almost missing the flight, polish food and death.

i am back in san francisco by now — or at least, i should be (posting this advance) — but i just wanted to take a little moment to look back on some fantastic moments from oslo and stockholm before i start the spring in sf. ♥

› when i was leaving stockholm for oslo and calculated one hour wrong, arrived to arlanda 24 minutes before my flight was taking off, but made it (thanks to panic and helpful staff).

› when i could hug my old colleagues in oslo again, and get to know new ones. work as a team and talk about tattoos and travel memories.

› when i had a day off, lit candles, made a big cup of tea and read a book in bed while the snow was falling outside.

› when me and christoffer watched youtube clips on the floor. we laughed, and then got serious and talked about death.

› when my polish colleague who could be my mom invited me home and fed me fantastic polish food that i hadn’t had in years and spoke polish and mixed it with norwegian and swedish.

› when i thought i needed to carry heavy moving boxes when coming back to stockholm but realized that my dad had already done everything for me alone.

› when me and david and august and johan and erik met again, in a basement in old town and talked about 2007 and 2008, about how we were stupid and immortal.

› when i had a fantastic bouillabaisse at foam with my longest-time bestie joanna and micael bindefeldt said hi, smiled, and sat down at the table text to us.

› when i was feeling like shit one day, but then got a good night’s sleep and had flow at the gym the next day.

› having had a fantastic month but still looking forward, wanting to fly back to sf. <3


när jag skriver detta är jag snart på väg till flygplatsen, men förhoppningsvis har jag hunnit komma fram som jag ska när ni läser det här. är peppad på att börja sf-våren, men vill ändå kolla tillbaka på några vackra glimtar från oslo och stockholm.

› när jag skulle flyga till oslo och råkade räkna en hel timme fel och kom fram till arlanda 24 minuter innan planet lyfte, men hann med ändå tack vare panik och snäll personal.

› när jag fick krama om min gamla oslokollegor igen, och lära känna nya. jobba som ett team och prata om tatueringar och reseminnen.

› när jag hade en ledig dag och tände ljus, gjorde en stor kopp te och läste en bok i sängen medan snön föll utanför.

› när jag och toffe kollade på youtubeklipp på golvet. vi skrattade men blev sen seriösa och pratade om döden.

› när min polska kollega som är lite som en extramamma bjöd hem mig till sig och matade mig med fantastisk polsk mat och vi pratade polska och blandade in norska och svenska ord och det var så fint så fint.

› när jag trodde att jag skulle behöva bära tunga flyttlådor en hel dag men kommer till sverige och min pappa redan har gjort det själv innan.

› när jag och david och agge och johan och erik återförenades igen, i en källare i gamla stan, och pratade om 2008 och 2008 och om hur vi var dumma och odödliga.

› när jag åt den mest fantastiska bouillabaissen på foam med bästa joanna och micael bindefeldt kommer in, ler och säger hej och sätter sig vid bordet bredvid.

› när jag mådde absolut skit en dag men fick en god natts sömn och kunde gå upp och få flow på gymmet dagen efter.

› att ha haft en fantastisk månad men ändå se fram emot, längta efter, att få flyga tillbaka till sf. <3

dinner tip: a top stockholm burger.

here comes a great burger tip for all you who will be hanging out in stockholm anytime soon! it’s like half-new (opened 2013 (ok that’s not THAT new, but i haven’t been living in sweden for 2+ years)) and i was there for the first time the other day and fell in love!

prime burger.

this location is the one in the city center, behind hötorget on holländargatan.

prime burger.

it’s kind of small and narrow in a cozy way.

prime burger.

they’re very hipster. all of the beers are hipster beers, and even the non-alcoholic drinks are hipster drinks like this elderflower drink. right, they do have *mainstream* *big corporation* coke, but it comes in a glass bottle, so it’s kind of hipster anyways).

prime burger.

