happy halloween!

happy halloween monday! i hope all of you are either dressing up to work/school/whatever today, or that you did this weekend. i celebrated both friday and saturday. my outfit for this year is at the bottom of this post, but first, let’s look at the past year’s halloween outfits:



in 2011, i lived in nice and dressed up as a playing card, with decorated nails and crazy purple lashes.




in 2012, i celebrated halloween twice—once in stockholm and once in västerås. one outfit was a little more classic halloween (dead schoolgirl) while the other one was a clown—a little more colorful, with rainbow lashes and striped nails.



2013 was a pretty lame year, haha. both me, carl-hampus and jonath kind of half-assed our costumes. oh well, at least i celebrated double the year before!


halloween 2014.

2014 was my first halloween in the u.s., and i dressed up as firefox! the web browser, that is.



last year, i also celebrated in san francisco, and went as major trouble. :)


halloween 2016.

vampire! or more like vampire light. this was on friday and i was gonna be at work all day so i couldn’t go TOO crazy.

halloween 2016.

i love dressing up though. what did you dress up as this year?


glad halloween! här är mina utklädnader senaste fem åren plus i år då, när jag gick som vampyr (eller typ lightversion iallafall). vad klädde ni ut er till i år?

the instagram tunnel in chelsea and dinner in brooklyn.

happy friday, guys! weekend in just a few hours. let’s look at the second part of my sunday (you already know the first part).

chelsea and brooklyn.

so after the market in dumbo, i took the subway back to manhattan and grabbed a cappuccino from the pretty coffee place terremoto in chelsea.

chelsea and brooklyn.

and then met up with jens! i’m sure most of you remember him. we’ve already hung out a few times here, although i haven’t caught him on camera yet. we used to go to school together in stockholm, then moved to san francisco, traveled to hawaii together, and now both of us live here in nyc! one of my top people.

chelsea and brooklyn.

my new iphone 7 is already acting up, so we took a quick trip to apple store.

chelsea and brooklyn.

and then decided to walk around chelsea while the sun still was up.


jens took me here! but what is it?

chelsea and brooklyn.

an instagram tunnel!

chelsea and brooklyn.

it’s samsung’s place (store? offices? building?) where you can connect your insta handle and see your life flash by your eyes, quite literally.

chelsea and brooklyn.


chelsea and brooklyn.

we took a little walk down along the west side. hi world trade center.

chelsea and brooklyn.

and when the sun started setting, we walked towards the subway to go to brooklyn.

chelsea and brooklyn.

so that’s what we did. to bushwick. this is where jens, madde and johan live!

chelsea and brooklyn.

soon, it was time to go just two floors down, where our also-stockholm-to-san francisco-to-new-york friends axel and hanna live. very convenient!

chelsea and brooklyn.

the reason for our visit was a dinner that was happening. here’s madde, johan, hanna and axel pre-gaming for the food. or just sitting and surviving the hunger (at least, that’s what i was trying to do).

chelsea and brooklyn.

chelsea and brooklyn.

both axel, hanna, jens and madde are designers and their walls are filled with lovely art. both their own and others’.

chelsea and brooklyn.

chelsea and brooklyn.

had so much fun hanging out with this gang again. moving to a new city is lonely, but having old friends around helps a lot. <3


andra delen av min söndag. mötte upp jens i chelsea och vi gick genom samsungs instagramtunnel, hängde på apple store och prommade längs west side vid vattnet innan det var dags att åka till bushwick där både han, madde, johan, hanna och axel bor (alla vi är allså stockholm till sf till new york-kompisar!). det var middag på g och så himlans trevligt att hänga med det här gänget igen.

ten things from my bucket list.

nassau / the bahamas.



havana / cuba.

→ pick chantarelles.

→ go to the salt flats in bolivia (here is a list of 11 places i wanna travel to, by the way).

→ write my name in wet concrete with someone i like.

→ do bungee jumping.

→ pet a koala <3

→ take a bath with a bath bomb (nope, never done it).

→ see the northern lights.

→ participate in the swedish game show “vem vet mest?” with my friend christoffer (with whom i used to watch every single episode).

→ travel along the transsibirian railway.

