nine movies that mean something to me.

first november weekend is here! the ultimate time to watch movies.
to be honest, i don’t really watch movies. i know i went to the theatre with siri a few months ago, but other than that, i can’t for the life of me remember when i last watched a movie. i just suck when it comes to that.

BUT—i have of course seen movies in my life (shocker), and here are nine movies that mean a lot to me in a way or another. they’re not necessarily my all-time favorite films (well some of them are), but they deserved to be watched i think and i like them, so maybe do it if you haven’t!

natural born killers.


ok, this IS in fact my favorite movie, and it’s probably also the movie i’ve seen most times. it’s also one that takes lots of times watching it to understand it again and again, because you see something new every time. it’s a whirlwind of insanity, murder, drugs, and love.



is it cheesy to have memento on the list? however, i think it’s AMAZINGLY executed. if you don’t know, the whole movie basically unfolds backwards, and the main character—leonard—tattoos stuff on his body since he suffers short-term memory loss, to find out who murdered his wife. love watching this one.

8 mile.


ok, so for you who don’t know, i was OBSESSED with eminem for a chunk of my life when i was younger. i knew all of his lyrics (kind of still do), and this movie was everything when it came out of course. now i haven’t watched it in a while, but it has a nostalgic place in my heart with eminem in it, and brittany murphy who is now dead, and hiphop the way it looked like 15 years ago, and so on.



you all know amélie, of course! but it’s just too darn charming not to love.



another pretty evident one. titanic was the first *real* *adult* movie i got on vhs though, and i’ve seen it so many times. i can’t be enough impressed over the amazing production in this one.

love me if you dare.


this french, maybe a little lesser-known (?) movie seems very very cliché from the name and subject matter (love, lol), but is in fact amazing and beautiful. both visually—in the same super-french amélie-kind of cinematography style, but also storywise. a very unique love story that will make you both laugh and cry for sure. watch it!

darjeeling limited.


the list wouldn’t be complete without a wes anderson movie, would it? darjeeling limited is my favorite one by him. about three estranged brothers who have to reunite when their father passes away. as always with wes—a visual masterpiece, and quirky ofc.

› 37.2° le matin (betty blue).


omg, literally searched for a gif from this movie for 20 minutes. for some reason i used to think this movie was famous, but so far i haven’t met anyone else who has seen it. it’s a french movie from 1986 and about betty, who suffers from a mental illness, and zorg, who still loves her over anything even though it’s so so hard. i’ve even tattoed a quote from it on my arm.

pulp fiction.


ending it on another classic—and one of the most quotable quotes from it. i just love how this movie is kind of a weird bohemian rhapsody in a movie format, and how crazy and vivid tarantino’s mind is (counts for all his movies of course).

there are lots of other movies i feel like mentioning, trust me, but that will just make for an all too long post. so i’m ending it here for now!


nio filmer som betyder nåt för mig. se dem du inte sett, rekommenderar starkt!! <3 är ju första novemberhelgen nu snart och allt, perfekt filmkollartillfälle. puss.

4 thoughts on “nine movies that mean something to me.

  1. Wilda says:

    Så många bra! Amelie är dessutom bästa filmen för exempel på hur en skapar bra karaktärer! Och pulp fiction är så prick rätt. Min frisyr kommer ju därifrån, haha. Såg Love me if you dare nyligen och blev förälskad direkt. <3

  2. Ellen says:

    Amelie är en av mina favoritfilmer, gillar den så mycket! Men inser att jag gärna kollar på film som jag redan sett alldeles för ofta? Borde kika in fler av dem i detta inlägg!

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