of my year, with highs and lows, one month at the time:



i started 2016 in oslo to work, which i’ve done a few years when i haven’t had school. it was beautiful as per usual, and i hung out with ida, who’s so sweet.
then, i went to stockholm, hung out with these blogger ladies, but was really stressed out about being in stockholm. expect for meeting friends and my dad, i hated being there.



i was back in san francisco by month 2. the cherry trees were blossoming, i had just moved in with ebba and ivana, and was so happy to be back in my sunny beautiful city.



march was nice as well. i hung out in siri’s sofa, traveled to portland and seattle, and started was hanging out more and more with mark.



i loved april! went and rode rollercoasters in colorful santa cruz, saw annie leibowitz’ exhibition with ivana, and turned 25 with tons of celebrations!



june was sunny and nice, but i was not feeling as good here. however, i celebrated jens’ birthday, sf pride, and went to stern grove festival.



july was a bad month with a lot of anxiety for me, except for some glimpses. nastasja visited sf and me and siri went to phono del sol festival. the rest of the month, i mostly walked around in either euphoria or deep anxiety.



august is like a blur … and i haven’t really taken that many pictures during this month either. i went on meaningless walks, said goodbye to cissi who moved to paris, and tried to get out of the house and look at pretty things the days i was not in bed crying. this was my worst month of the year.



september came. i started hanging out with richie and we were each other’s support and went for long brunches, walks, and talks. went to folsom street fair with siri, but also escaped san francisco for chicago, because i needed a breather from the city.



i spent the first day of october in a sunny san francisco, but then moved to new york. it was just what i needed, and i recharged with a new coast, and started hanging out with robert, jay and jens again, who all had moved here from san francisco.



in november, i was mostly busy working at the ad agency i had moved here for. when not doing that, i explored museums and took walks, but also flew to toronto over thanksgiving.



during this last month, i’ve gotten packages from sweden, said goodbye to my friends at the agency since our internship ended, and spent christmas with siri who has been visiting new york.

and now—only a few last days of this year. 10000% looking forward to the amazing year that 2017 is gonna be. right?



en ärlig sammanfattning av mitt bergochdalbane-år. hade en stressig början i stockholm, sen en superfin vår i sf. min sommar kan ha varit min värsta ever, men sen flyttade jag till new york och sista delen av året blev bättre. 2017 kom nu!

christmas day in the big apple.

hey friends. how was all your christmases? i hope lovely. i didn’t really do anything christmas eve as you know, but had a lovely christmas day. here it is:

christmas day with siri.

this gal’s here! my fave siri.

christmas day with siri.

we started off christmas day with brunch at matisse.

christmas day with siri.

she had a croque monsieur and i had a veggie omelet.

christmas day with siri.

plus brunch drinks of course! one of my top 3 cocktails bloody mary.

christmas day with siri.

siri had a bellini, which felt very festive. december 25th in new york after all!

christmas day with siri.

after brunch, we decided to walk out in the sun, but her sunglasses broke ehe. (also perfect reason to go look to shop new ones.)

christmas day with siri.

we walked from midtown east over to grand central to stare at the ginormous windows and the star constellations in the ceiling. it’s a busy place, but also a beautiful one.

christmas day with siri.

we jumped on the subway and got up here. the light was so dreamy here, at the corner of central park at fifth avenue.

christmas day with siri.

so we took a stroll through the park. perfect for a sunny christmas day, when everything else is closed.

christmas day with siri.

the air was crispy and cold in a perfect december-kind of way.

christmas day with siri.

when the sun started setting, we went down to lower east side and got to see the last rays of the sun just hitting the williamsburg bridge as it was starting to set. the sun, not the bridge.

christmas day with siri.

christmas day with siri.

we found some pretty walls to pose against.

christmas day with siri.

and got to see a pretty little glimpse of the manhattan bridge too. just like in san francisco, the bridges carry such meaning. and they’re so beautiful.

christmas day with siri.

we started getting hungry, but everything was closed. ehe.

christmas day with siri.

almost everything, i mean. eventually, we found café gitane in nolita like a cozy christmassy little gem where we could get dinner and wind down. such a lovely christmas day.



