☆ APRIL 29 ☆

today is my 25th! hooray! love birthdays. i’m celebrating this whole weekend, and i promise to tell you all about it — but let’s start with a birthday list.


how many years are you turning today?
25. a quarter-century! here ↑ are by the way my insta pics from when i turned 21, 22, 23 and 24.

birthday celebration.

do you feel like you are the age you’re turning?
i think it’s pretty okay. i’m graduating my master’s, i guess that’s an okay milestone for turning 25? or is it? it feels good however.

san francisco.

what are your plans for today?
take a walk in the sun during the day, then go to dinner with siri, followed by huge patio hangout at southern pacific brewery with all my sf friends!

21. saturday.

do you associate your birthday with something in particular?
wagtails! the bird, that is. at least when i was little, i remember always seeing one on my birthday.

birthday celebration.

what did you do on your birthday one year ago?
celebrated for days (as i always try to do) with birthday breakfast, dinners and huge hangout at the patio of el rio with friends, donuts and bubbles. pretty much what i’m aiming my birthdays this year to be. oh how i lovvve birthdays though.

my birthday pt 1.

how would a perfect birthday look?
a nice breakfast with cake and champagne, then sunny park hangouts with friends and a french bulldog. then a nice dinner in the evening, and a bar with a nice patio and a BUNCH of friends at night. and brunch the day after!

21. friday.

tell us about a birthday you remember extra clearly.
the one when i lived in france and turned 21 was nice (i talk about this one every year, i know). i spent the friday with friends at an old-school diner and then went out, the saturday with more friends at another 50s diner, and the sunday with picknick champagne and macarons out in the sun. also, my best friend joanna flew down to celebrate with me which was LOVELY.

my birthday pt 1.

if you could wish for a cake, what kind would it be?
hmmmmmm. maybe the swedish specialty PANCAKE CAKE. i do love everything chocolate, but i’ve NEVER had this one and really want to try it! ah. oh well. i’m happy for any festive food this very day!



idag fyller jag 25. hurra så kul! älskar födelsedagar alltså. ska fira hela helgen med middagar, utgångar och bruncher, och lovar att rapportera allt såklart. här kommer så länge en födelselista som jag kapat från anna maría. puss från denna tjugofemåring!

the fantastic month that awaits.

i’m so excited for the following weeks that lie in front of me, there’s so much lovely stuff happening in the near future. let’s look:

walk with karolina.

i only have three weeks’ worth of school left, ever! and, in fact, it’s only two actual weeks _in_ school, because during one of the three weeks, i’ll be *2 cool 4 school* and instead ..

high line park.

.. fly to new york! back in october, i won an advertising contest, so me and a few of my kickass peers will be going to the east coast for the week-long industry event creative week. we will be gone for almost a whole week! can’t wait.

high line park.

i’m gonna stroll along the high line, mingle like crazy and hug all the people i’ve been wanting to hug for such a long time.


ok, this one ↑ is from when i graduated high school, but when i come back to the west coast again, i will be graduating. and have a master’s degree in advertising and copywriting! and instead of a round white hat have a square black one. so excited.

sunday with jens.

and, if all goes well, have a job lined up! i think that is what’s supposed to happen. look at me, don’t i look employable to you? (i thought so.)


but — before all of that — there is a birthday weekend that i need to get done! i’m turning 25 tomorrow, so let’s get the party started ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼


jag har en så himla spännande månad framför mig! bara tre veckor kvar i skolan nånsin. eller egentligen två, för en av de tre veckorna ska jag *skolka* och dra till new york! vann ju en reklamtävling o höstas och åker alltså över på det som kallas creative week snart med ett gäng. peppar SÅ. ska mingla, promma längs high line och krama en massa folk jag velat krama länge.

när jag kommer tillbaka väntar graduation med amerikansk fyrkantig hatt, och kanske ett litet jobb sen efter? ja. men först och främst — jag har ju en födelsedag att avverka! imorrn fyller jag ju tjugofem och har tänkt fira hela helgen. nu kör vi! ☼


are you ready for the most colorful and sunny post ever? OK. brace yourselves!

santa cruz.

