eight just really really cute dogs.

hello post-thanksgiving monday. maybe this day is a slow one for you, if you have been out traveling like me, or in general (cause being tired is kind of  like what mondays are for, i guess).
so, no long serious post here today—let’s just look at some of my favorite types of dogs!! because why not. there’s never a wrong occasion for pups.

shar pei.


shar peis are sooooo funny, cause they kind of look like sea cows? and i find that kind of funny. in general, i like “ugly-cute” dogs rather than *beautiful* dogs (like labradors) or *cute-cute* dogs (like shih tzus). love this squishy sea cow face however.



because EARS! and PAWS!! i sometimes can’t even believe that a dog with ears like this even EXISTS. but they do and that makes me so so happy.

french bulldog.


ok yes, this is like the #1 trend dog the last couple of years, but i guess it deserves to be mentioned anyways. i especially like this toasted color with lighter body and darker facial features. and HUGE ears please.



ok so greyhound definitely doesn’t fit in to my typical type of favorite dog (usually fat and squishy), but for some reason i really like greyhounds! they seem so humble and brittle. and cute with their little whiskers and thin shaky bodies.



ok, another pretty trendy dog here but HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE A CORGI though. short little legs, long dachshund-kind of bodies, ginormous ears and always A HUGE SMILE. plus wiggly walk. i cannot even with this breed. *cries*

english bulldog.


hehe, the fatter and duller version of the frenchie, plus hanging ears instead of pointy. i love how they walk slowly with their chubby little bods, and are generally unimpressed with the world.

chow chow.


omg this bear dog :'(((( <3 chow chows are like small brown polar bears with CRAZY thick fur. i just met a 10 month-old in toronto and DIED. i can’t really understand how they can see through all that fur? :)))) and also, did you know their tongues are blue?? <3



but the greatest dog of all time is the shiba, after all. hilarious, cute, and stubborn all at once. three of the best qualities, i mean who wouldn’t want to be perceived like that? i know i would. LOVE ALL OF U SHIBAS OUT THERE <33333

what are your favorite dogs? let me know and lighten up my monday a bit.

and p.s: don’t worry, i’m not getting one (not yet hehe). i know i’m not at the point in life to be able to care for a dog, and i’m also aware of the many things that have to be taken in account when getting a dog, as well as some of the problems the different breeds have. WORRY NOT.



åtta av de gulligaste hundraserna jag vet! på en trött måndag liksom. vad är era favvosar??
bilderna kommer från [min pinterest].

5 thoughts on “eight just really really cute dogs.

  1. rebecca says:

    alltså corgi är min favorit! tänk bara queen elizabeths alla små vovvar. älskar dock chow chow och greyhounds. inget slår golden valpar dock. eller spaniel <3

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