juldagen i new york! siri är ju här som ni vet, och vi började dagen med brunch på matisse i midtown east. vi tog en vända in på vackra grand central också, innan vi åkte upp till central park som var vintrigt och filmiskt. innan middag tog vi en liten vända på lower east side och käkade sen på café gitane i nolita. mvg juldag alltså.

books 2016.

just like last year, i thought i’d do a quick wrap-up of all the books i’ve read this year. there’s 13 of them! here they are, presented by me-holding-them-against-a-white-wall, aka vicky’s different nail polishes 2016:


volvo lastvagnar by erlend loe is a hilarious norwegian book about nothing. (here‘s a more detailed post about it)


the elegance of the hedgehog by muriel barbery is a very particular story about the little lives of some people living in an upscale paris building. i liked it. and here‘s a post about it.


det är något som inte stämmer by martina haag about a divorce was a simple read, but so so sad.


a hilarious, yet touching, comic book album about running long distances! so accurate. check out my post with more pictures from it here.


i don’t really remember that much form lena’s book, but there were a lot of duderish assholes of course. i’ve written a few lines on this book and martina haag’s det är något som inte stämmer here.


terrible white balance, sorry about that. however, nina åkestam is the queeniest lady out there and in meningen med hela skiten she has kind of laid out what felt like lifehacks and how to navigate a life and an industry like for example advertising. loved this one.


murakami …. old chap. unlike most of his other books, this one is totally non-fictional and consists basically only of interviews with people involved in the sarin gas attack in the tokyo subway in 1995. i found it extremely interesting. here‘s my post about it.


the next book in line was also a murakami one. i have read almost all of murakami’s books, and i love him. i liked this book too, but it didn’t really stand out to me particularly. here‘s a post about it anyways.


this one is murakami’s first-ever novel, the one that made him famous, printed anew. and i can’t understand how he got discovered through this one? i love his writing, but i really didn’t like this one. zzzzzz.


pusheen!!! the cutest facebook cat. ok, this isn’t really a BOOK, but whatever. here‘s a post about this one as well as murakami’s hear the wind sing.


omg. uten personlig ansvar by lena andersson was the most painful book i’ve read this year, just like its precedent (egenmäktigt förfarande). the way ester’s lover olof treats her is just …. too familiar. too painful. wow. here‘s my post about it.


i told you about john green’s an abundance of katherines very recently, so i’m not gonna repeat myself too much—but i like john green.


this year’s last book that i haven’t told you about is murakami’s the strange library. it’s a very very weird book, a very short story, and told in a very visual and particular way with big print and esoteric pictures. i read this one in like 45 minutes, and it felt like a dream. the whole story kind of IS a dream. but that’s just how he writes, i guess.

that was all for this year! looking forward to a 2017 filled with great books. and if you’ve read any fantastic books this year—please let me know!



här e en kort sammanfattning av alla böcker jag läst i år!

holiday greetings.

hi my loves, and happy holidays.

i know a lot of you who read my blog are in sweden and celebrated yesterday, but here in the u.s, celebration happens today—so i thought i’d post today instead.

also, i didn’t do much yesterday. mostly sat home and relaxed, did some grocery shopping for the holidays, and started reading a little life after seeing sandra’s recommendation of it (i ordered it immediately after reading her post).

i actually feel really great about not doing anything yesterday. christmas is like my least favorite holiday—it’s so family-centric (i don’t really have much of a family as you might know), and it feels like a marathon in pretend-everything-is-amazing as well as consumerism hype. i feel pretty good about being spared from that, and instead looking forward to today, when i can celebrate a low-key christmas with food and my favorite friend.

i hope all of you are spending the holidays in a way that feels great for you—whether it’s alone in bed binge watching netflix, with a tinder date out for dinner, or together with all your 50 relatives and tons of food and gifts.

all my love, and merry not-so-white christmas from new york,
vicky. xx




hej mina kärlekar, och god jul.
jag vet att många av er som läser är i sverige och firade igår, men här borta är det ju idag som gäller, så jag tänkte att jag postar idag istället.

