the list about the best food.

christmas eve.

what is your favorite flavor/brand of bubble gum?
the swedish brand extra in the flavor sweet mint. i daydream about it every day. the closest i get to it here is eclipse spearmint. *gum addict*

favorite ice cream flavor?
i’m like a kid with ice cream flavors. that is, i like everything with chocolate, vanilla, caramel, toffee, cookie dough, etc. no fruit flavors!

best tasting drink in the summer?
cold tap water. LOVE WATER TBH


best tasting drink in the winter?
hot chocolate or lapsang with milk. yum yum.

best food for a night out with friends?
tapas and sangria!

messiest food, in your opinion?
anything with like a poached or sunny side up egg, because once you cut it, it’s everywhere. also like cotton candy.


best pizza topping?
parmeggiano, truffle oil, arugula, fresh squeezed lemon. for example.

favorite potato chip flavor?
lime tostitos!! or cheddar and sour cream ruffles. *expert*

favorite soda?
diet coke.

bloody mary.

favorite flavor of juice?
tomato juice! all day every day.

favorite vegetable?
also tomato, heh. (please, don’t be that person who says “well ACTUALLY tomato is a FRUIT”)

favorite fruit?
fresh pineapple and fresh mango! (or tomato, if you’re one of those people i just mentioned)

foreign cinema.


tolv frågor om favoritmaten! till exempel är lapsang gott på vintern, tryffelolja bäst att ha på pizza och tomatjuicen den godast juicen enligt mig.

5 thoughts on “the list about the best food.

  1. Malin says:

    Så mycket goda grejer i den här listan! Men du, jag skickar gärna lite Extra till dig om du vill? Skicka ett mejl om du vill att jag ska göra det. Efter allt med Trump känner jag att jag behöver sprida lite kärlek här i världen <3

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