so. what happened was that me, ivana, thomas and rachel hopped into a car on sunday and drove two-ish hours south to the city that’s stuck in the pastel vintage 60’s.

santa cruz.

santa cruz!

santa cruz.

tom the SC expert guided us along the boardwalk.

santa cruz.

santa cruz.

it was like being in willy wonka-land suddenly.

santa cruz.

the santa cruz boardwalk is not really a traditional theme park, because it’s just right there at the beach and open to anyone.

santa cruz.

look how pretty everything was! i was a heart eye emoji all day.

santa cruz.

and that’s big dipper, the fifth oldest wooden rollercoaster in the u.s. we took a ride! it was crazy fun.

santa cruz.

santa cruz.

and tom, rachel and ivana who don’t already have a sailor sleeve like yours truly made airbrush tattoos.

santa cruz.

santa cruz.

and so we kept walking through pastel paradise.

santa cruz.


santa cruz.

yes. these are, in fact, deep-fried oreos. they do exist. this is what americans eat. wow.

santa cruz.

and of course, we had to take a tour in the sky glider to see santa cruz from above.

santa cruz.

this was the view to the right ..

santa cruz.

.. and this to the left. so close to the beach! how lovely.

santa cruz.

after our little fly-over tour, we went into the huge arcade hall and went mini-golfing! the whole course was pirate-themed. perfect! here i am in my natural habitat. *SAILOR LIFE*

santa cruz.

we ended our stay with jamaican food at tom’s friend’s restaurant.

santa cruz.

and charged up with all this loveliness before jumping into the car heading up to san francisco again. what a sunday!


i söndags drog jag, ivana, thomas och rachel ner till santa cruz! kolla vilket himla willy wonka-land alltså. verkligen som att åka tillbaka till ett pastelligt sexiotal. vi åkte karuseller och käkade friterade oreos på boardwalken, innan vi fortsatte med minigolf med pirattema och jamaicansk mat som avslutning på dagen. härlig söndag ändå!

through the frozen ground.

as you might already know, there is the creative initiative monthly makers going on the swedish blogosphere. each month, anyone can contribute for the theme of that particular month. for march, the theme is spring and just like last month, i interpreted it in through a text.

since the original is in swedish, i started with that one. the english text follows underneath.

i hope you enjoy it. (and more texts of mine can be found in the category texts. ♥)


ljudet av en vår studsar mot min trumhinna jag blundar,
det är något mot min hud som känns, det känns som vårtecken pollenskrik videung som bryter genom jorden genom min kropp

det blommar på mina näthinnor, om det är vitsippor eller om det är fraktaler som minnen av en stressig vinter, vem vet, vem bryr sig nu ändå
det sticker i ögonen men jag vet inte vad det är som känns, kanske grusblodiga knän, skrapsår på ett hjärta som knoppar i snön
jag läste det någonstans, det var en poet som sa att det gör ont när de brister och alla nickade och höll med men allt är bara lögn för det har aldrig gjort ont i mig då
knoppar som brister är heroin utan bakfylla, det är allt som aldrig blev som verkligen värker
vi pratade aldrig om det för det var ingen som vågade men vi kände det alla, att den värsta känslan var att svaja på ostadig studentfot och en vit hatt som blåser av i ett försommarregn håret blev trassligt och gåshud fast det var mitt på dagen
rädslan för att aldrig bli en bristande knopp i en poesirad, för att inga ljusnande framtider skulle bli våra

men vi växte
vi var maskrosor och vi skrev egna rader, vi fyllde hyllmeter med dagboksanteckningar och låtcitat som vi trodde räddade oss, vi skrapade upp knäna och vi ska alltid fortsätta, vårarna ska leva och de ska blomstra,
villkoren som är våra
ljudet av våren som studsar mot våra trumhinnor, ljudet av en framtid där inga regn finns

elin's birthday.