dessutom gjorde jag inte så mycket igår, satt mest hemma och tog det lugnt, handlade mat inför idag och började läsa ett litet liv efter att ha sett sandra’s rekommendation av den (beställde den bums efter jag läst hennes inlägg).

det känns faktiskt himla bra att jag inte gjorde något igår. jul är typ högtiden jag tycker minst om — den är så familjecentrerad (har inte så mycket familj som ni kanske vet), och det känns som ett maraton i låtsas-att-allt-är-bra, samt konsumtionshetsen då. det känns bra att vara förskonad från det, och ser istället fram emot idag då jag ska fira en light-jul med mat och en favoritvän.

jag hoppas att ni alla får spendera julen på det sätt som känns bäst för er — oavsett om det är ensam i sängen sträckkollandes netflix, på middag ute med en tinderdejt, eller tillsammans med hela släkten på 50 pers, massor med mat och berg av julklappar.

all min kärlek, och god inte-så-vit jul från new york,
vicky. xx

plans for the last of 2016.

new scarf.

it’s coming to an end … soon. about a week left of 2016. i haven’t made super particular plans, but here’s what i’m thinking for the last days of this year:

it’s my first christmas in new york, and i wasn’t really planning on doing anything special. if you’ve been following me for a while, you know that i don’t have any particular family traditions or so. past years, i’ve mostly been in norway, but this year, my bestie siri is flying over from san francisco to new york to celebrate with me! and since she is norwegian, it’s kind of like past years with a norway vibe, after all. <3

we’re gonna chitchat about everything that needs to be chitchatted about in person (and not only over mile-long facebook messenger chat bubbles), stroll through central park, and find the best bagels in the city.

and on the 27th, it’s her birthday! perfect to celebrate both christmas and birthday together. we’re gonna visit the museum of natural history, and other birthday fun stuff. i promise to report it all on the blog later, of course.

she flies back to san francisco the 28th, and i’m spending my first-ever new year’s eve in the u.s! i’ve been here for christmas before (last year), but have been back in scandinavia (norway, more specifically) all the new year’s eves since i moved here. so, i’m excited! i don’t have any plans for that night yet, but hoping to see some fireworks, drink some champagne, and maybe make out if i’m lucky. either way, i think these last few days of this year are gonna be awesome—and there is finally a 2017 waiting around the corner. <3



snart är året över hörrni! men några dagar har vi kvar iallafall och här är några av mina planer: siri kommer och hälsar på i några dagar! e så pepp. vi ska först fira jul ihop och sen hennes födelsedag den 27e! mkt fint. med mat, museibesök, promme i central park, och drinkar på lower east kanske.

sen ska jag fira mitt första nyår i usa! sen jag flyttade hit har jag alltid varit i oslo på nyår, men i år blir det i nevvan. har inte planer alls än så länge, men hade ju varit fint med fyrverkerier, hångel och champagne? vi får väl se.

hoppas ni alla har en fin sista vecka av detta skräpår framför er. puss!

about 2016.

every year i summarize my past year through a list like this, and this year is no exception!
previous years:

last day in san francisco.

did you do something this year you’ve never done before? graduated my masters. moved to new york. tried eggnog!
did you keep any of your new year’s resolutions? yep! read at least 13 books, for example. (here‘s my post on new years goals.)
did any of your friends become parents this year? some acquaintances, but not a super close friend.
did anyone close to you die? no, thank fucking god, because there’s been crazy shit happening around the world this year, and several of my friends have lost loved ones in for example the oakland fire and the orlando shooting.
what countries did you visit? i started the year in norway, then a few days in sweden before going back to the u.s., where i’ve spent the whole rest of the year (although traveled a lot within the country!). in november, i went to canada as you know. that’s all!

a wednesday in january.

what celebrity did you fancy the most? matt mcgorry. my biggest celeb crush ever.
what 2016 date will you always remember and why? may 26th, for example! when i graduated. and a shitty heartbreaky day in august.
were you sick or did you get hurt? no! except for like a cold or so. very thankful.
what was your best buy? tbh like two pairs of levi’s jeans??? even up until just a month ago, i said that i hate pants.
what did you spend most money on? rent. sf and nyc = among top 10 most expensive cities  to rent in the world D:

bernal heights.