THIS is what the food looks like. tell me it’s not beautiful???? they have like 13 different burgers, but all three of us ordered a california burger — one with cream cheese and avocado. AND YOU KNOW WHAT? all burgers can be made into HALLOUMI burgers if you don’t eat meat. AH heaven. oh and sweet potato fries with cilantro and truffle mayonnaise. hghlfs.

prime burger.

i promise you, it tastes extra fantastic if you devour the thing while catching up with your old friends. like matilda.

prime burger.

and moa! ah the burger glory. go here if you haven’t been! pronto!


me, matilda and moa went to a lovely burger place in stockholm the other day, prime burger co. we each ordered a california burger — one with cream cheese and avocado. matilda had the meat version and me and moa the halloumi burger version (!!! all of their 13 burgers can be made halloumi, gah heaven ok thx). on the side we had sweet potato fries with cilantro and truffle mayo and hipster beverages. go here if you haven’t been!

one week in stockholm through 14 phone pics.

tomorrow, it’s time for me to go back to san francisco! can’t believe i’ve been away for over a month. as you know, i was first in oslo for about three weeks and then in stockholm for ten days, so let’s look at these last stockholm days through my phone!


i started off my stockholm stay with my friend kaos. she took me climbing! i haven’t done this in a couple of years, but it was soo fun and it went much better than expected!


i got to experience the new swedish bills for the first time. they feel like monopoly money, but they’re cute at least. hi astrid!


strolling along hornsgatan. <3


okay, so .. i really have tried not to shop too much stuff (since i have SO MUCH that i need to take back to sf!!), but this sweater needed to come with me home!


as well as this grey t-shirt that i have underneath my coat here.


this past friday, i finally got to meet these girls, as i told you all about the other day.


our la neta dinner was lovely.


the day after we met up at femtopia where they have this kickass poster on the wall. “NO MANSPLAINING PLEASE, LITTLE MAN! BECAUSE OF REASONS” <3


one morning i walked by stockholm’s most beautiful corner (karlavägen/engelbrektsgatan). i went to school just next to this moose and i needed to say hi to it again. nostalgia!!


and this is around the corner from the moose. danderydsgatan, one of the cutest streets <3 (by the way, the green building to the immediate right is the back entrance of my school. deutsche schule stockholm!)


joanna is the person who has been in my life the longest — since 1995! i visited her for lunch and she baked pizza <3


and her mom’s AMAZING saffron ice cream for dessert. <3


earlier this week, i managed to squeeze in a fika with lovely gals annika and anna maría.


and then this FABULOUS burger date with my beloved friends moa and matilda (and i WILL tell you more about this day and this burger and the place because it deserves its own post!).


senaste stockholmsveckan genom min telefon! har klättrat, köpt kläder fastän jag inte borde, tagit en sväng förbi min gamla skola tyska skolan på karlavägen och hälsat på vackra älgen där på hörnet. har hängt med en massa fantastiska tjejer och ätit såååå mycket god mat. hembakad pizza och saffransglass hon min äldsta barndomsvän joanna, minivaniljsemla på vetekatten och en magisk burgare (som jag ska berätta mer om snart!!) på prime burger. <3

the terrible and wonderful reasons why i run long distances.

okay so don’t get this post title wrong. yes, i do run from time to time, but what i wanted to tell you about today was a book (or rather a comic book album) with this exact name as the post title.


my friend johan gave me this one when i was at his place for dinner the other day. it’s written by matthew inman, who also has drawn 1000 other fantastic stuff, like for example how to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you, that i blogged about briefly almost five years ago.

i didn’t know what to expect from this, but i read it in one go on the subway ride home. and oh my god. this is such a sad and true and relatable story disguised as a comic.

instead of bombarding us with *fitspo* and *inspirational quotes*, he describes the absolute truth about the constant struggle about not to quit (if you can’t read the text, i’ve transcribed it under the pictures):


i do not believe in the wall. i believe in the blerch. the blerch is a fat little cherub who follows me when i run. he is a wretched, lazy beast.

