a moment of harmony.

hardly strictly bluegrass.

ocean beach.

happy sunday, my loves.

i thought i’d finally talk a little bit about how i’m feeling. i haven’t really been doing it here on the blog for a while, and instead mostly writing about walks, clothes and other topics that haven’t required me to open up. to be honest, shallow things just like those — walks and material stuff — are mostly those i’ve been distracting myself with too *irl*, because i’ve been so stressed out about so many things and trying my hardest not to focus on it, while also wanting to resolve them — all at the same time. just a mess.

the last few weeks i’ve been sleeping bad, been anxious, sad, stressed out and have not been seeing too many people. the reasons behind are numerous, both big and small, both things that i might have been able to do something about as well as not. whatever. life is life sometimes and sometimes that’s exactly what life is like.

right now, however, i’m feeling calm again. it’s not like all the things that have kept me up at night are gone for ever or resolved, but i am in a place where i’m feeling calm, confident and insightful again. i can rest in whatever is the here and the now, regardless what is ahead of me and outside of me, and i’ve been waiting for this feeling. it’s a welcome feeling.

whether it’s a feeling that is a new beginning, like a stepping stone for what’s gonna come or if it’s just a fleeing one that’s just visiting me for a short moment, i want to really feel it, remember it and be able to rest in it for now. this moment that is the harmony of the now.


hej, mina fina.

de senaste veckorna har jag mest pratat om ytligheter här på bloggen, och det har väl mest berott på att jag inte mått så himlans bra. har haft mycket ångest, svårt att sova och inte orkat träffa så mycket folk. det har varit lite olika anledningar bakom det, och även om de grejerna inte nödvändigtvis är lösta eller så, så har jag iallafall nu landat i en känsla som är lugn igen. det kanske bara är en tillfällig känsla, men det känns viktigt att vara i den. att påminna mig och komma ihåg hur det är att känna sig trygg, lugn, harmonisk och insiktsfull ett tag. <3

a million little roofs.

the other week, i went for a loooong walk by myself. let me show you how pretty it was.

bernal heights.

i started by walking down to soma and crossing under the freeway. i really like the look from under it.

bernal heights.

san francisco summers are weird, sometimes cold and foggy, but super hot this particular day. i contemplated buying ice coffee, but bought regular coffee instead that i spilled all over myself and then got angry. fun fact of the day

bernal heights.

i walked along bryant street that is so so quiet but has all these murals.

bernal heights.

and then i got the the very south of mission where bernal heights start. ran across these beautiful steps.

bernal heights.

bernal heights feels a little bit like southern europe. italy or spain maybe.

bernal heights.

until you look down towards the city, that is. then it just looks like this.

bernal heights.

100% san francisco.

bernal heights.

the green to the right is potrero hill, and then yerba buena island behind there.

bernal heights.

i love how the streets create grids in the hills.

bernal heights.

and on top of twin peaks to the west, there’s sutro tower as majestic as always.

bernal heights.


bernal heights.

see mini golden gate bridge in the back?

bernal heights.

and once you go down in the mission again and turn around, this lovely view is what meets you. SO beautiful.

bernal heights.

bernal heights.

this city is so beautiful. i’m so thankful for every day spent here.


härom veckan tog jag en lång och långsam promenad från mig ner till södra mission, upp till bernal heights och så ner igen. <3 så fint.

new look!

one photo every hour. december.

the blog has a new look! (not me, that is, if you thought so from the picture.) hope you like it.
a slightly new banner and new fonts and colors, but otherwise it should be pretty familiar. if you’re on desktop, there are new dropdown menus at the top, and the side menu has gotten a little cleaner.

⌘+r or refresh your cookies and whatnot if you can’t see it. let me know if there is anything you’re wondering about the new design. otherwise, i hope you enjoy it.

cheers to that, and to a great thursday!


ny look här på blöggi! hoppas ni gillart, och säg till om det är nåt vettja. puss.

5 x 4.

hey guys. today i’m out running around the city for meetings, having coffee with aleigh who is moving to barcelona and working on advertising projects with richie. sounds just like a busy middle-of-the-week, right? let’s just have a peek at a 5×4 list of right now (slash yesterday) instead:

sunday with jens.

sunday with siri.

sunday with jens.

one photo every hour. august.

4 tv shows i watch
orange is the new black.
♥ american the office.

4 things i’ve done today
♠ gone grocery shopping.
♥ had to change shirt because it was so hot.
♣ eaten three (3) bars of chocolate (…).
♦ had coffee with lucas who i haven’t really hung out with since portland (this and this post for example) and seattle (this and this post for example).

4 things on my wish list
♠ going to a festival.
♥ a new pair of earphones.
♣ peace of mind and heart.
this amazingly perfect kit and ace playsuit.

4 things i dislike
♠ drains *shiver*
♥ the never ending visa regulations in this country.
♣ ignorance.
♦ big city winters.

4 things i’m looking forward to
♠ my next trip (yet to be planned).
♥ folsom street fair (remember last year?).
♣ knowing all the things i’m so unsure of right now.
♦ the warm fall that i hope is gonna be san francisco.

saturday with johan.

creatura launch party.

stable café.

saturday with johan.


