internet harvest.

hello tuesday and all you babes out there. i’ve found a bunch of things on the internet that i love that i wanna show you. here goes:

the kids from stranger things are THE CUTEST. i wish i was 10+ years younger and their bff.  <3


what animals would look like if they had eyes in front. heavily important article right hea

someone compiled clips of people screwing up in infomercials and made a music video to the smiths’ please please please, let me get what i want. so very weird and unsettling in a peculiar way.


the world’s 50 best bars list is out. good for me—i’ve managed to go to all the three san francisco bars on the list (two of them were also included in my sf guide), i ‘ve been to the only stockholm one that’s one the list with anna maría long time ago, and #1 on the list is just 3 blocks away from where i work now!


adam pizurny tributes 60’s op art in the form of monochrome gifs.


observant filmmaker reveals movie scenes directly influenced by famous paintings.


sex fina grejer från internet på sistone. gla tisdag!

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