saturday through my phone.


i spent this past saturday with siri. i started the day by taking a little twenty minute walk down to polk street to meet her up.


we met at the bell tower for brunch to cure our hangovers. orange juice and a bloody mary — the perfect start.


and then each of us ordered an omelet. mine was with spinach and feta, along with roasted potatoes and an english muffin. soo much food, but so yummy.


they had the biggest chair ever there. *mini person*


after brunch, we embraced our scandinavian-ness and went over to the closest thing to swedish candy by-the-pound you can find in sf — the candy store on polk/vallejo. SO PRETTY. we bought a lot *emoji money flying away*.


also on polk, there is this beautiful deli that feels like walking inside a little part of new york, with pickles, cheeses and craft pasta. one day when i’m rich i’m gonna buy food in places like this one.


we were soooo full, so we tried our best to walk it off. slowly up the hill to lafayette park.


we sat in the park for a while, doing some cute-dogs-and-hot-guys-spotting, and then kept walking. siri thinks she looks like the skull emoji here by the way. i disagree, but typical hangover feeling though.


and then we went home to siri for a while where we gossiped about dudes and ate ice cream before i walked home through the golden light at lower pac heights. LOVE.


min lördag genom telefonen! mötte upp siri för brunch på the bell tower och åt världens största portion av omelett med rostad potatis och bloody mary. sen kilade vi över till the candy store på polk/vallejo och låtsades att vi var i lösgodis-sverige. så prommade vi igenom små new yorkiga delis och upp för san francisco-backarna till lafayette park där vi babblade, spanade på killar och skrattade så vi grät. efter det kilade vi hem till siri en sväng och hon matade mig med glass innan jag prommade genom guldljuset hem genom lower pac heights. <3

so i stop answering the phone, i stop asking permission, and soon he’s completely gone, like being grounded over christmas break or some other terrible thing that seemed like it would last forever.

let me tell you about two books i’ve read recently.

not that kind of girl.

not that kind of girl is the first one, that i just finished recently. as we all know, lena dunham is a queen (with like, the girls series and like all her other work) and this book is a biography of lena’s life story. about growing up, about friends, douchy guys, ocd, hollywood, food, and more douchy guys. i mean wow — the amount of subtle assholeness that is going on with these dudes is seriously NOT ok. i want to cry on the behalf of all women who encounter idiots like these (including myself).

however, it’s not just about guys, but any theme she touches on in this book is just written really honestly. i’m so impressed with her bravery about writing so openly about her private thoughts, about body issues, about men, love, mental problems ETC. love love. and it’s funny too! here is a part from the chapter “17 things i learned from my father”:


hehe. on the downside, though, i think the book was a little weirdly structured. it was both chronological (i think?) and split up in chapters like “friends”, “work”, “love”, or something like that. and, well, it was kind of like reading the same things over and over again throughout. BUT a great read nonetheless. thank u lena

det är något som inte stämmer.

the other book i read (or scrolled through, rather) was det är något som inte stämmer by martina haag (sorry you non-swedish speakers). this was such an easy read, and although it’s not at all a literary masterpiece, it was super interesting. as you might now, martina haag was married to tv presenter erik haag, who then left her for his colleague lotta lundgren. the characters in this book have other names, but it’s about an author whose tv presenter husband leaves her for his tv presenter colleague (…). i mean. yeah.

i think it’s super brave of martina of writing a book about this, and it’s weird to see the situation (if it’s portrayed like her real life, which i’m guessing it is) from her point of view.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 10.00.12 PM

the new word document NEW BOOK shines white and empty. i’m staring at it. what the hell should i write? everything feels like a lie. fun books about relationships. i can’t do it. i just want to write about divorces, but i can’t do that either. even if i would write a book about two hippos going separate ways, those fuckers are going to say that the daddy hippo is anders and that the kid hippos are my boys. i don’t want to give them that. but i want to give the women who are in the same situation as me, i want to give them something that is true.


två böcker jag läst på sistone! först biografin not that kind of girl av bästa lena dunham som jag tyckte om innehållsmässigt men inte strukturmässigt så mycket, och så det är något som inte stämmer av martina haag som är intressant och speciell eftersom den beskriver en skilsmässa exakt så som den hon själv gick igenom med erik haag.