→ lock a lock with someone i like on a bridge (hopeless romantic).

a walk with alex.

bbq party.

summer hangout.

bernal heights with patty.


tio grejer från min bucket list:
→ plocka kantareller.
→ åka till saltöknen i bolivia.
→ skriva mitt namn i betong med nån jag gillar.
→ hoppa bungeejump.
→ klappa en koala <3
→ bada med badbomb (nä, aldrig gjort).
→ se norrsken.
→ vara med i vem vet mest?
→ åka transsibiriska!
→ låsa ett hånglås med nån jag gillar på en bro (hopplös romantiker).

a post about fat people.

fatter irl.

this weekend, i went to an art show in brooklyn. since it’s in new york, what else could be expected than it taking place in a run-down warehouse?

fatter irl.

it was called fatter irl, and was an art exhibit featuring only fat/queer artists.

fatter irl.

on the subject of pleasure, for example.

fatter irl.

these cute illustrations of fat fashion babes were for example by an artist from portland.

fatter irl.

fatter irl.

pretty. <3

fatter irl.

the whole exhibit was like big a bodypositive tribute of inclusion and diversity. SO good and SO important. this needs to ba talked about more in mainstream media.

fatter irl.

when can we come to a point where “fat” isn’t a word with an inherent negative value? maybe some day in the future, looks won’t even have to be valued at all—but until then, can’t we just understand that “fat” is a descriptive word like any other adjective? like skinny, quiet, solid, transparent, or blonde. if we still absolutely NEED to put value in people’s looks, let’s at least value fat and skinny equally. it’s important, it needs to happen now and everywhere. bodypositivity saves lives. hollywood as it is today kills lives. it might sound dramatic but it’s true. there is so much damage to our mental health because of the way we see bodies and their made-up values today. please, give this a thought. talk about it with people. spread it.

fatter irl.

so that some day, 12 sad sarcastic tips about why fat girls are better can belong to the past.

fatter irl.

also—god hates flags. that was all.


jag var på en tjock/queer-utställning i helgen. mkt intressant, men främst SÅ viktigt med kroppspositivitet. NÄR kommer den dagen då “fet” och “smal” har samma värde? det borde hända nu, det borde ha hänt redan igår.

dagens smalideal dödar. detta är så jävla viktigt. sprid.

q&a: about creativity, dream projects and my dream house.

here are some more q&a’s from you guys! previous part about new york and where i would/wouldn’t want to live can be found here.

infinity middle ring.

what’s you best tips for when you’re in a creatively bad period (day/week/month/year) and everything stands still inside your head, or doesn’t go as planned once you actually do something? how do you get through these days, if you experience them?

of course i have days like that! i do two things:
1) force myself to create stuff anyways. training creativity is like training the body—it gets stronger the more you train. and just like training physically, it feels absolutely awful some days, but by keeping on doing it, you move forward and get better. this blog is a good example of creating something every day, no matter what. it’s not every day that i have amazing blog inspiration, but doing it every day helps me get better at creating stuff, which helps me out in my profession working in advertising for example.
2) take in other people’s creativity instead. to be able to create, we need inspiration. looking at others and their creations (whether it’s art, tv shows, movies, music, blogs, photos, writing, you name it) helps our own creativity grow. not always consciously—but undoubtedly under the surface.

out and about in san francisco.

do you have a dream project you’d like to work on?

in my professional life, i love being in advertising on the agency side, but would also love to be back on the company side in a big tech company (some of you might remember that i interned for apple last year), working with copy, communication, speech, AI, or something in that realm.

personally, i would like to publish something. probably not a novel, but something slightly different. no jinxing, though…

out and about in san francisco.

if you could design your house/flat any way you’d want, what are the most important things in/about it?

windows, lighting, and the view. those things (especially the amount of natural light) is SO important to me. and then, if i could choose, i’d have herringbone floors, a bath tub with lion paws and a piano. maybe a pretty high ceiling, lots of mirrors, glass, plants … hmm. something like that.

bernal heights.


vad är ditt bästa tips när en är inne i en “dålig period” (dag/vecka/månad/år) av kreativitet och allt liksom står still i huvudet + inte blir som en tänkt sig när en väl gör något ändå? hur tar du dig igenom dessa dagar, om du har sådana?

klart jag har såna dagar! jag gör två grejer:

1) tvingar mig själv att skapa nåt ändå. att träna kreativitet är som att träna kroppen — den blir starkare ju mer man tränar. och precis som fysisk träning så känns det absolut svinjobbigt vissa dagar, men genom att fortsätta göra det så rör man sig framåt och blir bättre. bloggen är ett bra exempel på att skapa nånting varje dag, oavsett. det är inte varje dag jag har fantastisk blogginspo, men genom att göra det varje dag blir jag bättre på att skapa grejer vilket sedan också hjälper mig i mitt yrke inom reklam till exempel.