the sound of a spring hits my eardrum i’m closing my eyes,
there is something against my skin, it feels like signs of spring pollen screams willows that break through the earth through my body

it’s blooming on my retina, if it’s anemones or fractals like memories from a stressful winter, who knows, who cares now either way
it’s stinging in my eyes but i don’t know what it is, maybe dirt in my open-wound knees, scratch-wounds on a heart that’s blooming in the snow
i read it somewhere, there was a poet who said that it hurts when they’re breaking and everyone was nodding their heads but everything is just a lie because that has never hurt in me
buds that are breaking is like heroin without a hangover, it’s everything that never happened that really hurts
we never talked about it because no one dared to but we all felt it, the worst feeling was standing on unstable graduate feet and hats that are blowing off in an early summer rain the hair got massy and goosebumps even though it was the middle of the day
the fear of never becoming a breaking bud in a line of poetry, that no bright futures would be ours

but we grew
we were dandelions and we wrote our own lines, we filled up running metres with diary notes and lyrics that we thought saved us, vi scraped up our knees and we will always keep going, the springs will live and they will bloom
the terms that are ours
the sound of spring hitting our eardrums, the sound of a future where there are no rains

kayla & elina 23.

polaroid parties.

it’s monday, you guys. not everyone’s favorite day. i’m just gonna pretend that it’s not monday yet, and just look back on some sunny weekend polaroids.

polaroid parties.

as you might remember, i recently had a long day in the sun hanging out with mark, oscar and brandon. it was awesome, and we maxed out the sun 100% this day. here’s me and brandon in washington square park!

polaroid parties.

and this cute one with me and mark in dolores! ~*SUN SQUAD*~

polaroid parties.

oh, and here are some from another day, when we were hanging out for a bbq in mark’s and oscar’s backyard.

polaroid parties.

they’re all taken with his fuji instax mini 8, in case you’re wondering!

polaroid parties.

mark was snapping polaroids like crazy.

polaroid parties.

and oscar showed off his new lovely lens.

polaroid parties.

as for me, i had just bought my new 50mm lens and this was one of the first days using it. i hadn’t been shooting with 50mm for like 2 years! i really love the inlet of light and the depth of field in this lens. especially if it’s in a california backyard with friends, polaroids and strawberry tarts.

hope your week is starting off fantastic. i will try to make mine be so, building a crescendo towards le birthday weekend!


polaroidfest! här är ett gäng analoga foton jag fastnat på när jag hängt med mark och hans fuji instax mini 8. lite från dolores park och washington square park, och så från en annan dag hemma hos oscar och mark i deras bakgård på bbq-häng. mark knäppte polaroider, oscar visade sitt nya objektiv, och jag hade precis börjat använda mitt 50mm. fotofest! och det gillar man ju.

travel guide: a weekend in portland.


as you know, i was recently in portland for a couple of days. i really really loved it there. i thought i’d compile some of the places into a mini travel guide, as if you would be there for a weekend, yeah? disclaimer: i do not know portland well at all, i mean i was only there for a couple of days! but i thought i’d write down some of the places i liked, so that you can go there too, non?

portland - japanese garden.

portland - hawthorne & downtown.

portland - downtown.



ok. welcome! let’s start on a friday at around noon with coffee at ristretto roasters. i’ve only been to the northeast location, but head to the 2181 nw nicolai st for the sake of the convenience of this day’s guide, because then, i suggest you go to the japanese garden (400 sw kingston ave). stroll through the absolute calm and breathe in the fresh and crisp air.

after that, you might be hungry, so head down back downtown for italian pasta lunch at grassa (1205 sw washington st). they have handmade pasta and cute local wine served in water glasses.

when you’re done, go around the corner and check out the vintage finds at buffalo exchange (1036 w burnside st). then, spend the afternoon in chinatown — and don’t forget to be touristy at the keep portland weird sign a block away!

in the evening, go across the river to base camp brewing (930 se oak st) for craft beer and fries.

portland - downtown.

portland - downtown.

portland - forest park.

portland - hosford-abernethy.


a portland visit isn’t complete if you haven’t visited powell’s books (1005 w burnside st), the world’s biggest book store, so definitely take an hour or two to do that. <3! when you’re starting to get overwhelmed (you will eventually), go for lunch around the corner to lardo (1205 sw washington st). their tuna melt is MAGIQUE (!!).

