☆ APRIL 29 ☆

today is my 25th! hooray! love birthdays. i’m celebrating this whole weekend, and i promise to tell you all about it — but let’s start with a birthday list.


how many years are you turning today?
25. a quarter-century! here ↑ are by the way my insta pics from when i turned 21, 22, 23 and 24.

birthday celebration.

do you feel like you are the age you’re turning?
i think it’s pretty okay. i’m graduating my master’s, i guess that’s an okay milestone for turning 25? or is it? it feels good however.

san francisco.

what are your plans for today?
take a walk in the sun during the day, then go to dinner with siri, followed by huge patio hangout at southern pacific brewery with all my sf friends!

21. saturday.

do you associate your birthday with something in particular?
wagtails! the bird, that is. at least when i was little, i remember always seeing one on my birthday.

birthday celebration.

what did you do on your birthday one year ago?
celebrated for days (as i always try to do) with birthday breakfast, dinners and huge hangout at the patio of el rio with friends, donuts and bubbles. pretty much what i’m aiming my birthdays this year to be. oh how i lovvve birthdays though.

my birthday pt 1.

how would a perfect birthday look?
a nice breakfast with cake and champagne, then sunny park hangouts with friends and a french bulldog. then a nice dinner in the evening, and a bar with a nice patio and a BUNCH of friends at night. and brunch the day after!

21. friday.

tell us about a birthday you remember extra clearly.
the one when i lived in france and turned 21 was nice (i talk about this one every year, i know). i spent the friday with friends at an old-school diner and then went out, the saturday with more friends at another 50s diner, and the sunday with picknick champagne and macarons out in the sun. also, my best friend joanna flew down to celebrate with me which was LOVELY.

my birthday pt 1.

if you could wish for a cake, what kind would it be?
hmmmmmm. maybe the swedish specialty PANCAKE CAKE. i do love everything chocolate, but i’ve NEVER had this one and really want to try it! ah. oh well. i’m happy for any festive food this very day!



idag fyller jag 25. hurra så kul! älskar födelsedagar alltså. ska fira hela helgen med middagar, utgångar och bruncher, och lovar att rapportera allt såklart. här kommer så länge en födelselista som jag kapat från anna maría. puss från denna tjugofemåring!

7 thoughts on “☆ APRIL 29 ☆

  1. Anna María says:

    HURRA HURRA HURRA HURRA på din födelsedag fina du! Hoppas dagen blir helt AMAZING. Verkar lite som så i alla fall. Och så himla nice att fylla år på en fredag.
    Puss och ha en fin födelsedag!

  2. Sandra says:

    STORT grattis på din födelsedag, finaste Vicky! Hoppas att den blir smashing :** (fast den behöver ju inte bli det såklart. jag var helt ensam hemma och tittade på keeping up with the kardashians och grät en skvätt på min 25-års dag, gick fint det med :P)

  3. Wilda says:

    Grattis på din dag, stjärnan! NJUT och fira som om det inte finns en morgondag. Att ha en master vid 25 är nog rätt ovanligt så känn det som att du ligger way ahead och kan chilla (om du kunde det :p) Love you! Puss!

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