five colorful instagram accounts.

one of the few things that lighten my day right now are color splashes in my ig feed. here are five favorites:



colorful, dreamy, mysterious, and absolutely beautiful food account. styling, lighting, colors, perfect everything.



mathilde is the coolest most vibrant danish stylist. her feel is literally filled with energy.



fnnch does cute street art around san francisco and compiles them in this account. if you’ve been there, you’ve definitely seen their pieces somewhere.



jessica walsh is a graphic designer (etc), and is a pretty big name in the design and advertising industry. on this account, she shares both her own and other people’s art. always super strong colors and like a vitamin kick in the feed.



this is a web shop, but i haven’t really checked it out. just keeping them in my feed is great for style inspo. everything is literally crave-worthy, from silky bombers to rose patches. yum.

do you have any tips for colorful ig accounts?


fem färgglada instagrams. gla söndag ♣

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