who is the best new person that you met? MARK! and hannah. plus, after like 2 years of not hanging out, i ran into richie again and we hung out a lot this summer, which was lovely.
what songs will always remind you of 2015? probably veronica maggio’s new album, as well as everything graveyard (since it was like the only thing i listened to).
what did you watch the most? orange is the new black. (but “nothing” is more accurate, cause that one oitnb season is literally the only thing i watched.)
this year’s best parties? my birthday!

foreign cinema.

what made you feel good? friends! and sun.
did you hate someone you didn’t hate in the beginning of the year? no hate. more disappointment and sadness.
biggest musical discovery? i’ve literally only listened to what i used to listen to before. whoops.
this year’s best film? eh. i’ve watched like … 5 movies this year. *ashamed* maybe other people?
what did you do on your birthday and how many years did you turn? 25! i celebrated friday (part 1, part 2, part 3), saturday, and sunday. like i always try to do! <3

jens 23.



gjorde du något i år som du aldrig gjort förut? tog min masterexamen. flyttade till new york. provade eggnog!
höll du några av dina nyårslöften? ja! till exempel att läsa 13 böcker i år.
blev någon/några av dina vänner föräldrar i år? bara bekanta.
dog någon som stod dig nära? nej. tack och lov! flera av mina vänner har förlorat sina nära i tex branden i oakland och skjutningen i orlando dock. skitår.
vilka länder besökte du? började i norge och sverige, sedan hela året i usa (där jag dock reste runt massor), och så kanada en sväng!
vilken kändis var du mest sugen på? MATT MCGORRY.
vilket datum från år 2015 kommer du alltid minnas, och varför? tex 26 maj då jag tog examen! och en skitig hjärtekrossdag i augusti.
har du varit sjuk eller skadat dig? nä! bara nån förkylning, tack och lov.
bästa köpet? alltså TYP två par jeans ändå????? och här har jag gått runt i åratal och sagt att jag hatar byxor. nåväl.
vad spenderade du mest pengar på? HYRA jisses.
de bästa nya människorna du träffade? hmmm richie kanske? vi tog upp hänget igen efter ca 2 års uppehåll.
vilka sånger kommer alltid att påminna dig om år 2015? veronica maggios senaste album kanske? och så graveyard, det var det enda jag lyssnade på typ.
vad har du tittat på? (film, tv, serier ..) alltså ingenting typ. som vanligt. såg en säsong av ointb, hehe.
årets roligaste fester? min födelsedagshelg!
vad fick dig att må bra? vänner och sol.
hatar du någon nu som du inte hatade i början av året? nä, mest ledsen och besviken isåfall bara.
största musikaliska upptäckten? gud inget alltså. tråkig tjej.
årets bästa film? EH kollar ej film direkt. other people kanske.
vad gjorde du på din födelsedag och hur många år fyllde du? 25! firade maffigt i dagarna tre.

letters, packages, and post cards.

let’s have a look at some stuff in my mailbox lately!

in my mailbox.

this year, sandra at atilio arranged this christmas card game where she randomly assigned everyone who wanted to participate another persons address. looks like someone from down under got mine?!

in my mailbox.

indeed! this one was from a gal named lotta, who wrote me a cute card in 50/50 english and swedish. so cute. thank you, lotta (and sandra for arranging this)!

in my mailbox.

this package that i picked up in the mail the other day was from me to me. a new moleskine! one of countless reasons why switching over from 2016 to 2017 is great.

in my mailbox.

and lastly—this one was not really IN the mail, but it’s a post card, so it kind of belongs there. it’s from the other day when i met up with my suuuuper old time childhood friend gosia and her friend patricia and had cocktails at schiller’s, where they give out these pretty cards. and the motif is not only for the photo! they actually sell their wine at these three different price points. ain’t that cute.

in my mailbox.

and here is by the way a bonus one, from the mexican place tacombi. i absolutely love how old and weathered it looks. <3



brevlådegrejer på sistone! ett julkort ända från lotta i austrialien via [atilio-sandras] julkortslek, en ny moleskine som jag beställt mig själv och två fina kort, ett från schiller’s och ett från tacombi. glad tisdag!