♦ room & roomies. ♦

so, when i came back from scandinavia about a month ago, i moved away from the apartment in soma where i lived with first louise and then cissi, and moved in to a new place.

when i first arrived to sf about two years ago, me, jonath and carl-hampus moved in to an apartment in lower nob hill. after one year in soma, i’m back in my old hoods. feels good. let me show you a bit!

room & roomies.

this little garland is hanging on my door. it was there from before, but i think it’s kind of cute, so i let it be. (but one evening a couple of days ago, me, ebba and ivana changed it to some stupid profanity instead. *childish*)

room & roomies.

above my bed, i have the same posters as in my old place. a vintage map of san francisco, a world map and a poster with vintage airline tags. the world map is from urban outfitters, and the other two from the art supply store flax on market street.

the bedding is super new and comes from gudrun sjödén, the store where i’ve worked all past summers and winters in oslo.

room & roomies.

beside my bed, i have a little stool with a lamp and a book. i just finished reading this one, promise to tell me more about it asap!

room & roomies.

and above my little glass table, i have a little wall collage. maybe i can show you in greater detail what’s up there soon, ’cause there are a few gems thereee.

room & roomies.

another corner is kind of clean, with some drawers and then the lovely portrait that karolina has drawn of me (see a closer look of it here).

room & roomies.

there’s a very new yorkey view outside my san francisco window (bricks lol). and then a little bamboo plant and a flamingo because why not.

room & roomies.

and that’s me in my wardrobe mirror and also how february weather allows us to dress in sf yezz (winter paleness tho, doing something about this asap).

room & roomies.

oh, and i have two new roomies as well. we’ve known each other for a while though, when the three of us started in the same class at berghs in august 2013. this is ebba! she’s an art director-to-be, with an outfit game on point every day, and somehow ALWAYS bumps into super famous people.

room & roomies.

and this is ivana! she’s a soon-to-be copywriter, laughs 80% of her time awake, and is an absolute genius when it comes to internet cats and tumblr.

room & roomies.

yay yay that’s it from this happy home ★★★


jo! som ni kanske vet, så flyttade jag härom månaden när jag kom tillbaka från sverige. mitt första år i san francisco bodde jag med jonath och carl-hampus i lower nob hill, och andra året i soma med först louise och sedan cissi. nu påbörjar jag mitt tredje (!) år här och är nu tillbaka i mina gamla hoods, men i nytt rum och nya roomies. varsegod på liten inblick i mitt krypin samt ebba och ivana, mina nya rummisar (men vi har känt varann sedan hösten 2013 när vi började på berghs ihop). det var det!

heart of palm.

some of you might already know of the creative initiative monthly makers in the swedish blogosphere. each month, anyone can contribute for the theme of that particular month. for february, the theme is wood and just like last month, i interpreted it in a written way (i’m no DIY:er) and wrote a text.

my take on this is tree rather than wood, and here are my texts about a particular maple tree that has been in my life for a long time. since the original is in swedish, i will post that version — along with my recording of me reading it — first. the english text and recording follows underneath.

i hope you enjoy it. (and more texts of mine can be found in the category texts. ♥)



jag blundar och i mina lungor expanderar en oktober det är som syre som blommar som en färg i ett vattenglas det är något som vill leva när jag andas här och en gigantisk lönn den är som en borg och kanske är jag bara en myra
jag tittar upp under lövverket det är som att färdas genom en varm höst jag är inga årstider jag står still när jag känner en asfalt under skorna jag står still när du är en stadig stam att luta sig mot, en stadig famn, kanske den enda jag vet, du är orubblig och jag är bara ett skakigt hav
jag har varit på andra sidan jorden jag har klättrat i alla skyskrapor jag har hängt knäveck tusentals meter över marken, alltid har jag låtit vackra pojkar kyssa mig men ingen är en famn som du
fyll mig, klorofyll mig med din syre, låt mig andas den jag ska stå hypnotiserad, jag ska växa fast i marken där du står, låt mig slå rot nära dig låt mig växa med dig och aldrig vissna igen
du är årsringar och jag är slagfält, ett nyutslaget
men jag andas och jag vet att med dig behöver inte andetagen vara som yxhugg, man blir lugn av grönt sa någon och jag lyssnade. du finns och det är allt som betyder något nu, du viskar men jag vet ändå allt redan