after you’ve charged up at lardo, go up and take a mini hike in forest park (4099 nw thurman st). it’s a huge forest, and so so green and the air is fresh and amazing. AH. after a few hours here, you will need coffee, so head down to famous stumptown coffee (1026 sw stark st) and get yo some portland roast. yum yum.

as for dinner, you should definitely not miss out on thai food at paadee (6 se 28th ave). SO good. make sure to call them before and check on table bookings! and if you’re not exhausted from this day, you might want to wind down at some cute brewery nearby, or at apex bar (1216 se division st) for example, they have like a million beers on tap!


portland - hawthorne & downtown.

portland - hawthorne & downtown.

portland - hawthorne & downtown.


every day calls for at least one good cup of coffee. the sunday one, i suggest you grab at cup & bar (118 ne martin luther king jr blvd). they are a coffee place and have their own chocolate too! very cool and a beautiful location.

spend the rest of the day shopping before you leave. go down to the hawthorne area and check out house of vintage (3315 se hawthorne blvd), which is just HUGE (i got lost in there), and red light clothing exchange (3590 se hawthorne blvd) down the road. if you’re ready for lunch, the waffle window (3610 se hawthorne blvd) is just across the street. yum yum.

spend some time just checking out the awesomely cute stores along hawthorne blvd, and pop into blue star donuts (3549 se hawthorne blvd) if you need a sugar refill at anytime. if you research portland, voodoo donuts will probably be the most famous donut place you come across reading about, but i just tried blue star, and the blueberry bourbon basil one i had was pretty good, even for a *donut-disliker* like myself.

have an amazing time plz!!! it’s an awesome city, so i’m convinced you will. happy portlanding! ♥

portland - downtown.

portland - downtown.

portland - kerns.



här kommer en miniguide till portland över en helg! jag var ju bara där i några dagar, så jag är ingen expert på stan direkt, men tänkte iallafall att jag sammanställer ett gäng fina ställen jag verkligen gillade. ni måste till portland om ni är i krokarna, det var verkligen en så himla fin stad! <3

boys’ weekend through the phone.

this past weekend was so cute. hung out with a bunch of my kickass male friends. let’s look!


on friday, i needed help with a project, so shreyash helped me out, and afterwards we went for coffee at blue bottle. look at that cappuccino. yum.


and afterwards, we went for a walk along the embarcadero in the sun. ahhhh sun.


saturday! went to lie down in the grass in dolores with mark, as you know.


and as the two of us peoplewatched, oscar read paulo coelho.


so. when the sun is out, like, i get so happy. SO happy. i want to CRY inside. california!!




oscar, brandon, mark and me. squad!


on sunday, i hung out with this absolute fave!! jens <3 it felt like we hadn’t hung out for a while, so it was extra amazing.


i dragged him to dolores too, because every sunny sf day not spent in this park is a wasted day.


we walked all the way down to bernal heights where it’s so beautiful and quiet. and sunny! and strolled slowly all the way back towards downtown through the mission.


and at needles in pens on valencia street, we found creatura, the magazine i am a part of! very nice to see our work in the *real world*. nice end to the weekend. hope yours was great as well ♥


en liten inblick på min fina killkompishelg! fredagseftermiddag med kaffe och solpromenad med shreyash, lördagen i dolores med mark, oscar och brandon, och så söndagen med min fina favvo jens. det var så fint att carpa solen äntligen alltså. hoppas ni hade en fin helg med? puss.

31 things to do this spring.

swedish summer.


swedish summer.

elin's birthday.

» hiking.

» drinking rosé.

» hanging out on patios.

» getting rub-on temporary tattoos.

» eating bruschetta.

» working on the tan in the spring sun.

» listening to vinyls.

» buying something really expensive you’ve wanted for a long time.

» smelling the flowers in flower stands on the streets.

» eating ice cream.

» taking off your shoes in the grass.

» sitting quietly somewhere and breathing in the warm evening.

» hanging up a new poster or painting on the wall.

» making out.

» running.

» buying exotic fruits you’ve never tried.

» painting with water colors.

» getting lots of stuff you’ve procrastinated for a long time done in one day.

» letting the wind blow in your hair so that it gets messy.