“slow down, captain speedypants! let’s go home! we’ve got gravy to eat and naps to conquer! also, the robocop trilogy on netflix ain’t gonna watch itself.”

he tells me to slow down, to walk, to quit.

“blerch” is the sound food makes when it is squeezed out of a tube. “blerch” is the shape of my tummy after a huge meal. if i am sedentary at a time when i have zero excuse for being sedentary, i call this “blerching”. the blerch represents all form of gluttony, apathy and indifference that plague my life.

he shares with us his (to me absolutely relatable) relation to food:


they say you should treat your body like a temple. i treat mine like a fast-moving dumpster. my feeding habits are that of a trained circus animal: every time i do a trick, i get a reward. it’s awful. it’s unhealthy. it frightens the elderly. but i take no joy in dieting.

running through forests and over mountains and under massive cityscapes makes me feel alive. eating iceberg lettuce and counting calories makes me feel tired and robotic.

and the terrible and not so constructive relationship with running that i bet many of us can relate to:


i run long distances for the worst possible reason: i run to eat. i punish my body outdoors to atone for my atrocities indoors. “seriously?! gladiator AGAIN?! also, i really don’t think it’s good for you to keep eating like that.” -“NONSENSE! I RAN TWENTY MILES TODAY!”

i know i should stop. but i’m not going to. [*sluuuuurrrpp* “aren’t you entertained???!”]

the horrible, scary food ghosts inside of your head:


“well do you think maybe i should go for a run after this?” -“A RUN? NONSENSE? you’re tapering for your next big race.” -“but that’s like five months awa-” -“NONSENSE! you’re a champ, and a champ needs his rest.”

“proud of you, buddy.” [*zzzzzz*]

and the terrible excuses:



there’s no rush. have a snack instead. maybe a nap, too. seriously, just take it easy. take a load off, buddy. you earned it. eat the whole cake. eat the whole goddamned thing.

seriously, this album looks funny and jokey, but it is so so strong and sad and true and fantastic, and i just read it in one go and laughed and teared up in the subway and just want to go out and run again somewhere where it’s not snowy on something that isn’t a treadmill (which he also expresses his strong dislike about (click the picture to zoom)).

i can strongly recommend this. it’s so lovely and funny and sad and SO much more inspirational than stupid tumblr fitspo quotes. ♥


när jag var hemma på middag hos min vän johan härom dagen tvingade han på mig det här seriealbumet, the terrible and wonderful reasons why i run long distances. hade ingen aning om vad jag skulle förvänta mig, men sträckläste den iallafall på tunnelbanan hem och herregudars så himla träffande, roligt och sorgligt om löpning, om ursäkterna, om matspökena, om smärtan, om viljan att sluta. åh.

skrattade och grät typ om vartannat mitt på tunnelbanan alltså. läs den här om ni vill bli springsugna vettja, 100 gånger bättre än alla fitspo-floskler i hela världen.

★♥★24h with three superstars.★♥★

chrissy nastasja amanda.

finally finally finally came the weekend that was my only weekend in stockholm and the weekend i got to unite with these three geniuses! amanda, chrissy and nastasja. <33

chrissy nastasja amanda.

we started the friday night at la neta, nastasja’s fav place (btw LOVE that amanda and nastasja, the non-stockholmers, were like “let’s go here! and here! and there!” me and chrissy were just like K GUYS)

chrissy nastasja amanda.

tortillas om nom nom.

chrissy nastasja amanda.

and finally we were all in a context where we all could take 1000 pictures of the food and each other without even hesitating about it being irritating or weird. blog life <3

chrissy nastasja amanda.

so that’s what we did. ate and took pictures and talked and talked and kept the table occupied for hours until we realized that we maybe should leave. so we went bar hunting!

chrissy nastasja amanda.