i’m closing my eyes and in my lungs there is an october expanding it’s like oxygen that’s blooming like a color in a glass of water it’s something that wants to live when i breathe here and a giant maple it’s like a fortress and maybe i’m just an ant
i’m looking up from under the canopy it’s like traveling trough a warm fall i’m no seasons i’m standing still when i feel an asphalt underneath my shoes i’m standing still when you are a steady bole to lean against, a steady embracement, maybe the only one i know, you are unwavering and i am just a shaky ocean
i have been on the other side of the earth i have climbed all of the skyscrapers i have hung by the knees thousands of meters above the ground, always have i let beautiful boys kiss me but no one is an embracement like you
fill me, chlorofill me with your oxygen, let me breathe it i will stand hypnotized, i will grow fast in the ground where you stand, let me root near you let me grow with you and never wither again
you are growth rings and i am battlefields, a newly blasted
but i’m breathing and i know that with you my breaths don’t need to be like blows of axes, green makes you relaxed someone said and i listened. you exist and that’s all that matters now, you whisper but i know everything already



mitt bidrag till kreativa bloggutmaningen monthly makers februaritema trä fick bli träd för min del. och precis som förra månaden så tolkade jag temat textuellt (eftersom jag inte kan DIY:a). här är alltså en text jag skrev om en viktig lönn som funnits i mitt liv, tillsammans med inläsning, engelsk översättning och engelsk inläsning. hoppas ni gillar det. puss.

hump day happiness.

so. wednesday. the middle of the week (actually, as for me, i only have class monday, tuesday and wednesday — but still. there’s always stuff that needs to get done until friday, no?). i think we need some funny, interesting and cute stuff to look at today.


lawyer quits job to create stunning miniatures. adorable. talk about going your own way and ~*carpe diem*~

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 1.24.34 PM

trump donald. a couple of berghs students (i think!?) have made this ridiculous — but funny — little site. reminds me of tårta jimmie, who was also created by a fellow berghs student of mine.

amazing underwater museum.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 1.32.58 PM

33 harry potter tumblr posts guaranteed to make you laugh.


sleep insinde a van gogh painting. you haven’t missed this, have you?


nastasja’s chantarelle crêpes. yeees want want want

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 2.04.05 PM

10 logos affected by their products. love the starbucks one.


and then just a cat sitting on his own paws. because no explanation needed.


onsdag som ju är mitt i veckan (eller för min del startar helgen i eftermiddag, men det betyder inte att allt jobb för veckan är över) kräver fina, peppiga och bra länkar tycker jag. här är ett plock med några favvosar just nu. puss!

mini travel guide: a weekend in san diego.


as for me, i have spring break (my last one ever!!!!) coming up in four weeks. maybe you guys have some mini vacay coming up as well? as some of you might remember, i went to san diego over thanksgiving. and today, i thought i’d compile some of the places into a mini travel guide, as if you would be there for a weekend! disclaimer: i do not know san diego well at all, but i thought i’d gather some of the places i liked however. no?

san diego. monday.

san diego. friday.

san diego. friday.


so, maybe you’ve just arrived. leave off your stuff at wherever place you’re staying and then go have some mexican (the tacos in san diego are seriously the best ones i’ve ever had). go to city tacos in north park (3028 university ave) and have the smoked salmon one and the pescado one.

then, if you’re up for a drink, grab a cab and head over to the tipsy crow in the gaslamp quarter (770 5th ave) and check out their specialty beers.

san diego. saturday.

san diego. friday.

san diego. monday.


start the day off by heading out to coronado, a beautiful san diego peninsula. have a huge breakfast wrap at café 1134 (1134 orange ave) and then go down to coronado beach and walk around there without shoes. in the early afternoon, head to coronado’s north shore and have a glance at san diego’s skyline.

