don’t touch unless you have mad skillz.

olivier visiting / wednesday.

so! let’s take it through the real camera. as you know, my friend olivier who i went to berghs with in stockholm came to visit.

olivier visiting / wednesday.

we spent the whole wednesday with just walking all over the city. down to the mission.

olivier visiting / wednesday.

posed in front of the countless murals of course.

olivier visiting / wednesday.

♠ ♠ ♠

olivier visiting / wednesday.

we walked into dijital fix on valencia where they have cool turntables and fancy speakers.

olivier visiting / wednesday.

dolores was empty this day! too cold and windy ://// staaahp sf, behave

olivier visiting / wednesday.

from castro we could see sutro tower. or, like half of it. karl the fog was in the way.

olivier visiting / wednesday.

when we walked along haight street, we ran into alex and this little cutie. she was so cold! poor little thing.


olivier visiting / wednesday.

and we just strolled along the streets between all the pretty victorian houses. <3333

olivier visiting / wednesday.

after checking out japantown, we hopped on bart to oakland!


the streets were empty but pretty and we found a clothing store run by baba, a fantastic man from nigeria who we talked passionately about social injustices with. until we almost missed the table we had booked!

olivier visiting / wednesday.

but we made it, and had yummy dinner right by lake merritt.

olivier visiting / wednesday.

goodnight lake! goodnight oakland! and goodnight sf.


oliviers första dag i sf! vi gick alltså berghs tillsammans i stockholm för er som undrar. onsdagen spenderade vi med att vandra genom hela sf: ner från nob hill till mission, via dolores till castro och upp till buena vista park, för att sedan gå längs haight street och till alamo square. efter det knatade vi till japantown och fillmore för att sedan hoppa på bart till oakland! där strosade vi längs tomma gator, pratade länge med en klädmärkesgrundare från nigeria och käkade middag vid lake merritt. bra dag!

11 places i wanna travel to.

even though i traveled to portland and new york not too long ago, i feel like traveling more. partly because —wanderlust always of course — and partly because i don’t really know when or where i’ll be able to travel next (one of the big changes about graduating after studying literally my WHOLE life). here are 11 places i’d love to go:



the architecture here! this city looks like a huge niki de saint-phalle sculpture, and although hopping around europe a lot, i can’t remember even being to spain (maybe when i was a baby?). need!!!



as you might know, i went to the german school growing up and have been to germany many times. but not to berlin!!!!! except for when i was super small. need to go back. i think i’d love it here. berlin is on the list of one of the places i might consider movin to if i don’t get a visa here in the u.s. (but fingers crossed).



the one nordic country i haven’t been to. would love to hike across moonlike landscapes and take a bath in the hot springs and look at the trees that don’t exist.



don’t get me wrong! i’ve been here a few times before since my dad’s side of the family is from here (and still live there). but the last time i was there was six years ago and i need to go back! so badly.

rio de janeiro.


i’m so fascinated by the way this city is laid out. the metropolitan area by the coastline, the favelas up along the hillside, the beach and city so close together and the beautiful silhouette of the mountains. want to go and hike up to watch the city from above and then party and dance outside all night long.

new orleans.


i’ve never been to the american south, but i really want to experience the culture with the totally different food, music, vibe, architecture and history than the big metropolitan cities i usually hang out in. i think i would love to do that for a couple of days.

transsiberian railway.


HOW cool wouldn’t it be to cross russia by train? i would absolutely love it. i think. i really want to, at least. with a friend to be quiet with, look out through the train window and take pictures with.



ok. so, since i’m half polish, warsaw is the city in the world that i’ve been to the most since i hung out here a lot while growing up. BUT, as it turns out, i haven’t been there in about ten years. and i really wanna go! especially for the food. polish food is the BOMB.

salt flats.


there are salt flats in utah too, but i believe the ones in bolivia are more beautiful. or, if not, then at least it’s bolivia and not u.s., which sounds more fun. either way, take me here. now.



south east asia is oddly enough a place i’ve never been to! i think thailand would be a lovely place to start though. i want to spend weeks navigating through simmering cities and floating along beautiful rivers when i’m not hanging out at the beach.

south africa.


south africa seems to be such a fascinating and interesting place. i’m really interested in how the culture came to be the way it is now and learn more. in addition to just exploring the crazy beautiful surroundings, of course.