2) ta in andra människors kreativitet istället. för att kunna skapa saker behöver vi inspiration. genom att kolla på andras skapelser (oavsett om det är konst, tv-serier, filmer, musik, bloggar, foton, skrivande, vad som), så hjälper vi vår egen kreativitet att gro. inte alltid medvetet — men alltid under ytan.

har du ett drömprojekt du skulle vilja jobba på?

i mitt yrkesliv, så älskar jag att vara på byråsidan, men hade gärna också gått tillbaka till företagssidan på ett stort techföretag (vissa minns kanske att jag praktiserade på apple förra sommaren) och jobba me copy, kommunikation, tal, AI, nåt sånt.

på ett personligt plan hade jag vela gått nåt utgivet. inte en roman kanske, utan nåt lite annorlunda. inget jinxande dock…

om du kunde designa ditt hus/lägenhet hur du ville, vilka är de viktigaste punkterna?

fönster, ljussättning och utsikt. de grejerna (speciellt mängden naturligt ljus) är SÅ viktigt för mig. och sen, om jag fick välja, hade jag haft fiskbensparkett, ett badkar med lejontassar och ett piano. kanske rätt högt i tak, mycket speglar, glas, plantor … hmm. nåt sånt.

under the manhattan bridge.


i had such a lovely sunday. woke up to this view outside my window. which i do every day, not only on sundays, but still. extra sunny this day—and extra time to actually appreciate it!


i went to yoga, and then had yoghurt with walnuts and honey (+ coffee + a cheese stick) for breakfast.


this is only my third weekend living in nyc. the first weekend, it rained nonstop. the second weekend, i spent in california, but this weekend, it was finally sun PLUS i was not at work, so i could enjoy the breakfast on the balcony! ahhh.


after breakfast, i went for adventures in brooklyn. to dumbo, more specifically.


dumbo stands for down under manhattan bridge overpass, and this is the actual manhattan bridge. hi! haven’t seen you since may.


look here in this tunnel! a market. v cool.


there were all kinds of stuff. from carpets,


to touristy vinyl cutouts.


this beer beacon stood majestically in the middle.


i continued on out to the other side.


through mirrors, wallets, and vintage furs.


baseball supplies, college shirts, and old perfume bottles. cute.


the best thing was that the air was crisp like a *real* fall day. i always prefer summer over anything, but i must say i’ve missed a fall day like this one. perfect for a day out and about in nyc.


i walked over to brooklyn bridge as well and checked out manhattan. do you see the building looking like a tall turquoise box to the left? the building immediately to the left of that one (the “wedding cake”) is where i work—so it’s rare to see it from this side!

gah it was so beautiful and perfect here. after this, i grabbed a burger at shake shack and then went back to manhattan, but that deserves its own post. happy monday!


kolla fina söndagen i new york! kändes som en första gång typ, för första helgen sedan jag flyttade hit regnade det massivt, andra helgen (förra) var jag ju i cali, så det var första soliga lediga dagen för mig liksom. pepp! jag åkte till dumbo och njöt av oktobersolen och kikade runt på marknaden där. så fint! vädret gör så mkt alltså gudars. även första gången i brooklyn sedan jag flyttade hit på riktigt också. mkt fint, mvg.

three amazing things about donald trump.

i’m sure most of you are wondering how the phrases “amazing” and “donald turmp” can belong in the same sentence. but it’s true, i promise! here they are:

someone created a tool to donate money to hillary’s campaign every time trump tweets.


after a buzzfeed editor made a joke about it, some people actually built a tool where people can sign up to donate money to hillary’s campaign every time trump tweets (of course they did, because, internet).

donald trump’s handwriting is now a font called “tiny hand”.


after collecting trump’s handwriting from some scribbles on ripped-out articles about him (“BAD WRITER”, “OH REALLY!”, etc), some buzzfeed people (always buzzfeed <3) created this trump font, called tiny hand. all of you designers and art directors out there, download it and go make something with it, because it’s too funny to not be used.

the food truck “donald trump’s BS” launches in portland.