if you’re getting hungry for some italian, go over to little italy back in mainland san diego and grab a table at davanti enoteco (1655 india st). if you’re lucky, it’s still happy hour and both the wine and some assorted dished (the cacio e pepe! yum.) are around $8!

make sure to go over to the port of san diego at the time of sunset. the ships are just sooooo beautiful. very instagrammable.

san diego. friday.

san diego. sunday.

san diego. sunday.


take a light croissant-and-coffee breakfast à la italian style at caffe calabria (3933 30th st), and don’t forget to check out the huge coffee mill in the back. then, head over to balboa park! it’s so huge and beautiful there. take a stroll through the botanical building, say hi to the koi fish in the pond and maybe go to the museum of man if there’s any good exhibitions.

for lunch, you NEED to go for tacos at oscar’s mexican seafood in pacific beach (746 emerald st). have the smoked fish ones oh my god. after dying from food amazingness, go down to the beach and out on the pier. take one million pictures and do some hot surfer spotting.

in the afternoon, drive over to just where sunset cliffs start and then walk aaaall the way to where they end and back. it’s so so beautiful, and if you’re lucky, maybe yo have timed it well to just when the sun sets.

for dinner, order the lobster mac and cheese at d bar in hillcrest (3930 5th ave) and thank me forever afterwards. grab a glass of wine in one of the wine bars in the neighborhood, if it’s not already time for you to end your san diego weekend now.

have a lovely trip! san diego is super cool.

san diego. saturday.

san diego. friday.

san diego. monday.


om sisådär fyra veckor har jag mitt sista spring break! waow. ni kanske också har nån liten ledighet inplanerad? om ni iallafall någon gång har vägarna förbi san diego, så har jag nu gjort en liten minireseguide dit. jag var ju där över thanksgiving och känner ju inte till staden så bra, men här är iallafall en liten sammanställning av ett gäng ställen jag gillade och som jag tycker ni borde spana in. trevlig resa!

the best things right now.


→ when it’s cold in the city and the second you step into dolores park, it’s like a warm bubble there.

→ being alone at home and justin bieber on max volume. (i said it.)

→ crisp, brand new bedding.

→ thinking you don’t like orange juice but siri buys you an amazing kind and it’s just so so good.

→ playing guitar with ivana in the middle of the night, recording juno soundtracks and belle & sebastian.


→ eggs norvegièn for brunch and virgin mary a sunday morning.

→ lying on the couch at siri’s place, laugh and have anxiety and laugh together.

→ counting down every week in school as the last-ever week two, week three, week four.

→ light pink nail polish after having black for a long time.

→ study sessions with the roommates that don’t become study sessions, procrastinating and looking at internet cats and celeb news instead, but that’s fine.



tio av de finaste sakerna just nu:

→ när det är kallt i stan men så fort man sätter foten i dolores blir det varmt.

→ vara ensam hemma med justin bieber på högsta. jag sa det.

→ sprillans nytt bäddset.

→ tro att man inte tycker om apelsinjucie men siri köper hennes favorit till en och det är supergott och sött.

→ spela gitarr med ivana mitt i natten, spela in juno-soundtracket och belle & sebastian.

→ eggs norvegièn och virgin mary till brunch en söndagsmorgon.

→ ligga på soffan hos siri, skratta och ha ångest och skratta tillsammans.

→ räkna ner varje vecka i skolan som den sista andra veckan, tredje veckan, fjärde veckan nånsin.

→ ljusrosa nagellack efter att ha haft svart länge.

→ pluggsessioner med sina rummisar som inte blir pluggsessioner, utan snarare titta på internetkatter och läsa på om kändisnyheter men det är okej.

the 25 km walk: hummingbirds and the ocean.

the other day, i told you about the first half of mine and patty’s six and a half hour walk, up and around the hills. this is the second half of that day:

25 km over the san francisco hills.

so, when we came down to polk street, there was a marching band playing! very cute.

25 km over the san francisco hills.

we had walked for quite a bit, so we sat down for coffee and a coke and just soaked up the sun for a while. and awww:ed over all the dogs that were passing by.

25 km over the san francisco hills.

and then we kept walking! up up up.