AH. this is the first time in a long time i don’t have a ticket booked anywhere. i hope it can happen soon. some other places i’d love to go to are for example moscow, galapagos, going back to mexico city, peru, kenya, okinawa and india. let’s?


för första gången på hur länge som helst har jag ingen resa inbokad nånstans. vilket såklart triggar reslusten lite extra. elva ställen jag vill åka till är alltså barcelona, berlin, island, tillbaka till tokyo, rio, new orleans, åka transsibiriska järnvägen, tillbaka till warszawa, saltöknen i bolivia, thailand och sydafrika. låt oss?!

first moments with olivier.

oh my oh my. i’ve just woken up the morning after my graduation and i feel tired but overwhelmed with love. wow. i’m gonna show you proper pictures, but first, let me show you some first phone moments from the first and second day with my friend olivier who is here visiting from sweden!


he arrived early in the morning, so we met up and hugged over breakfast at farm:table.


and then we walked aaall over sf. from lower nob hill through downtown to the mission and along dolores park which was super empty.


and to castro, which felt even more rainbowy than usually.


and we walked the steepest part of duboce street all the way up to buena vista park, where we could see out far.


and then i graduated!


olivier, jens, ivana and sam were there to support me.


after the ceremony, we hopped in a cab and celebrated with ethiopian food in the mission. yum yum yum.


and dessert at tartine (excuse this shitty quality), before we went out for drinks.


when we came home in the middle of the night after cheap moscow mules and pizza, i was met by lovely stuff from olivier and ivana. veuve clicquot and chrystanthemums! extra magic because my japanese middle name (kikuye) means exactly that — branch of chrysanthemums. and ivana didn’t even know! so cool and lovely. <33333


en titt genom telefonen från första och andra dagen med olivier som är här och hälsar på från sverige! i onsdags började vi med croissantfrulle innan vi knatade genom hela sf. i torsdags var det graduation för mig! olivier, ivana, jens och sam var där och hejade på mig. vi hoppade i en taxi och firade med etiopisk mat i mission innan vi gick vidare ut för drinkar. när vi kom hem på natten möttes jag av en flaska gula änkan av olivier och ett fång krystantemum från ivana (perfekt, eftersom mitt japanska andranamn betyder just det! och — hon hade ingen aning om detta. extra magiskt!).

it’s over today!

two and a half years worth of master studies in advertising and copywriting at the academy of art university in san francisco are now over. how it could pass by so quickly, i have no idea, but i’m here and i’m alive and well on the other side!

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 1.24.40 PM

since i spent all my money on tuition, unfortunately i couldn’t afford to buy this photo without the watermarks :))))))) but more pictures are coming soon! <3


nu har jag en master i reklam!

the color of the sky that is yours.

as you might already know, there is the creative initiative monthly makers in the swedish blogosphere. each month, anyone can contribute for the theme of that particular month. for may, the theme is color and just like last month, i interpreted it in a written way (i’m no DIY:er) and wrote a text.

since the original is in swedish, i will post that version — along with my recording of me reading it — first. the english text and recording follows underneath.

i hope you enjoy it. (and more texts of mine can be found in the category texts. ♥)

highway 1.