BUT it was friday night on södermalm and literally everything was crowded. ssssoooooo we took the matter in our own hands and were like “nastasja … + hotel room … + candy … =!!!” and went to buy candy in these adorable little bags before heading over to scandic malmen where she was staying.

chrissy nastasja amanda.

and just CHILLED THE @#*% OUT in her room.

chrissy nastasja amanda.

bed hangouts, candy n ~*girl talk*~

chrissy nastasja amanda.

about people, friendship, the internet, blog life and everything else for hours and hours.

chrissy nastasja amanda.

ugh, these kind, intelligent and fierce ladies, i literally CANNOT. best friday in forever <3

chrissy nastasja amanda.

the morning after, we met up again, hehe.

chrissy nastasja amanda.

at the vegan feminist café FEMTOPIA in horstull. such a cool place.

chrissy nastasja amanda.

here, they serve for example vegan semlas, lattes with oat milk or that vegan cheddar and salami sandwich i blogged about yesterday. oh, and water from a tank labeled MALE TEARS. <3

chrissy nastasja amanda.

and, just like the previous day, we just talked the day away and suddenly like 5 hours had passed. omg. best 24h with sweden’s kickassest gals. ♥♥♥♥♥♥


ÅH. i helgen hände äntligen den helgen som var min enda helg i stockholm och även helgen då jag äntligen skulle få sammanstråla med dessa tre genier — chrissy, nastasja och amanda. <3

vi middagshängde på la neta i timvis och babblade och åt och fotade maten såklart. sen gick vi på en ofrivillig långpromenad pga kallt och alla barer = jättefulla. efter att ha funderat en stund kom vi fram till bästa lösningen -> lösgodis och hotellrumshäng på nastasjas rum på scandic malmen. alltså helt bäst. mys, babbel och godis i TIMVIS med dessa kloka, snälla, intelligenta och fullkomligt kickassiga brudarna. <3

morgonen efter möttes vi upp igen för häng på veganstället femtopia vid hornstull. precis som kvällen innan bara rann tiden iväg i en enda virvelvind av viktiga och fantastiska samtal (ackompanjerat av veganmackan jag visade er igår!). vi förevigade det hela med chrissys instax. bästa dygnet på så så länge. sån ynnest att få känna dessa personer!

a vegan day in meal plates.

you might remember that one of my new year’s goals was to have one vegan day per week. i have been doing it so far, and it has been good! let’s look at my saturday (that was last week’s vegan day) through my plates!

a vegan day in foods.

breakfast: started the day off with some banana and persimmon (isn’t this an absolutely BEAUTIFUL fruit?!?! and sooo good too) and cashews and seed crisp bread on the side. oh and a cup of tea!

a vegan day in foods.

lunch: i’ll tell you more about where, when, how and with whom i had this vegan lunch soon (if you didn’t already figure it out through other social media ..), but i ate a huge sandwich with vegan salami and vegan cheddar! and latte with oat milk.

a vegan day in foods.

dinner: a lot of fake meats in the super markets are vegetarian, but not always vegan. these fake meat balls from anamma, though, are 100% vegan! yay! i had them with rice and salad.

a vegan day in foods.

and cashews and digestive cookies for snacks!

♣ carpe vegan ♣


hade ju som nyårsmål att ha en vegandag i veckan! det har ju gått som det ska hittills. såhär såg lördagen ut (hade det som vegandag förra veckan) genom tallrikarna!

frukost: banan och persimon (så vacker frukt!!), cashewntöter och fröknäcke. och så te!

lunch: ska berätta mer om var/när/hur/med vem denna lunch gick till (ni kanske sett en hint på insta redan?), men det blev iallafall en macka med vegancheddar och -salami med latte på havremjölk. nom!

middag: de flesta fejkköttprodukterna är ju (såklart) vegetariska, men inte alla veganska. dessa köttbullar från anamma är dock det! så dem åt jag, tillsammans med ris och sallad.

