a marc jacobs frenzy.

if you’ve been reading my blog for the past few years, you’d know that i love marc by marc jacobs a lot. unfortunately, they’ve closed down that line a few months ago (but marc jacobs still exists though).

i’ve been looking for a new wallet, since the one i have is 4+ years old and i wanted to switch it out. BUT to be honest i’ve been buying so much marc jacobs stuff since i came to the u.s. that i was hesitant towards a wallet from there too, even though i love them in order not to look like a total clown with marc jacobs everything.
(note: i did have one ages ago, but it got stolen shortly after i had bought it :( )

BUT, a couple of days ago there was a marc jacobs sample sale here in new york city, and—that makes it ok, right? it’s a good and cheap way to buy otherwise pretty expensive stuff. so i grabbed robert and went there. after standing in a line that wrapped around the block i got out with the following:

marc jacobs.

yep—a wallet indeed. a white one, this time, after having a dark brown one for years.

marc jacobs.


marc jacobs.

and dark red on the inside.

marc jacobs.

this fluffball, for when it gets colder.

marc jacobs.

as well as a cashmere scarf to go with it.

marc jacobs.

plus a green top!

a pretty colorful mix, i’d say. yay new stuff!


har tänkt köpa en ny plånbok ett tag eftersom den jag hade var så gammal och började bli ledsen. har sneglat på marc jacobs-plånböcker pga tycker om dem så mkt, men ville försöka undvika det pga ser ut som en clown med marc jacobs allting liksom, väska, datorfodral, nycklar osv.
MEN sen visade det sig att marc jacobs hade en sample sale i soho precis någon dag efter, och då var det ju ändå befogat att handla där. fick med mig en plånbok, mössa, kashmirhalsduk och stickad tröja för under en hundring (dollar då alltså). kap ändå.

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