det var allt det bleka som suddades ut när du gick —
ljust och blått precis som den himmel du lämnade för

du var en akvarellmålning jag spillde hundra vattenglas över, armbågen alltid med armbågen för det var nåt jag inte kunde se, jag kunde aldrig ana dig runt hörnet, utanför periferin och du är suddig nu
du har inga konturer som förr, jag känner en gata mot min rygg och allt jag ser är en färglös massa där uppe
jag letar efter vita moln, efter hål i himlen där jag kanske kan se dig men ovanför mig svävar en grå spegel en uppochnedvänd sjö den reflekterar mig, den speglar ett stockholm där jag ligger på rygg och letar efter ett tecken från dig men där är bara ljust och grått och suddigt

skriker upp mot himlen men jag kvävs det är som att jag är under en vattenyta kanske i ett vattenglas, min röst som en pensel, en färgdroppe som blommar ut från mina lungor,
det är dovt och jag är stum nu, syret försvinner precis som prickarna som dansade på näthinnan efter jag stirrat in i den sol som var du
allt innan vintern kom, allt innan molntäcken och nederbörder

allt som är nu är färglösa pölar och regnvatten i höga glas som jag spiller ut
allt du målade, den akvarell som var du den är bucklig nu
den allra minsta oceanen av blått, den rinner över kanten och du är konturlös

havana / cuba.

there was all the pale that was erased when you walked away —
bright and blue just like the heavens that you left for

you were an aquarelle painting i spilled a hundred glasses of water over, the elbow always with the elbow because there was something i couldn’t see, i could never sense you around the corner, outside of my periphery and you are blurred now
you don’t have contours like before, i feel a street against my back and all i see is a colorless mass up there
i’m looking for white clouds, for holes in the sky where i can maybe see you but above me there is a grey mirror floating an upside-down lake it’s reflecting me, it’s reflecting a stockholm where i lie on my back looking for a sign from you but it’s all just bright and grey and blurry

i’m screaming towards the sky i’m suffocating it’s like i’m under a water maybe in a water glass, my voice like a paintbrush, a drop of color blooming out from my lungs,
it’s dull and i’m mute now, the oxygen disappears just like the dots that were dancing on my retina after i stared into the sun that was you
all before winter came, all before cloud covers and precipitations

all there is now is colorless puddles and rainwater in high glasses that i knock over
everything you painted, the aquarelle that was you, it’s wavy now
the very smallest ocean of blue, it’s overflowing and you are contourless


in my mailbox.

friends! sorry about the blog post that didn’t happen yesterday. i was at my uni’s last big graduation exhibition aaaall day long, from like 8.30 a.m. to 9 p.m. phew! now, there’s only the graduation ceremony left on thursday. but first — let’s look at what has come to my mailbox lately.

in my mailbox.

a padded envelope from the u.k! and a note from jennifer. very exciting.

in my mailbox.

a portrait of me!! GAH. i love portraits so much. definitely the best birthday gift (even if it’s almost one month late :) ). thank you, jennifer!

in my mailbox.

since my phone blew up in new york when i wanted to charge it, i needed a new screen protector and a new snow white sticker. i placed an order, but when i saw this note in the mail, i wasn’t sure it was my phone stuff that i had ordered from amazon.

in my mailbox.

but it was! so cute when people go out of their way to be sweet to someone they don’t know. thanks, rob!

in my mailbox.

so that’s how it looks like now! unfortunately, the snow white sticker that i’ve had before (linked above) doesn’t seem to be produced any more, but i found this goth snow white instead. and it works too! especially since it now matches my laptop sticker.


fina grejer i posten! ett himla fint porträtt av mig i blyerts av grymma [jennifer], och så ny snövitdekal till min telefon eftersom min gamla dog i new york.

8 digital life hacks.

one photo every hour, april.

happy monday! in the name of productivity, i have a couple of life hacks to share with you today. actually, unlike traditional “in real life-hacks”, all of them are ~*digital*~ in some way. here you go!

1. cycle feature on google maps.
are you not in the mood for walking up hills if you’re walking somewhere and following google maps for directions? just choose the “bike” feature, and google maps will reroute to show you a flat way to get to your destination.

