first toronto moments.

happy sunday, cyber besties!
as you know, i’m in toronto over the thanksgiving weekend. it’s so cute here! i have a ton of pictures to go through, edit, and show you—but first, let’s go through the first canada moments through my phone:


i had a window seat on my suuuper early flight out from new york, and the sun was rising just as i woke up from my nap in the seat.


when i landed, though, it was drizzly and foggy, although it looked very pretty against cn tower.


contrasts downtown. nice, don’t you think? (and yes, i promise i went to toronto even though the only city name i caught literally was “new york” that i just left looOOooOol)


the first night, i passed by city hall where this pretty color-shifting statue stands. <3


kensington market is so cute! filled with cute shops.


and a loooot of vintage! spent SO much time here.


i also expected toronto to be kind of clean in a sterile and sleek way, but it’s filled with quirk and graffiti. likey like.


i also went to steam whistle brewery and went on a tour! it was pretty interesting, and i also love their retro-style bottle! too bad they don’t export though.


that’s the first report from the 6! more pics are coming, so brace yourselves. xx



här kommer en första titt på toronto genom mobilen! det var duggigt när jag kom, men cn tower var så snyggt i dimman ändå. prommade runt downtown och spenderade massor av tid i gulliga kensington market som är fullt av vintage. hat gått på bryggeritour också och spanat på graffiti. så fint det är här! mer bilder kommer asap. puss och glad söndag. <3

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