three amazing things about donald trump.

i’m sure most of you are wondering how the phrases “amazing” and “donald turmp” can belong in the same sentence. but it’s true, i promise! here they are:

someone created a tool to donate money to hillary’s campaign every time trump tweets.


after a buzzfeed editor made a joke about it, some people actually built a tool where people can sign up to donate money to hillary’s campaign every time trump tweets (of course they did, because, internet).

donald trump’s handwriting is now a font called “tiny hand”.


after collecting trump’s handwriting from some scribbles on ripped-out articles about him (“BAD WRITER”, “OH REALLY!”, etc), some buzzfeed people (always buzzfeed <3) created this trump font, called tiny hand. all of you designers and art directors out there, download it and go make something with it, because it’s too funny to not be used.

the food truck “donald trump’s BS” launches in portland.


BS … as in ‘baloney sandwiches’, right? the ad agency wieden+kennedy have launched a temporary foodtruck in portland serving a variety of (real) baloney sandwiches, like the “middle class hero: four slices of bankruptcy along with 3500 individual lawsuits regarding unpaid bills”. yum.

p.s. if i was to vote, there’s another candidate who just released his campaign speech that i would most likely consider. d.s.


tre fantastiska grejer om donald trump.

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