i’ll never have a jeans body.

soma magazine.
dress – vintage / denim jacket – h&m / flatforms – jeffrey campbell

what’s your “i don’t know what to wear”-outfit?
skirt and tank top. at least that’s what i wore 99% of the time in san francisco. it’s a little bit colder here in nyc now, so i guess the same+stockings. *cheerleader* is my outfit north star as you know.

where do you buy your clothes?
tbh at very basic places like h&m, zara, urban outfitters. + vintage.

museum of broken relationships.
tank – h&m / skirt – vintage

what is your best life hack when it comes to clothes?
well, my unconscious clothing hack has been to move to different countries so it’s impossible to pack all the clothes—and then come back a year later and *rediscover* old clothes anew.

how often do you buy clothes?
a little too often, and pretty inconsiderate. like, a cheap random top or skirt once every week. i should reconsider my shopping habits and *invest* in quality clothing more seldom i think.

vintage jacket.
satin 49ers jacket – vintage / sun glasses – marc by marc jacobs

what do you do with clothes you don’t use?
ehhhhhh i leave them in some storage and then move to another country [insert nervously laughing emoji].

what’s the most annoying thing in your wardrobe?
that i have SO much but that it still feels like i have nothing to wear!!!! *cliché*

pastel ootd.
crop top – forever21 / skirt – american apparel

what garments do you have most trouble finding?
JEANS. JEANS. JEANS. <——– reason why i only wear skirts and dresses tbh

in what clothes do you feel good-looking?
my go-to: skirt and tank or other tight top.

blue bottle.
crop top – topshop / skirt – weekday

what do you avoid clothing-wise?
JEANS!!! and i’m also trying to avoid t-shirts? it’s something with having a high-up neck line that makes me panic.

what do wear just chilling at home?
big t-shirt and shorts. plus thick socks if it’s cold.

may uniform.
crop top – forever21 / skirt – forever21 (lol this is in their dressing room btw)

what pieces of clothing are underrated?
sports bras? idk

what are you missing in your wardrobe?
bellbottoms maybe …… but since my body is incompatible with jeans that will never happen </3 also i will never be able to pull off 70s style. *sticking to cheerleader*

tank – h&m / skirt – urban outfitters x fila



en lista om kläder, snodd över översatt från [sandra]!

8 thoughts on “i’ll never have a jeans body.

  1. chrissy says:

    “well, my unconscious clothing hack has been to move to different countries so it’s impossible to pack all the clothes—and then come back a year later and *rediscover* old clothes anew.” haha SÅ MKT RELATE! har haft mina kläder och tillhörigheter spridda över halva england och halva stockholm hehe men nuuuu 2+ år efter hemtillsverigeflytt har jag allt på plats! och det är liksom bara: “men… den här tröjan… när köpte jag den?? varför har jag inte burit den VARJE DAG I MITT LIV?” älskar!!! och guuuu vad snyggt den där blå forever 21-kjolen faller på dig??? heter den VICKY eller becuz it was made 4 u!

    • Vicky says:

      haha ELLER HUR detta är verkligen jag varje gång jag åker “tillbaka” nånstans liksom. och tack!! den är rätt utdaterad/urtvättat/liten nu men då var den fin. tack bästo!!!

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