the worst list.

san francisco.

the worst food: i’m surprisingly non-picky with food. i love all cuisines, and i’m usually fine with eating pretty much whatever if it doesn’t contain meat. EXCEPT DONUTS. i generally love everything fatty and sugary, but donuts i just cannot take. ugh.

the worst weather: wet, windy snow. blowing right in your face and creeping inside your clothes. reason #498 why i don’t live in sweden
the worst music: meaningless pop songs (i was trying to google a specific one i heard a while back that kind of went like “sometimes i laugh, sometimes i cry, sometimes i’m happy, sometimes i’m sad, sometimes i’m rich, sometimes i’m poor” but i could’t find it and i don’t remember the exact lyrics. it seriously PROVOKED me) and maybe some waily r’n’b.

the worst time of day: 4:45 a.m. no doubt. whether it’s because of staying up late at an after party or getting up early to like catch a flight, that’s definitely always the absolute worst time ot be awake for me.

my worst mood: hangry. oh my god, stay away. i get bitchy, and upset, and emotional, and i can even start crying. *i’m sorry for what i said when i was hungry* :(((

the worst thing i own: probably all the things i don’t use that i haven’t thrown away yet because i HATE HOARDING :( just thinking about old like cd-rs with random music burned to them in some old box makes me shiver.

the worst personality traits: not letting other people finish talking. being privileged and using that to your advantage without doing anything about it (like racism and classism). not having empathy for other people.



en liten lista om allt det som är sämst. hittad (och översatt från) elsa.

6 thoughts on “the worst list.

  1. Nastasja says:

    Hahah +1 på hangry. Det är lite läskigt hur en blir helt orimlig i det tillståndet. Och håller med om att det värsta är när folk inte låter folk prata till punkt; blir alltid rädd att jag är sån efter jag träffat nya människor. Vet att jag blir så ivrig och bara vill prataprataprata, ugh.

  2. Julia says:

    Okej, måste liksom pga blir tokig av sånt här.

    Är det:
    Sometimes med Britney Spears?
    Emotional girl med TERRI CLARK?
    Sometimes med SOCIAL DISTORTION? (Näää, det är väl inte pop iofs)

    • Vicky says:

      update: forsokt googla annu mer och undrar om det kan vara hannah montana’s “ordinary girl”? osaker om det var den, tror det jag tankte pa var annu meningslosare liksom, men kanske. heh

      och nastajsa: menar inte sa! jag ar ocka prat-ivrig. menar typ pa ett arrogant och “slutdiskuterat”-satt.

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