och så lite cashewnötter och digestivekex som snacks liks!

the moon over hornsgatan and the theatre light bulbs.

café rival.

i’m in stockholm! so happy to be back here in this beautiful city where i’m born and raised. it’s cold as hell, but it’s beautiful (a big up to the sun that has been shining <3). also, the moon was up the other day when i was strolling hornsgatan.

café rival.

the sun was starting to slowly set when i arrived mariatorget. so beautiful with a fuzzy sky behind the tree tops.

café rival.

this is was destination. rival! (or café rival next doors.) haven’t been here in for-ev-er.

café rival.

this was my fika date of the day! jofina, or just “j”, as i call her. we went to the same high school class and she is such a special and intelligent person. i’m so happy that she’s still in my life. love her!

café rival.

they have so much nice-looking stuff there, but i had just had HUGE buffet with my dad -> hence no more eating. we ordered tea instead. (last time i was here (ages ago that is) i believe they had LOVELY lapsang that now is gone?!? so disappointing.)

café rival.

whatever, i had great company and that’s all that mattered and we had long and deep conversations about stuff. people, the past, the present. the future. you know.

café rival.

and café rival is so cozy and a little mysterious in a way and i always think that everyone there is a famous actor eavesdropping and i wanted to stay for another three hours but i had to run because there is a life out there and other people and friends and dinners, but this cup of tea was really needed. <3


är i sthlm <33333 å vackra stad alltså. känns så mycket bättre att vara här än jag trodde (?). härom dagen iallafall strosade jag hornsgatan fram och månen hängde så fint där uppe. stannade vid mariatorget och café rival för att möta upp bästa j. har saknat henne så himlans och vi pratade över en kopp te om allt viktigt i värden nästan, allt det som varit, det som är och om framtiden som ju också kommer sen. hade velat stanna forever och prata på men sen kom jag på att det finns en riktig värld med tider att passa. men himla fint var det. <3

10 tips that will make traveling a little easier.

although it hasn’t been as much as i’ve wanted this last year, i still try to travel as often as i can. and for every trip, there is always something you learn that makes traveling a tiny little bit easier. here are ten tips for you:

off to new york.

1. FOLDERS. i love folders. and by that, i mean both physical ones (to have everything you need in one place, such as flight tickets, visa documents, printed maps, reference numbers, whatever) and digital ones (save all your bookmarks, all printscreens of booking numbers, cafés, restaurants etc. IN ONE PLACE). to have everything int he same place helps SO MUCH when traveling.

2. small traveling bottles. i promise you, you will not use your entire bottle of shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, shower gel AND body lotion in one week. buy small traveling bottles instead. it’s so convenient! and — an extra tip: press them together before you put on the lid if you’re gonna fly. this is for the pressure in the airplane, so that they won’t expand and leave all your stuff soaked in sticky lotions.

3. traveling outfit. when traveling (especially when you have lots of stuff), try to dress up in something that 1) takes a lot of space in your suitcase and 2) is comfortable (i flied to france ones in 17 cm heels…eh, not my best decision ever). hoodies, for example, are great to travel in.

4. chargers and other cords. okay, so don’t forget to bring all your chargers with you (computer, camera, phone, etc), but don’t forget to store them away in your checked in luggage. they take up quite some space and you will go mildly insane over the cord chaos. a fully charged laptop and a usb cord is enough for carry-on (that way, you can charge your phone through your laptop too).

5. one thing at the time. spreading out your laptop, earbuds, ipad, a book, a magazine, a water bottle, a shirt etc all over the place will make you hate yourself when you have to gather all your stuff (and you’ll probably forget something too). take out one thing at the time, whether it’s your laptop or a book. put it back before you allow yourself to take out the next thing. everything will be in order and you can ~*remain zen*~

off too new york.

