cute new york insta moments.

i haven’t done one of these posts in a while, so i thought we’d do one today and take a look at some cute moments from my insta feed lately since i moved to new york!


the afterglow of the sunset + a little bright moon at waterside wall street seen from south street seaport. that building to the right is where i work btw!

shooting in lowlight is so much funner with an iPhone 7 ???? also funner is a perfectly ok word. goodnight from shining-quietly-in-the-night new york city and a tired me. yea. no for real i should sleep goodnight

this one is from when me and jens took a late night stroll on the west side along the water and into tribeca. can you believe this is from my phone? iphone 7 is so great is lowlight!! gah


after leaving san francisco and my #1 mvp siri, i flew to los angeles for 31h for the swedish festival stockholm, ca and got to reunite with her for 24 hours <3

so, i made friends with the flight crew from new york to los angeles on friday night. tonight, i met up with them again + their other entourage (12 people in total) down on the ground here in manhattan and went for dinner. sometimes life, traveling alone, and an open mind can lead you to great things (like amazing pasta) ???

also, on my plane ride there, i made friends with two guys from the flight crew. i met up with them (+10 more of their crew colleagues!) when they were in new york about a week later and had dinner. awesome right??? (why traveling alone rocks.)

here i am looking serious af but am actually really excited over being at opening ceremony because every single thing in there is so darn pretty

selfie at opening ceremony, where everything is so darn PRETTY

freckly six month-old office angel

one of our many office dogs. this might be my favorite though—arnold. a six month-old freckly little teddybear.

and despite all, there is a sun that will rise tomorrow.

the day following the election was the only gray and rainy day here in new york city. very appropriate. at dusk, the new york stock exchange was lit up like this and it was sad and terrible everything but also beautiful, and everything all at once.


magic view from our office.

woke up to a sunny new york saturday and found myself in a lower east side kitchen where a stranger handed me a dreamy brunch instantly when i stepped in the door????? what is life

this past saturday, one of my oldest friends from grade school who i went to the same class with growing up in sweden (who also lives here in nyc) said that i should join him for brunch at his friend’s place. i had never met her, but immediately when i stepped in the door, she handed me a dreamy sandwich? eh PEOPLE tbh <3 and then we ate what felt like 30 pounds of cheese and got a lil day drunk. saturdays though.

HAPPY FRIDAY ?? here's a pic of me so you don't forget how i look and a pic of me smiling so that i don't forget how to smile (because that's apparently important in this patriarchy LOLOL JK (or not really joking but w/e) have a great weekend guys)

and finally, here’s a selfie slash outfit pic for friday’s thanksgiving party with work!

double-tap these and 1315 more of my insta gems at and have a lovely  tuesday! <3


tio glimtar från min instagram på senaste! typ som när jag käkade pasta med ett flygcrew jag lärde känna på planet till LA sist, en gullig valp på mitt jobb, den fantastiska utsikten från vårt kontor eller brunchmackan min barndomskompis gustavs kompis räckte mig sekunden jag steg in i hennes lägenhet i lördags. typ sånt. detta och mer på på insta som vanligt såklart. puss och gla tisdag!

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