2. list of user names.
one thing i HATE is wasting time on trying all the different combinations of usernames, email addresses and passwords on different homepages. i keep a note on my computer where i write down the username (not passwords!!) for all logins. that way, you don’t have to try as many combinations, and you don’t have to expose your passwords anywhere in case someone finds it. if you’re on a mac, though, you can also choose to password protect your notes.

3. iphone air level.
tired of never hanging up posters straight? if you have an iphone, go to the compass app and swipe right to access a digital air level. then, you can just align you phone to whatever it is you’re hanging up on the wall!

4. instagram map.
do you wanna show someone that one picture you took in france three years ago but don’t feel like scrolling through literally your whole insta feed? don’t forget the little map pin feature on your profile (the button next to the photos you’re tagged in). there, you can just zoom in on the map and access the pictures from that location.

5. recently closed tabs.
did you just accidentally swipe away a safari tab on iphone? hold the plus sign at the bottom to access your recently closed tabs.

6. keyboard shortcuts.
take some time to learn a few keyboard shortcuts in for example photoshop. it saves so much time, especially if you — like me — blog, or edit a lot of photographs. some of the ones that i always use for all my pictures are for example ⌘+o to open, ⌘+alt+i to change the image size and ⌘+shift+e to flatten the image.

7. file names.
too many times have my file names been something like “final.jpg”, “final2.jpg”, “REALfinal.jpg”, “finalfinal.jpg”. just name them with version numbers (“file_v1.jpg”, “file_v2”, etc.) or dates (“file_may22”, “file_june18”).

8. unsubscribe emails.
OMG this is like my most favorite least favorite thing to do, if you understand what i mean. instead of just deleting every. single. junk. email. every. single. day., just take an extra second to unsubscribe from them, and there is one less junk email to take care of. all of them have an unsubscribe link at the bottom!

saturday wth jens.


åtta digitala lifehack till er idag!

♣ använd cykelfunktionen på google maps om du vill undvika backar

♣ ha ett dokument där du skriver ner användarnamn till alla sidor så slipper du testa 1298479 olika kombinationer

♣ swipea höger i kompassappen på iphone för digitalt vattenpass så kan du hänga posters och annat rakt

♣ tryck på kartfunktionen i instagram (knappen bredvid dina taggade bilder) så kan du visa bilder du tagit nånstans för flera år sedan utan att behöva scrolla igenom hela feeden

♣ tryck och håll på plustecknet i safari på iphone om du vill komma åt dina senast stängda fönster

♣ lär dig kortkommandon i photoshop om du vill spara 10000% tid när du redigerar bilder

♣ döp filnamn till versioner eller datum istället för “final”, “realfinal”, “finalfinal” osv

♣ avregistrera skräpmejl. SÅ mkt satisfaction på detta

grand finale new york.

yes, so i do have a couple of last pictures to show you from the last days in new york. i showed you the wednesday recently, and on the thursday i didn’t take pictures at all since there was just talks and advertising mingle going down. but here is friday and saturday!

new york.

on friday, i went down to lower east side to walk around. i love the fire escape stairs that are SO new york. just like the victorian houses are so san francisco.

new york.

new york.

but when i had gotten just a couple of blocks to little italy, it started raining, so i went back home to hell’s kitchen. i needed to get ready either way.


for this! the one show, which is an advertising award show thingy. very fancy.


mj, daisy, me, maria, hernan and eric. hiiii


there were so many utensils when we sat down at the table. mj: “i feel like jack in titanic” <3 so much good food though, great work in the show, and photo booth fun + after party all night long.

new york.

the day after was the day we were leaving nyc! but it wasn’t until the evening, so me and eric had lunch at the meatball shop.

new york.

and then i went up to the high line again to hang out.

new york.

right by the high line, there is this building. it’s the whitney museum!

new york.

i met up with victor who lives here who decided to take me there for a short visit before heading off to the airport. this sculpture is by frank stella by the way, an artist whose work i LOVE.

new york.

we looked out at the amazing view from the terrace.

new york.