6. charge up. don’t forget to download all your favorite podcasts, albums and books before you leave. you will have time, both when traveling and upon arrival, to waste — and there won’t be that high-speed wi-fi you’re used to have.

7. better safe than sorry. are you going to a big city? bring a little padlock to put on your bag, especially if you ‘re walking around with a backpack! pickpockets are EVERYWHERE.

8. leave what you won’t use. you’re on the other side of the world, you probably won’t use all your four different credit cards from back home, your home keys, and maybe not even your cell phone. leave whatever you won’t for sure use in a safe place. losing your important stuff in some random place in another country WILL be a pain in the ass.

9. you’re a tourist, but don’t be one. avoid the tourist tracks. i cannot stress this enough: AVOID THE TOURIST TRACKS. restaurants and cafés these WILL be bad. it will be 1) overpriced 2) bland and 3) bad service. use apps like foursquare or yelp if you have wi-fi or in advance to know where to go (before your blood sugar dips).

10. find out where (NOT) to go. spontaneous is ok, but personally i’m a fan of bookmarking and writing down loong lists of places to go in a new place. but! even if you feel stressed out by having a schedule of exactly where to go when, at least find out where NOT to go. i promise you, that will save you so much time and energy.




tio tips som gör resandet liiiite lättare:

1. mappar. både fysiska (för biljetter, visumdokument, utskrivna kartor, whatever) och digitala (bokmärken, bilder, printscreens, bokningsreferenser). allt på samma ställe = SÅ mkt lättare.

2. små reseflaskor. du KOMMER INTE använda en hel flaska schampo, balsam, duschkräm, hudkräm, solkräm ….. alltså, kör små reseflaskor och fyll istället. och! tryck ihop dem innan du skruvar på dem så hjälper det mot trycket i flygplanet, så de inte expanderar och kladdar ner allt.

3. reseoutfit. ta på dig nåt som 1) tar mkt plats och 2) är bekvämt. munktröjor är t.ex. ett bra exempel.

4. laddare och sladdar. glöm inte att ta med alla sladdar du behöver, men stoppa ner dem i ditt incheckade bagage för annars kommer du hata dig själv när du måste bråka med trasslet på resan. det räcker med fulladdad dator och usb-sladd (så kan du i värsta fall ladda telefonen via datorn) i handbagaget.

5. en sak i taget. man orkar inte med sig själv när man spridit ut dator, hörlurar, nån bok, ipad, nån tidning, en tröja, matsäck ETC. stoppa tillbaka den grejen du använt innan du tillåter dig att ta ut nästa. allt är i sin ordning = du kan vara zen.

6. glöm inte att ladda hem dina favvopoddar, album och kanske ljudböcker och sånt innan avresa. du kommer med största sannolikhet ha tid både när du reser och när du kommit fram till dit du ska, och ditt snabba kabelmodem kommer vara låååångt borta.

7. det säkra före det osäkra. ska du till en storstad? ta med ett litet hänglås och sätt på väskan, speciellt om du går runt med ryggsäck! ficktjuvar = överallt.

8. lämna det du inte kommer använda. antagligen kommer du inte behöva alla korten från dina fyra banker, dina hemnycklar, och kanske inte ens din telefon. lämna dem på ett säkert ställe istället för att bära runt på dem. bli av med sånt på andra sidan jorden = FML.

9. du är en turist, men var inte en. undvik turiststråken. alltså, jag säger det igen: UNDVIK TURISTSTRÅKEN. restauranger och caféer KOMMER vara dåliga. de kommer vara 1) överprisade 2) medelmåttiga 3) dålig service. använd appar som t ex yelp eller foursquare om du har wi-fi eller kolla upp innan (innan blodsockret faller).