BS … as in ‘baloney sandwiches’, right? the ad agency wieden+kennedy have launched a temporary foodtruck in portland serving a variety of (real) baloney sandwiches, like the “middle class hero: four slices of bankruptcy along with 3500 individual lawsuits regarding unpaid bills”. yum.

p.s. if i was to vote, there’s another candidate who just released his campaign speech that i would most likely consider. d.s.


tre fantastiska grejer om donald trump.

stockholm in california.

let’s check out the second part of the saturday when i went to los angeles over a day. first half can be found here.

stockholm ca.

so, after the museum of broken relationships, me and siri jumped in an uber.

stockholm ca.

to this house up in the hollywood hills.

stockholm ca.

where sandra was staying!

stockholm ca.

and valerie and elsa too.

stockholm ca.

we had beer and champagne on the balcony.

stockholm ca.

and took pictures. and there’s gustav in his face mask too, hi :))

stockholm ca.

outside our little balcony oasis, the trees were big and green and warm and golden.

stockholm ca.

daniel in the far back joined us as well and we babbled about stockholm and jetlag and the festival we were heading off to shortly after. clinked and cheered about being in los angeles, and then jumped into some cabs that were gonna take us downtown to stockholm, ca. exciting!

stockholm ca.

we arrived just in the beginning of queen veronica maggio’s concert. she slayed as per usual!!

stockholm ca.

“music by sweden, weather by california” was the tagline of this festival. and indeed :)))

stockholm ca.

nause were there.

stockholm ca.

but first and foremost, this one. hanging out with siri in cali for a day healed my homesick heart a little. <3

stockholm ca.

icona pop played and people were waving with swedish flags. the place was packed with swedes, obviously.

stockholm ca.

beer brand pripps blå were there and had set up these classic swedish huts. cute.

stockholm ca.

then rebecca & fiona played. i doubt this is a picture of them but let’s pretend it is.

stockholm ca.

we alternated between jumping around at the concerts and mingling in the vip lounge. also saw that jason aka timbuktu was hanging around, but i didn’t chat with him and now i regret it because we’re supposed to get married and live happily forever after?!?! (which i made clear already in 2013.) goddamn it, vicky.

stockholm ca.

and then we watched little dragon and had moscow mules until it got late and me and siri grabbed an uber to the hotel to get a little sleep since we were getting up at 6 am the next morning (but then it turned out that my flight was 4h delayed anyways :(((((( ). however SO worth flying across the country for a day in california. that state literally gives me LIFE. plus hanging out with lovely people and listen to swedish music = +++++.

now i can live through the rest of october and november! thanks all. <3


här e andra delen av min dag i LA! efter musum of broken relationships hoppade jag och siri in i en taxi upp till hollywood hills där bl a sandra, gustav, valerie, och elsa bodde. vi skålade i öl och champagne på balkongen och pratade o stockholm, jetlag och veronica maggio innan det var dags att beställa taxis så vi kunde åka ner till festivalen stockholm, ca — som ju var hela anledningen till att vi var där.

vi ramlade in precis när veronica började spela, precis lika bra som alltid såklart, minst. så kollade vi på nause, icona pop, rebecca & fiona och little dragon varvat med mat, mingel och dans hela kvallen tills det blev natt och dags att sova så jag och siri kunde komma upp klockan 06 dagen efter för att flyga hem till våra respektive kuster.

kort men fint. så värt att flyga över landet för att få hänga lite i kalifornien ändå. speciellt med guldiga kompisar och maggio. hurra! <3

the worst list.

san francisco.

the worst food: i’m surprisingly non-picky with food. i love all cuisines, and i’m usually fine with eating pretty much whatever if it doesn’t contain meat. EXCEPT DONUTS. i generally love everything fatty and sugary, but donuts i just cannot take. ugh.

the worst weather: wet, windy snow. blowing right in your face and creeping inside your clothes. reason #498 why i don’t live in sweden
the worst music: meaningless pop songs (i was trying to google a specific one i heard a while back that kind of went like “sometimes i laugh, sometimes i cry, sometimes i’m happy, sometimes i’m sad, sometimes i’m rich, sometimes i’m poor” but i could’t find it and i don’t remember the exact lyrics. it seriously PROVOKED me) and maybe some waily r’n’b.

