seven reasons to travel alone.

don’t get me wrong. i love traveling with people too. and most people probably do. but what is maybe less common is traveling alone, so here’s seven reason why i like doing that every once in a while:


1. you have time to think.
to be honest, this sounds like a stupid point, but IT’S NOT. i’m 100% sure that people don’t take enough time in their everyday lives to just think. it’s so easy to get distracted by unimportant s***.
traveling alone will give you time doing some thinking. i’m convinced you will reach some important thoughts and conclusion about your life.

2. you become more open to impressions.
this ties back to point 1 a little bit. i find it hard sometimes to really, fully, appreciate a scenery if i’m for example with a big group. i don’t mean that you’ll appreciate that ibiza nightclub more alone than with your friends—but rather nature, and all its colors and sounds and silences. it gets lost SO easily.

3. no compromising.
you do whatever the hell you want! no compromising. i get FOMO really easily, so being alone and deciding exactly where to go when is perfect. in chicago for example, i only had a few days. i hung out with an amazing group, but they wanted to do something totally different form me, and i knew i was gonna regret it if i didn’t go, so i just went off on my own. (and totally met up with them later!) so good.

4. you get braver.
this is like one of my most important points here. YOU GET BRAVER. traveling around the world (or even outside of your city) alone is fun and amazing, but you’re eventually gonna run into something that’s hard or scary. and you’ll just HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT. and you will. and that’s how you get braver as a person.

5. you will meet more new people.
of course it’s easy to meet people if you’re out partying with a big group too, but i definitely believe that you (consciously or not) close yourself off more if you’re with one person. even if it’s not the intention, speaking your own language with the person you’re with is not always gonna be inviting and easy for others to approach you. being alone can often be, at least if you’re meeting other people who travel, an invitation for others to talk to you. you’re approachable in a whole other way.

6. life’s gonna take you to unexpected places.
at least when i travel with people, i usually make up more plans that we tend to stick to. i mean, i’m really a planning freak on trips and i do this when i’m alone too, but it’s 200% easier to change plans if it only involves you. when you meet new people (see point 5), they’re gonna drag you off to adventures you never thought would happen. and instead of compromising and back-and-forthing with you travel company, you can just let life take you wherever it means to.

7. you grow as a person.
it’s basically what all these points sum up. you will, inevitably, grow as a person if you travel alone. you will deal with all the tricky stuff, but also the amazing things, on your own. you will meet people, you will have meaningful conversations, you will go through mishaps and fantastic encounters, and you will have time to reflect on it without being distracted by what your traveling company wants to eat for lunch or about the gossip from back home. YOU GROW AS A PERSON. and that’s what life is all about.

nassau / the bahamas.


sju anledningar till att resa själv:

1. man har tid att tänka. 

2. man blir öppnare för intryck.

3. man behöver inte kompromissa.

4. man blir modigare.

5. man träffar mer folk.

6. livet kommer ta en till oväntade platser.

7. man växer som människa.

10 thoughts on “seven reasons to travel alone.

  1. Ellen says:

    Så fint!! Alltid vart lite rädd inför tanken att resa själv, om så än bussresa inom Sverige, men med din lilla lista inser jag ju att det nog inte är så läskigt. Kanske till och med skönt!

  2. Christin says:

    Du har verkligen rätt i allt du skriver. Minns första gången jag åkte själv till mina släktingar i England, jag växte flera centimeter. Men sen åtta år med Anton och nu Algot, måste jag erkänna att jag blivit….mer ängslig och rädd. Jag hatar att det har blivit så. Kanske får bli något att komma över 2017 – 2016 rädsla var ju det här med att köra bil. Fin lista och on point!

    • Vicky says:

      tack snälla för era fina tankar och kommentarer.

      ellen: det är nog både och!

      christin: kan verkligen tänka mig att det är läskigare nu med kid! du är modig som du är vettja. <3

    • Vicky says:

      malin: tack snälla! och så länge du kommer lite närmare gör det mig glad!

      wilda: så himla bra poäng, cash är ju så viktigt när det kommer till resa. puss!

  3. Wilda says:

    Du är så inspirerande! Håller helt med dig och även om jag inte rest så långt själv så är jag verkligen sugen på det för framtiden. Ett extra plus som jag har tänkt på är ekonomin. Att inte behöva anpassa sig till någon annans resebudget eller standard på mat och boende etc. Åh så sugen jag blev på att dra iväg bums! :D

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