mini travel guide: a weekend in toronto.


as you might know, i make mini travel guides sometimes when i go for a weekend somewhere (like portland or san diego, for example), and i thought i’d do one on toronto as well. PLEASE NOTE that i’m not an expert on these cities, but i still want to pass on the places i visited and liked to others for inspiration for like a weekend trip. and a mini guide like this is just easier to condense than all the massive guides out there.

so here’s my mini toronto guide for some inspo for a short weekend!

toronto / friday.

toronto / thursday.

toronto / friday.


welcome to toronto! let’s start the friday with lunch, shan’t we? banh mi boys (392 queen st w) is in the middle of everything, quick, and yummy with a super soft bun.

then, let’s head out for some shopping. queen street west, (the street you already are on if you’re having a banh mi for lunch), is packed with great stores. some i really liked was the vintage store black market clothing (256 queen st w)lavish & squalor (253 queen st w) where they sell hipstery stuff for your home, and the vintage store tribal rhythm (248 queen st w). at the latter, i  saw a ton of really beautiful vintage furs (fox, squirrel, rabbit, etc) for like NO MONEY. i myself don’t wear fur, but IF you’re wearing fur it should be vintage!

king street west runs parallell to queen street west and has some gems as well. check it out!

if you’re getting closer to dinner time by now, you can just jump into pizzeria libretto on 545 king st w, while you’re in the neighborhood. they have good wine too!

toronto / saturday.

toronto / friday.

toronto / friday.


let’s start the day with brunch at le petit déjeuner (191 king st e). from there, take a stroll a few blocks to the historic distillery district and check out toronto’s own flatiron building, gooderham building (49 wellington st e), and st lawrence market, which is located right next to it (93 front st e). it’s been named world’s best food market!

after that, why not take a tour through steam whistle brewing (roundhouse park)? it’s a half-hour tour through the beer brewery. it’s interesting (and cheap too! like 10 CAD including a beer??).

i was told i had to get canada’s national dish, poutine, while i was there. so i guess i have to tell you the same thing! it’s french fries with gravy and cheese cubes (basically). poutini’s (617 king st w) for example has one that works great as late lunch.

after that, walk up spadina avenue northwards. stop at dark horse (215 spadina ave) if you want coffee, otherwise just go straight into sonic boom nextdoors (215 spadina ave) and check out their massive music collection of vinyls, cds, and other fun merch.

if you keep walking up the street and then turn left, you will reach kensington market. it’s a neighborhood packed with vintage and food. make sure to check out toronto popcorn company (147 baldwin st), the FANTASTIC craft and cocktail store 1/2 oz. cocktail emporium (20 kensington ave), and all the little vintage stores on augusta avenue. you can easily spend hours here, even though it looks tiny.

sushi for dinner maybe? saku sushi (478 queen st w) had a pretty good deal with a chef’s selection sushi.

toronto / thursday.

toronto / saturday.

toronto / thursday.


start your last toronto day with brekkie at le gourmand café (152 spadina ave). like croissant with cheese and egg for example. then, let’s do a museum visit. it’s walkable from here, but takes a little bit FYI, but a bit further north is the bata shoe museum (327 bloor st). it’s a pretty fun and digestible museum, and you don’t have to spend more than an hour or two here, i’d say.

for lunch, kill two birds with one stone and go over to little italy (walkable from the museum, but pretty far and not that interesting of a walk). check out college street that rund through the neighborhood and have italian late lunch at il gatto nero (720 college st).

spend the rest of the last night doing some touristing and shopping: check out the toronto sign in front of city hall (100 queen st w)—it’s really pretty when it’s dark out. and then if you need to do some shopping, the huge mall cf toronto eaton centre (220 yonge st) is nearby.

if you just need a light dinner, fresh (147 spadina ave) is great for vegetarian and vegan options like salads, wraps and soups.

have an amazing time in the 6! it’s a cute city.

toronto / friday.

toronto / saturday.

toronto / friday.


en miniguide till toronto!