25 km over the san francisco hills.

and then down again. sf <3

25 km over the san francisco hills.

we arrived at palace of fine arts that is located at the marina down by the water. it feels a little bit like walking into ancient greece, i think.

25 km over the san francisco hills.

there were swans calmly swimming by.

25 km over the san francisco hills.

oh and tiny turtles! (um yes, this is a mini turtle head.)

25 km over the san francisco hills.

suddenly, we were in africa. um no, but it kind of looked like that? in fact, it’s just down between the marina and crissy fields right by the water. such a majestic bird though!

25 km over the san francisco hills.

we crossed crissy fields that was super uneven and filled with holes (take the actual road if you’re ever here, you can’t outsmart the field hehe), and we finally reached fort point!

25 km over the san francisco hills.

it’s right at the golden gate bridge and if you turn around, you can see the entire sf skyline. see palace of fine arts (where we just were) in the middle?

25 km over the san francisco hills.

we stayed there for a while before we slowly turned back again. look at this little pal that we met on the way back! hummingbird! they’re all over the city. so cute!

25 km over the san francisco hills.

by the time we had reached the marina again, the sky was just pastel loveliness.

25 km over the san francisco hills.

we took the steepest way back that we could possibly find, and just as we were crossing pacific heights, the sun set in all this crazy pinkish inferno. so perfect. <3


här är andra delen av min och pattys långpromme på sex och en halv timme som jag började berätta om härom dagen. vi fortsatte iallafall ner på polk street där vi lyssnade på ett marching band medan vi chillade på en uteservering innan vi knatade vidare, upp och ner för backarna. efter ett tag kom vi fram till vackra palace of fine arts, som mest är som ett grekiskt tempel typ. vi hälsade på svanarna och minisköldpaddorna innan vi fortsatte gå längs marina och över crissy fields. till slut kom vi fram till fort point som är precis vid golden gate bridge och hängde där ett tag innan vi vände om. vi bestämde oss för att ta den brantast möjliga vägen tillbaka, och precis när vi var längst upp i pacific heights gick solen ner mitt i en himla färgexplosion. <3

zucchini pasta (and bieber).

happy friday! hope you’re about to have a fantastic weekend. i will do my best to have one, at least.

here is a zucchini pasta me and my roomies ebba and ivana made the other day, in three SUPER simple pics.

zucchini pasta.

instead of actual pasta, we used zucchini and used a … thingy to cut it into spaghetti-like strings. i had never seen or used this tool before and was IN AWE.

zucchini pasta.

then we made one batch of minced meat and one with fake meat for me. onion, minced meat, tomato sauce, spices (salt, pepper and tabasco). something like that. and! by the way, this is ebba’s arm. another context where her arm has become famous in a picture is from the other week, when i she ran into JUSTIN BIEBER at out local café, and almost no one else was there. the barista took a couple of pictures (including this one), but there’s another one with ebba’s elbow sticking in the picture that i can’t find right now. insane huh.

zucchini pasta.

and sorry if the ketchup ruins the picture here, but ebba is a ketchup addict and i guess that has influenced me too. before adding the meat on top, we microwaved the zucchini for just a couple of seconds and drizzled a little olive oil over it. so good, and as for my version — both gluten and meat free. yay!


här är en enkel pasta i tre enkla fotosteg. jag och mina rummisar ebba och ivana svängde ihop denna lilla kreation härom veckan. vi vred ner zucchini i en liten grej som gör spaghetti av den, och så stekte vi kött- samt ickeköttfärs (ni vet med gul lök, tomatsås, kryddor och sånt). sen micrade vi zucchinin litegrann och adderade lite olivolja innan vi svängde på köttfärsen (och ketchup), hehe. smaklig spis och trevlig helg! <3

get to know me.

i just saw that some other bloggers have been making presentations of themselves again recently. i think that’s neat! and in addition, maybe not all of you are the same since i started blogging in english this past summer. so, here’s a little bit about me.

creatura launch party.

i’m vicky, but my real name is victoria (don’t call me that, though). i’m an only child and am half polish and half japanese but was born in stockholm, sweden in 1991. so in the first day of my life, i already had three languages for free. at the age of six, i started the german school of stockholm.


