i have new shoes!

puma creepers.

these badboys. puma creepers.

puma creepers.

in black suede.

puma creepers.

with a white thick ribbed sole.

puma creepers.

actually, i was looking at rihanna’s puma x fenty, but then realized that her creeper design had a baby blue sole instead of a white one .. and that just doesn’t work for me. but then it turned out puma had these black and white ones that look pretty much the same. so yay!

puma creepers.

excited to take them out on nyc adventures. hopefully, there will be no more rain (like this weekend). fingers x’ed!


jag har nya pjucks! svarta creepers från puma i svart mocka och tuggummivit sula. pepp på en torr new york-höst nu.

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