happy halloween!

happy halloween monday! i hope all of you are either dressing up to work/school/whatever today, or that you did this weekend. i celebrated both friday and saturday. my outfit for this year is at the bottom of this post, but first, let’s look at the past year’s halloween outfits:



in 2011, i lived in nice and dressed up as a playing card, with decorated nails and crazy purple lashes.




in 2012, i celebrated halloween twice—once in stockholm and once in västerås. one outfit was a little more classic halloween (dead schoolgirl) while the other one was a clown—a little more colorful, with rainbow lashes and striped nails.



2013 was a pretty lame year, haha. both me, carl-hampus and jonath kind of half-assed our costumes. oh well, at least i celebrated double the year before!


halloween 2014.

2014 was my first halloween in the u.s., and i dressed up as firefox! the web browser, that is.



last year, i also celebrated in san francisco, and went as major trouble. :)


halloween 2016.

vampire! or more like vampire light. this was on friday and i was gonna be at work all day so i couldn’t go TOO crazy.

halloween 2016.

i love dressing up though. what did you dress up as this year?


glad halloween! här är mina utklädnader senaste fem åren plus i år då, när jag gick som vampyr (eller typ lightversion iallafall). vad klädde ni ut er till i år?

7 thoughts on “happy halloween!

  1. Anna María says:

    Men alltså, jag klädde inte ens ut mig i år. Det är helt sjukt. Jag ÄLSKAR ju det. Men livet och tidsbrist kom i vägen. Jag behövde en paus och låg hemma i soffan i lördags (när Sverige verkade fira Halloween). Får ta revanch näst år!

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