10. ta reda på vart man (INTE) ska. det är helt ok att vara spontan. personligen älskar jag att kolla upp ställen innan och skriva långa listor på vart jag vill gå, men om man tycker det är stressigt bör man iallafall kolla upp vart man INTE ska gå. kommer bespara dig så mycket tid, energi och humör.



maybe (probably) a bunch of you already know about monthly makers, a creative blogger challenge with a new theme each month. i have never participated since the focus mostly has been diy (and i’m NO diy:er for sure), but jessica wrote to me and said HEY you should WRITE something for each month’s challenge. and i was like ???? ofc why not??? so here is my first contribution. it’s on the theme imprints and since i wrote this piece in swedish, that version will come first and the english translation will follow below. xx

ocean beach.

kanske är det något
kanske om det är något du kedjat fast i mig, en tung ridå något rött ett draperi det faller till golvet när vajrarna släpper
tygstycken från taket någon som slänger sig där uppe, ballerinor primadonnor och det snurrar i mitt huvud, piruetter längst fram i pannan tills jag kräks mot en vit toastol
kastar upp allt som är du
som lindansare som soldater, alltid en rak rygg jag plié något strama knutar sträckta armar, alltid spända muskler hjärtmuskeln
den spänner den krampar jag hulkar
och jag ligger mot ett golv ett som kanske är bekant men ändå som något annat, en ny sorts parkett mot min ryggrad, planka mot planka en horisontell position jag är här nu jag minns att du en gång
något någonstans som var som nu fast helt tvärtom, en gång var du en mjuk sten under mina fötter, allt som är nu är din skosula mot min bröstkorg, det är en asfalt mot mitt bultande hjärta mot min hulkade hals en diafragma som krampar solarplexus som krossas

ocean beach.

maybe it’s something
maybe if it’s something you’ve shackled to me, a heavy curtain it’s falling to the ground when the wires let loose
cloths from the roof someone throwing themselves up there, ballerinas primadonnas and it’s spinning in my head, pirouettes in the very front of my forehead until i vomit against a white toilet
throwing up everything that is you
like line dancers like soldiers, always a straight spine me plié something tight hair knots extended arms, always tense muscles the heart muscle
it’s tightening it’s cramping i’m retching
and i’m lying against a floor one that maybe is familiar but still something else, a new type of hardwood floor against my spine, plank against plank a horizontal position i’m here now i remember that you once
something somewhere that was like now but completely opposite, once you were a soft rock under my feet, everything that is now is your sole against my chest, it’s an asphalt against my beating heart against my heaving throat a diaphragm that’s cramping solar plexus that’s being crushed


i’m always SO surprised and happy when talented and amazing people out there want to spend their time and talent to paint portraits of me. ♥ i’ve gotten some as birthday gifts earlier, and it’s truly the best birthday gift, always! let’s look at a super new one, as well as old portraits of me.

first, the newest. do you remember this picture of me? (probably not, but) my amazing friend karolina drew me this, life-size (!!) portrait of me a couple of days ago when i stayed at her place in oslo:


love it. and here are some amazing earlier ones:




three portraits that i just love by amazing and talented anna grundberg. the original photos are this, this and this one.


my friend katinka drew me from an old photo with roses.


and linnéa made a cute outfit photo into a demon. thank you, linnéa. *true self*


this past year, i wished for a portrait for my birthday — and got three! my talented classmate sam made a pencil drawing off of this photo.


the second one came from fantastic annika ♥


hanna made the third one, from this photo. in my kat von d tank and always with the phone in my hand.


and this fall, i made a podcast episode in swedish about my “past life”. my friend and lovely artist madelene made this beautiful potrait of me with quotes from my story. i love it.

thank you so much for these! this is the best gift, and i think about these all of the time. <3


nu när jag var i oslo och bodde hos min vän karolina kom jag hem en gång och möttes av ett life-size porträtt av mig! hon är så himla begåvad och jag blev SÅ glad. porträtt är det finaste man kan få tycker jag. här är förresten ett gäng tidigare porträtt jag fått. älskar dem så mycket. TACK. ♥