going to LA for 30 hours.

yes! it’s true. on friday night, i hop on a plane back to ♥♥♥california♥♥♥ and then back to new york on sunday morning. 12 h plane ride for 30 h in cali? FOR WHAT?


for the swedish festival stockholm, CA, of course! when i was still back in SF, i was thinking about going down to this, but then suddenly i moved to new york out of nowhere and i (naturally) cancelled those plans.
but thanks to lovely miss sandra who hooked me up, i’m going anyways! ☼ ♥ merci merci merci.
(and take wth me my partner in crime siri, who i’ve been missing so so much after just 1,5 weeks away from san francisco.)



and for maggio, mingling, and pripps blå, 12 h on a plane to hang out in cali for 30 hours is ok after all, don’t you think?


åker tvärs över landet och tillbaka för att hänga i los angeles i trettio timmar. aha vadårå? jo ska gå på festival! svenska endagsfestivalen stockholm, ca. ska krama om siri som jag redan saknat så det är jobbigt, dansa med [sandra] (som även ordnat detta tack <33 x 100) och mingla hela natten helst. kalifornien å herregud coming 4 u ☼

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