i went there for nine years and learned three more languages: german, english and french. by the way, languages are probably my #1 interest in life. <3 it so much.


for high school, i went in a music and singing program in stockholm. after that, i moved one hour west to västerås for my bachelor’s degree. one of those three years were spent in the south of france. living in a place with constant sunshine made my life approx. 87% better. right now, i feel like i never want to live in sweden again.

my words.

i LOVE to write, and i have been doing it for literally my whole life. the type of texts that i write (like for example this or this) are very different from what i do full-time, which is copywriting — writing advertising stuff. in may, i will be graduating from my advertising master’s program. yay!


almost every summer and winter since 2012, i’ve spent in oslo to work. norwegian was my seventh language! (once i made a vlog speaking all of them).


something you have inevitably have seen, are my tattoos. i have a full sailor sleeve, and lots and lots of other small ones (more about my tattoos here). what you maybe didn’t know is that i was super into piercings when i was younger. except for my ears, i’ve had one in my lip, tongue (that i still have), nipple and belly button (that i still have), as well as skin divers in my arm and under the collar bones (more about piercings here!).

golden gate bridge.

after my bachelor, i attended berghs school of communication in stockholm for one semester, before continuing my masters in san francisco. sf has been the best thing that has happened, probably. i’ve been here for a little over two years and want to leave never. <3

plexi puppy keyring.

short facts:

• i love some dogs (frenchies and corgis, for example). • i can’t pull off lipstick. • i dislike wearing pants. • i’m not really interested in cooking or baking. • .. but i love eating great food! • i’ve been blogging since 2006, and since 2008 on this blog (the beginning of the archives are private though). • i love instagram! • i refuse snapchat. • you guys make me happy! thanks for reading. <3


har sett att några andra bloggare har gjort ny-presentationer av sig själva. och det var ju en så himla fin idé tyckte jag, så här kommer en liten recap av vem jag är!

jag är alltså vicky, men heter egentligen victoria (kalla mig inte det dock, tack). jag är ensambarn och är halvjapansk och halvpolsk men är född i stockholm 1991. så i min första dag i livet hade jag redan tre språk gratis. när jag var sex år gammal började jag på tyska skolan stockholm.

jag gick där i nio år och lärde mig tre språk till: tyska, engelska och franska. språk är nog mitt intresse #1. älskart SÅ mycket.

på gymnasiet gick jag estet/sång i stockholm och flyttade sedan en timme västerut till västerås för min kandidatexamen. ett av de tre åren spenderade jag i södra frankrike. att leva på ett ställe med konstant solsken gjorde mitt liv ca 87% bättre. just nu känner jag inte att jag nånsin vill bo i sverige igen.

jag ÄLSKAR att skriva och har gjort det hela mitt liv. den typen av texter jag brukar skriva på fritiden är väldigt annorlunda från vad jag gör på heltid, vilket är copywriting — skriva reklam ni vet. i maj tar jag min masterexamen i reklam. yay!

jag har spenderat nästan varje sommar och vinter sedan 2012 i oslo för att jobba. norska blev alltså mitt sjunde språk.

nånting ni inte kan ha ungått att se är mina tatueringar. jag har en full sleeve i old school sailor-stil och en massa små utöver det. vad ni kanske inte visste var att jag var superinne på piercingar när jag var yngre. utöver öronen har jag piercat mig i underläppen, tungan (som jag har kvar), bröstvårtan, naveln (som jag har kvar), och så skindivers i armen och under nyckelbenen.

efter min kandidat började jag på berghs school of communication innan jag fortsatte med min master i san francisco. sf är eventuellt det bästa som hänt mig. jag har varit här i lite över två år och vill åka härifrån aldrig.

kort fakta:

• jag gillar vissa hundar (frenchies och corgis, till exempel). • jag kan inte ha läppstift. • jag trivs inte i byxor. • jag är inte speciellt intresserad av matlagning eller bakning. • .. men älskar att äta god mat! • jag har bloggat sedan 2006, och sedan 2008 på denna blogg (men början av arkivet är privat). • jag älskar instagram! • jag vägrar snapchat. • ni gör mig glada! tack för att ni läser. <3