and took photos of that man in the red shirt, who made a great object for a picture. me with my camera,

new york.

and victor with his phone.

new york.

that was all for this time! bye new york and thanks for always being a fab place.


sista två dagarna i new york! på fredagen hängde jag en kortis i lower east side och little italy innan det började regna och jag ändå behövde dra hem och fixa mig. det var ju one show på kvällen! reklamgalan som typ var själva anledningen till varför vi var i new york. massor av god mat, bra reklam, och så fotobås och fest hela natten.

på lördagen käkade jag och eric på meatball shop innan jag drog till the high line och mötte upp med victor som bor i nyc. han drog med mig till whitney museum och vi kollade supersnabbt på lite modern konst och den finfina utsikten från terrassen innan jag var tvungen att åka till flygplatsen. tack och hej för denna gång, new york!

goodbye school hello weekend.

and just like that, i have zero days left of school, ever. on wednesday, i went to pick up my cap and gown (i’m in a college movie! omg) for next week’s graduation ceremony and then had two last-ever classes, before walking home. just like that.

so now, i’m 100% finished with my master’s degree in advertising. so crazy. i’m gonna tell you all about my graduation ceremony next week, but until then there are just some regular days ahead.

here are some things to do this weekend:


♦ going to a museum and look at modern art.

♦ having coffee somewhere while it’s raining outside.

♦ hanging out in a park.

♦ texting with someone new.

♦ watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see a long time, but haven’t.

♦ running.

♦ going to a restaurant you’ve never heard of.

♦ not working out, choosing to stay in bed and reading a book instead.

♦ ordering the most elaborate drink from the menu.

♦ sleeping in.

♦ petting a cute dog.

well, as for me at least, i’ll try do to at least half. enjoy your may weekend, my loves!



så i onsdags gick jag alltså min sista dag nånsin i skolan. så märkligt. hämtade ut min svarta klädnad och fyrkantiga hatt till graduation nästa vecka. lovar att rapportera såklart!

så nu, efter klasserna är över och innan jag börjar jobba (…) är det ju några helt vanliga lediga dagar bara. några grejer man till exempel kan göra en helg som denna: gå på modernt museum, dricka kaffe medan det regnar utanför, hänga i en park, smsa med någon ny, kolla på en film man tänkt se länge, springa, gå på en restaurang man aldrig hört talas om, inte träna utan stanna i sängen och läsa istället, beställa den knäppaste drinken på menyn, ta sovmorgon och klappa en gullig hund. jag tänkte försöka göra iallafall hälften! puss.

five quick new york eats to grab.

new york is packed with amazing food places. but sometimes, you don’t have time to book a table, stand in line for hours or cross the whole city, so here’s a short little list of five nice things to eat that you can find in different locations all over the city. a short mini guide if you’re stressed out by long city guides and just need a quick food tip on the run, without having to book ahead or travel far.

nyc eats.

veggie burger at bareburger. build your own burger at this all-organic burger chain. mine consisted of farmer’s quinoa patty on a sprout bun with tons of veggies and condiments inside. oh, and the fries come with their awesome special sauce.

spicy tofu banh mi at num pang. it’s big! oh and switch out the soy glaze to spicy mayo. yum yum yum.

› mango con chile at the brooklyn bridge (or anywhere you see it on the street). mango con chile is a south american street food. it’s fresh cut mango soaked in lime juice, salt and tajín. SO GOOD.

‘shroom burger at shake shack. this portobello burger looks kind of small, but it’s filling. fried mushroom and lots of cheese.

meatballs at the meatball shop. i finally got to go here and try out their veggie meatballs with parmeggiano sauce. thank you, sandra, for advocating for this place for years!

nyc eats.


new york är ju fullt av fantastiska matställen, men ibland har man kanske inte tid att boka ett bord, stå i timlånga köer eller korsa hela stan för ett mål mat. så här är fem snabba (och goda!) grejer att äta i new york som går att hitta på flera ställen i stan. smaklig spis!