a message from right now.

presents from me to me.

golden gate bridge.

it’s tuesday night and i’m about to go to sleep. there is an election going on in this very moment, one i didn’t really care about but that is creeping under my skin the later it gets, the more i scroll through news feeds and twitter posts.

i am tired and stressed out about the future, a little bit for america, and a little bit for myself. i like new york and i miss california at the same time. the hard part is that i don’t know where i’ll be in 1,5 months, which makes it confusing inside. hard to set my mind on something, hard to calibrate the heart.

for now, i’m making the best out of every day. i turn the face towards the sun every day it’s shining, because those days are numerous, thank god, and manhattan shimmers in gold and red. the days it’s cold or rainy, i stay inside, i write until my mind is exhausted, i edit pictures and try to do more work, work harder. on weekends, i make sure to sleep enough and be outdoors enough—enough of both. it’s all i can do to encapsulate this fall.

i’m gonna go to sleep now. i hope to wake up to an america that isn’t about to derail (whatever that might mean…). however, every new day i can spend in this country i’m thankful. it’s not a given, and that’s why ‘m trying to treasure it. every moment, to feel it. i’m doing my best this november.


en uppdatering från en tisdagsnatt, precis innan valresultatet.jag är lite nervös men mest trött. och så en ovisshet om var jag kommer vara om två månader ovanpå det då. men jag ska göra mitt bästa för att fånga denna november iallafall. jag gör mitt bästa.

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