» planning a vacation.

» getting your ear pierced.

» sharing a pizza with a friend.

» going to a concert.

» sleeping through a whole weekend morning.

» painting your nails in a sharp color.

» reading a book in a park.

» buying new make up.

» taking long walks alone while listening to your favorite podcast.

» walking for hours in different stores trying on summer clothes.

» trying out new restaurants and hanging out in their outdoor seating for hours.

» pick a flower and put it in your hair behind your ear.


girls' reunion.


bbq party.


trettioen saker att göra denna våren. ♥

the fantastic saturday in the sun.

saturday in dolo.

UGHHH this saturday was just SO amazing. the weather was finally adequate to hang out in my favorite park. dolores!

saturday in dolo.

with this fave! mark.

saturday in dolo.

and oscar!

saturday in dolo.

if you’re ever in dolores, you might see the coconut man who sells fresh cut (yes, he walks around with a machete) coconuts with rum. we JUMPED him the moment we saw him and bought two.

saturday in dolo.

mark also had his polaroid with him that we took pictures with. they turned out so nice! i’ll show you a couple of them in a separate post.

saturday in dolo.

we just hung out for hours in the sun sipping beers and looking at hot gay guys.

saturday in dolo.

*yolo from the dolo*

saturday in dolo.

later in the afternoon, me, mark, oscar and brandon wanted coffee, so we were off. bye for now dolo! and LOOK how much people were here (especially compared to the first pic i took when we came ↑)!

saturday in dolo.


saturday in dolo.

walking through the city a sunny weekend afternoon is like the best thing ever. ugh, so much love.

saturday in dolo.

after coffee in the mission, we went all the way up to north beach and met up with regina and a bunch of oscar’s friends who had a birthday celebration in the grass. it started getting late, but it was still super warm outside. i literally cannot <3

saturday in dolo.

mark thought it was time for dinner. so where to eat?

saturday in dolo.

well, since north beach is san francisco’s little italy, italian it was. we sat down at the bar stools in the window of the italian homemade company and ordered handmade pasta on paper plates and peoplewatched. and then, i hugged the boys goodbye and slowly walked home through a san francisco in a setting saturday sun. DAYS LIKE THESE are the best omg


denna lördagen var bara FÖR fantastisk. jag, mark och oscar möttes upp i min för evigt favoritpark dolores och ba hängde i solen och sörplade på öl och spanade på heta bögar i flera timmar. när vi blev kaffesugna drog vi en sväng till mission innan vi förflyttade oss ända bort till north beach för gräsplättshäng med ett födelsegäng. sen blev det middagsdags och vi knatade till the italian homemade company och beställde hemmagjord pasta som vi åt på papeprstallrikar och allt var bara SÅ FINT denna dag.



what are you looking forward to this week?
getting done with my final portfolio for class — one of my few last big projects in school. EVER.

which blog was he latest you started reading?
cali vintage! i need to find more sf and cali blogs i think. can’t really find a lot of them. please let me know if you have any tips.


are you cooking anything nice this week?
i never cook really. at most, i’ll probably make a bolognese with fake meat.

one thing you really want to take time doing this week?
getting as much school work done as possible. just want to be DONE now.


what word will you hold on tight to this week?
WORRRRK. need to keep this as my mantra to get through the last weeks of school before i can start *my real life*.

what did you do yesterday?
tried to enjoy the last day of 26 degrees c (79 f) even though i had class the whole day. managed to sit outside for at least a solid two hours with ebba and sarah. SO GOOD

a picture that symbolizes today?
this one maybe. ↓ a balance between school and trying to spend time in the sun.

one photo every hour, april.

what did you have for breakfast today?
well, it’s still monday when i’m writing this, but — rice cakes with cheese and tomato. yum yum.

what time do you usually wake up?
around 8.30! i don’t have curtains and usually wake up from the sun, which i LOVE (in my last apartment, the part where i was sleeping didn’t have any windows which sucked).

how do you usually dress?
skater skirt, crop top and sneakers!


happy tuesday!


glad tisdag! här är en lista som jag snott och översatt från [elsa]. puss hörrni!