the worst time of day: 4:45 a.m. no doubt. whether it’s because of staying up late at an after party or getting up early to like catch a flight, that’s definitely always the absolute worst time ot be awake for me.

my worst mood: hangry. oh my god, stay away. i get bitchy, and upset, and emotional, and i can even start crying. *i’m sorry for what i said when i was hungry* :(((

the worst thing i own: probably all the things i don’t use that i haven’t thrown away yet because i HATE HOARDING :( just thinking about old like cd-rs with random music burned to them in some old box makes me shiver.

the worst personality traits: not letting other people finish talking. being privileged and using that to your advantage without doing anything about it (like racism and classism). not having empathy for other people.



en liten lista om allt det som är sämst. hittad (och översatt från) elsa.

about the move to new york, and other places i would(n’t) live in.

new york.

i’m wondering about how it feels now with the move to new york? have you managed to land yet after such short time, or do you more than anything want to go back to sf?

to be honest, it’s hard to tell. i started working the day after i moved here from cali, and have been working from at least 9 am to like 8.30 pm almost every day. conclusion—have probably not landed yet…

and i feel like it’s really hard to talk about this, but i miss san francisco so bad. both when i flew from san francisco here for the move a few weeks ago, and when i flew back from los angeles a couple of days ago, i cried so much on the plane. the ad agency i’m at i nyc is totally amazing and i have fun at work every day, but i’m also 100% convinced i will be back in sf at one point or another. just gonna do a little bit of new york first.


are there any other place in the u.s. you would like to try out living in (if you wouldn’t focus on work)? and is there any place you’d never want to live in? why?

honestly—not really. i don’t know where that would be. several of the places i’ve visited (like portland, or hawaii) are awesome, but there’s nowhere other than san francisco (oh well, and new york) where i feel i’d want to live.

as for places where i wouldn’t want to live—they’re numerous. i’m pretty picky……i don’t like cold places, i don’t like small towns, but also not huge places that require a car (like 95% of american cities do). it needs to be a big and walkable city (just like sf and new york). even sunny miami or los angeles, i would never ever want to live in. it feels impossible to get around and isolated … i know i’d immediately feel lonely.

or actually! chicago! or at least after being there in the summer, i feel like i could. don’t hold me to it for the chicago winter though…



jag undrar lite hur det känns i magen nu efter flytten och allt? liksom, har du hunnit landa på denna korta tid, eller vill du fortfarande mer än allt tillbaka till sf?

det är svårt att säga…jag började jobba dagen efter att jag flyttade hit från cali, och har jobbat åtminstone 9-20.30 typ varje dag. slutsats—nä, har nog inte hunnit landa när jag tänker efter…

och—det känns svårt att prata om det här, men jag sinar san francisco så mycket. både när jag flög från san francisco för flytten några veckor sedan, och när jag kom tillbaka från los angeles nu i helgen, grät jag så mycket på flyget. reklambyrån jag är på här i new york är fantastisk och jag har kul på jobbet varje dag, men jag är också 100% övertygad om att jag kommer komma tillbaka till sf förr eller senare. ska bara göra new york lite först bara.

finns det något annat ställe i USA du hade velat testa att bo på i USA om du inte ska fokusera på jobb? Alltså glöm den aspekten helt nu när du svarar. Finns det något ställe (stad/delstat/område) du aldrig skulle vilja bo på? Varför? :)

ärligt talat—nä! jag vet inte var det hade vart. flera av de ställena jag har rest till (som portland eller hawaii) är fantastiskt, men det finns ingen annanstans än san francisco (och ja, new york då) som jag känner att jag kunde bott på.

när det kommer till ställen jag inte hade velat bo på, är det många. jag är rätt kräsen…….jag gillar inte kalla platser, små städer, men inte heller stora städer som kräver bil (som 95% av amerikanska städer). det måste vara en stor stad som är promenadvänlig (precis som sf och new york). till och med soliga miami eller los angeles känner jag att jag aldrig hade kunnat bo på. det känns omöjligt att ta sig runt och isolerat……. jag vet att jag hade känt mig ensam på en gång.

eller förresten! chicago! eller såkänner jag iallafall efter att ha varit där på sommaren. kan inte garantera att jag hade känt likadant efter en chicagovinter dock…