about being afraid of walking alone at night, what i find hot, and my mental strength.


what does the last text you sent say? and to whom?
“It was super cute!! First post here: http://vickys.se/ 🙂” about toronto, to my relatively new friend gbenga!

what does the last text you received say? and from whom?
“Thanks!” from my also new friend rei, who was one of the flight attendants i befriended when i flew from new york to los angeles last time.

what time do you wake up most mornings?
7 am if i’m going to the gym, 8 otherwise.

are you afraid of walking alone at night?
not as afraid as i should (???) be??

what do you do to relax at the end of a stressful day?
sit in bed with my blog (like right now).


do you enjoy your job?
so i’m interning at an ad agency here in new york as you might know. and i LOVE IT.

have you ever been offered drugs but declined?

have you ever met someone who has completely altered your way of thinking?
probably several of my close friends. one of the two jens-es i know has a very unique way to approach nutrition and innovation, and has taught me a lot of interesting things about those fields.

tell us something that turns you on.
guys who take initiative.

what is something you have given a lot of thought to lately?
the future. where i’m gonna end up, how it’s all gonna work out. IF it’s gonna work out (but hopefully somehow, it will).

saturday with siri.

when did you last swallow your beliefs to avoid an argument or confrontation?
probably like … today. it would’ve created trouble to say something out loud, but inside my head, i totally disagreed with the way someone was generalizing people. (but don’t worry peeps, i usually speak up—there is just a time and place not to, as well.)

do you usually initiate hugs?
if it’s people i know, yes! if i just know someone slightly, i’m always stressed out to make other people uncomfortable and wait until they initiate the hug. but i’m always happy to hug people! so take note!

are you a very affectionate person?
VERY. once i’m comfortable with someone. but before that point, i might come off as either 1) much cooler than i am, 2) awkward, 3) weird, 4) anxious? i don’t really know tbh.

what are you looking forward to?
just knowing about my next step in life.

do you have any tattoos. do you want any/more?
you know i do! i might get some more, yeah. but not yet.

one photo every hour. august.

are you mentally strong?
i literally have no idea what to answer here. in some aspects, i’d say i’m stronger than most, and in some aspects weaker than most. (lol.) so, to be more detailed, i’ve lived through lots of trauma growing up that had made me strong, but i also stress out REALLY easily in everyday life and get anxious about small things.

are you physically strong?
not extremely, but i think i’m stronger than i look, yes! i work out a lot, but i’m also a little, like, chubby, so you can’t really see my muscles, hehe.

do you think you’re a good person?
i want to be! i hope i am. that’s all i want to be.

name one thing you wish you could change about your life right now.
having a green card would be nice???

what do you usually eat for breakfast?
protein shake usually in the morning, and then coffee and a little snack (like a babybel or cashews) when i get to work. hehe.




den ärliga listan om vad jag tänder på, min mentala styrka och om jag är rädd att gå ensam på natten. och sånt.

6 thoughts on “about being afraid of walking alone at night, what i find hot, and my mental strength.

  1. Malin says:

    tack för den ärliga titten :) jag kan inte sätta fingret på vad det är som gör det, men jag gillade den här listan och jag gillade dina svar. alltså svaren fick mig att gilla dig ännu mer!

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