5×4 just nu. sånt jag kollar på (shameless bl a), sånt jag gjort idag (handlat mat bl a), sånt som är på min önskelista (en fantastisk playsuit från kit and ace bl a), sånt jag ogillar (storstadsvintrar bl a) och sånt jag ser fram emot (folsom street fair bl a). glad mitt-i-veckan på er!

swedes in the city. ★

nastasja & daniel.

on friday, here i was in the south of mission, that part that always feels like mexico city.

nastasja & daniel.

with nastasja!

nastasja & daniel.

and daniel. they had come over from sweden to check out yosemite, fly in a helicopter over grand canyon and eat burrito at el farolito with me. so that’s what we did (the burrito, that is. i wasn’t in on the other things, hehe).

nastasja & daniel.

after massive street burrito, we pingponged in and out of all the stores along valencia street. vintage stores with jukeboxes, for example.

nastasja & daniel.

and then this, of course! dolo. <3

nastasja & daniel.

it was kind of empty but perfect temperature and we had san pellegrino in the sun.

nastasja & daniel.

last time i saw this gal was in stockholm in january. back then, it was sweden, snow and tortillas. this time park and sun (but the mexican food is definitely a constant).

nastasja & daniel.

the dogs in dolo are always *yolo*

nastasja & daniel.

kewt kewt kewt. we decided to keep walking.

nastasja & daniel.

to the forever rainbow city that is castro. always so pretty here!

nastasja & daniel.

when starting to walk down market street, we looked up towards sutro tower and twin peaks and thought …… nah, not today. so we checked out vintage stores instead, more fun+less exhausting.

nastasja & daniel.

we had to walk by beautiful hayes valley too, of course. nastasja and daniel checked out the stores while i was facetiming with my sweet friends robert and jay who called from new york to say hi. made me happy!

nastasja & daniel.

look at this pretty hayes valley leather store.

nastasja & daniel.

they gave us coffee and we sat down to chill for a bit after our day of walking.

nastasja & daniel.

and just as the sun slowly started to set and the light got magic like this, we reached lower nob hill and union square and said goodbye for the day. such a sweet reunion. <3


nastasja och daniel kom till sf! så vi vandrade genom mission, käkade burrito, kollade vintagebutiker och hängde i dolores. så fint så fint.

re-runs of the vicky show.

hello and happy monday, my loves. i was thinking of recording a vlog today, mostly because i haven’t posted one in 3+ months (!!), but then i thought that 1) i don’t really feel like talking to a camera today, and 2) i know the internet is pretty dead the second half of july, and many of you are out on vacation not reading this anyways (i’m all for beaches and tanning though, go go go).

so i thought i’d post three old vlogs instead! it was so long time ago either way, and you might have missed them before or something, so let’s look at them again:

the story about my two-dollar bill.
the very happy and amazing story about my encounter with *the rare breed that is the two-dollar bill*

the six and a half language vlog.
just me being a showoff, since languages is like my only talent ~lol~

the english vlog premiere.
when i started vlogging last summer, it was in swedish. when i switched the whole blog to english in august, i switched the vlogging language too. this was the first english one, when me and jens are out walking in sf.

that’s all for today. vlog will be back in a while, same time same show same channel ✌


tänkte vlogga idag .. meeeeen sen ändrade jag mig. här är tre gamla vloggar istället om ni missat!

pastel popsicle outfit.

here comes a classic ootd which i haven’t posted in a while!


this is probably the brightest i’ve worn in a while. usually at least something is black. it’s however what i wore on friday when i was hanging out with nastasja and daniel who are visiting.


the crop top is one of my 10000 pink ones, this particular one from forever 21. the skirt is new (did i say i wasn’t trying to buy more clothes? well, that failed ….), from american apparel. the sneakers are my white (erhm, no, grey) nike theas.


the skirt is pleated, non-stretch polyester and has the most summery lemon sorbet color.


plus, it makes me feel like a cheerleader, which basically is the one criteria for me when i buy skirts.


and that’s it! happy sunday from this pastel popsicle.


här kommer en klassisk ootd vettja! pastell hela vägen. rosa topp från forever 21, ny pastellgul kjol från american apparel och så mina supersmutsiga nike theas på det. glad söndag!

friends, walks, talks, parks.

let’s look at some mini friends adventures lately. in sweden, as most of you know, there is the fika culture, which mostly is sitting down. here where that doesn’t exist (which partly sucks because it’s a lovely phenomenon), you have to be creative in other ways when hanging out (and that, we like). like walks and hangout at the park, for example:


last week, i mest up with my old friend richie and walked around north beach.


peeked into city lights bookstore where he found this book (hell, he probably even wrote that book tbh).


SIGH. this pretty city! lemme stay forever k thx bye


then i posed in front of this mural before we said goodbye.


later the same week, my old roomie louise invited a whole bunch of people for mimosa hangout in dolores park. she had made 120 (!) jello shots. good god. (and for me who doesn’t eat gelatine, she had even made a special mini shot with strawberries instead. so sweet!)


louise and i never have time to see each other as often as we used to (especially when we lived together, duh), so it was lovely seeing her again.


it was warm, and me and the gang had a few mimosas, so i laid down for a while.


so did grant. hi grant from my super zoomed in 50mm lens and sorry for the extreme closeup but also not sorry.

happy friday to you all, by the way! may your weekend be filled with friends and walks and parks and talks. at least mine will, cause today i’m hanging out with nastasja and daniel who are here visiting from sweden!


lite blandat kompishäng på sistone. en promme med richie i north beach, och så mimosafest med louise och ett helt gäng till i dolores. hurra juli!

new ink.

just popping in to show off my new ink.


it’s the first tattoo i’ve gotten here in the u.s., but also probably the last one that i put on my right arm, since this one was placed on what basically was the last empty space on there. mission right arm completed, i guess.

ship ahoy.


tatuerade mig igår!